Chapter 4 The Fourth Star

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Chapter 4 The Fourth Star

The lights in the VIP lounge were bright, and everyone else was chatting in low voices, not even noticing what was happening here.

Jiang Chuyi’s expression twitched and he choked.

I was so embarrassed that I really didn’t know what to do, so I was thinking about how to take the initiative to say something.

At this moment, Zong Ye turned his head slightly and looked at her.
Caught off guard, their eyes collided, and she felt vaguely at a loss.

After hesitating for a while, he took the lead to break the silence and asked in a calm tone: “Did you scan it by mistake?”

She hummed calmly.

Being stared at by him like this, Jiang Chuyi pursed her lips and managed to maintain a calm look, “Sorry for waking you up.”

She thought she acted calmly enough, but she didn’t know that her earlobes were quietly turning red.

“It’s okay.” Zong Ye looked calm, “I didn’t fall asleep either.”

These words saved her some face.

Seemingly understanding her embarrassment, Zong Ye lowered his eyebrows, picked up his mobile phone, and asked, “Shall I scan another one for you?”

Jiang Chuyi quickly refused: “No, thank you.”

She really didn’t want to hear that embarrassing tone again.

Fortunately, Fucheng called Zongye at this time, and he turned around.

Jiang Chuyi wanted to get up, walk away and sit somewhere else. I felt that this move was a little deliberate, so I could only lie back. Return your attention to the ceiling in front of you, try to empty your mind and forget about the episode just now.

I don’t know what they said, Fucheng’s voice rose slightly, “Zong Ye, I’m talking to you, are you listening?”


Fucheng was confused, “Okay, why are you laughing?”

Zong Ye sighed, “You still want to take care of me if I laugh?”

Although the voice was small, it still reached Jiang Chuyi’s ears.

The earlobes are redder.


The destination this time is Venice. Starting from Beijing, you need to transfer in Milan.

Around noon the next day, the plane landed in Milan. They found a place to eat near the airport. After resting, they went to the train station to transfer.

It took more than an hour to drive to Venice.

The city was built on the shallow water of the bay, and even the wind felt salty and wet.

There are no cars here, so you can only take a ferry.

Along the way, Xin He and Ji Kai were almost inseparable, and they never stopped chatting. After boarding the boat, she sat directly next to Ji Kai and the people from Xibao.

The assistant director of the crew joked: “You started to develop feelings so soon?”

Ji Kai clicked his tongue: “Don’t mess with me.”

There was another round of laughter.

Jiang Chuyi felt a little seasick, so she found a place at the stern of the boat that was not bumpy and sat down, taking a few sips of water.

Sitting next to her was Er’er, the screenwriter of the team, who asked with concern: “Would you like to take some motion sickness medicine? I have some here.”

“Thank you, I just ate.”

“Your face looks so bad.”

“It’s okay, maybe I didn’t sleep well.” Jiang Chuyi resisted the desire to retching and took another sip of water, “It should be fine after we get off the boat and have something to eat.

While they were chatting, there was sudden noise in front of them, and Jiang Chuyi looked over. They were people on the same boat, three or four young girls, all with Asian faces. They stumbled and gestured to the staff, their faces flushed with excitement. They didn’t know whether they were Korean or Japanese.

IM employees stopped them, pointed at the cameras in their hands, and signaled not to take pictures.

Er’er gossiped in a low voice: “They came to BxG again for autographs. I met a few of them on the train just now.”

Xiao Zhong interjected, “I really want one too.”

While she was talking, she secretly glanced at Jiang Chuyi.

Jiang Chuyi said weakly: “Look what I’m doing, do you want me to get it for you?”

Xiao Zhong raised his head and blinked, “Is it okay?”

Jiang Chuyi: “…”

Xiao Zhong stuck out his tongue, “You’re just kidding, I don’t want it because I won’t embarrass you.”

“What’s the shame in asking for an autograph?” Er’er was amused by her little appearance, “Who do you like? Or I can get it for you?”

“Ah…?” Xiao Zhong hesitated and looked at Jiang Chuyi longingly, pitifully, “Is that okay… Sister Ning won’t scold me?”

“So scared? She didn’t come.” Jiang Chuyi was a little funny, “You can have it if you want.”


Xiao Zhong immediately became energetic and took out a few photos that he had treasured for a long time from his bag. After sorting and comparing them for a long time, he handed them to Er Er, “Then take this. Thank you, little sister.”

Er’er took it, looked at it front and back, and said in a clear tone, “Do you like Zong Ye?”
Xiao Zhong’s expression was tangled, “Actually, there is Fucheng, but it’s too troublesome for you. I just want one.”

Er Er deliberately teased her: “Zong Ye has a good temper. If you ask for it yourself, he will definitely sign it for you.”

“I can not.”


“Oh, it’s just…” Xiao Zhong hesitated, “I don’t dare to look at him. I’m afraid that if he smiles at me, my legs will go weak and I can’t help but scream. After all, I’m here to work, so it’s not good. A nymphomaniac.”

Jiang Chuyi: “It seems that we have an undercover agent?”

Xiao Zhong leaned against her arm and said coquettishly, “Oh, the wall is only temporary, you are my eternal goddess.”

Fucheng seemed to find it too noisy, so he came over and sat down near them. Xiao Zhong and Er Er looked at each other and kept silent. The small talk came to an end.

Jiang Chuyi raised his head and looked elsewhere.

Several little girls were satisfied with getting the autographs, and were gesticulating again, asking if they could take a photo with them.

After being declined, I left a little disappointed.

The ship moved forward smoothly, and it was already dusk in Venice. White pigeons fluttered past the solemn church, and the hands of the ancient bell tower swung slowly.

The water alley is winding, and when the boat passes by, there are circles of ripples. The streets on both sides of the river are long and have various Gothic buildings. At a glance, it seems that most of the city is floating on the water.

The nauseating feeling gradually dissipated, and Jiang Chuyi concentrated on looking at the scenery along the way.


The hotel we stayed in was on a somewhat remote sub-island, surrounded by the sea, quiet and quiet with few people, and not easy to recognize.

After checking in, the director team communicated with them about the arrangements for the next few days.

It takes some time to set up and arrange the venue, and Xibao’s work schedule is quite full. In addition to taking care of the filming of movies and MVs, they also have some cooperative brands that provide clothes, and they need to take a few sets of photos to use on Weibo. Open for business.

Jiang Chuyi has nothing to do and can be free for the first two days.

The planner temporarily created a WeChat group and said that any arrangements would be notified directly in the group so that everyone could pay attention to the news.

Jiang Chuyi entered her room, immediately took off her hair rope, took off her shoes, and entered the bathroom.

After taking a comfortable bath, she wiped her hair with a towel, walked outside, and opened the curtains of the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Looking out from the balcony of the room, you can directly see the sea.

It was almost evening, and the afterglow of the setting sun fell on the sea, creating golden waves.

After lying paralyzed on the bed for a while, WeChat dinged twice.

Jiang Chuyi picked up the charging mobile phone.

Several are unread.

Chen Yi: [Do you want to beat the king? I called a rapper]

Jiang Chuyi: [I am abroad and I need to burn paper if I have something to do]

Chen Yi: [I remember it’s your birthday soon? 】

Jiang Chuyi: [I’ll probably be busy for a month, so this year’s birthday is destined to end badly]

Chen Yi: [scrambled? Damn it for you. You can stay with those handsome guys from Xibao day and night. How can you not be satisfied with this? 】

Jiang Chuyi: [I said this as if they just let me pick. 】

Chen Yi: [After picking, remember to leave two for the sisters, one is fine =3=]

Jiang Chuyi smiled.

The group announced that there will be a dinner party later.

The temperature was a bit low at night, so Jiang Chuyi rolled up her long hair, pulled out a silver satin suspender skirt, and put on a sweatshirt.

She arrived late, and most of the people had already taken their seats.

The director greeted casually: “Sit inside.”

Jiang Chuyi walked to the empty seat, and someone had already pulled the chair out for her.

She whispered her thanks.

Zongye nodded.

Er’er took her and chatted in a low voice to pass the time.

After a while, people gradually arrived, and the waiter began to serve the food.


The table is filled with all kinds of seafood, cuttlefish noodles, pasta pizza. Jiang Chuyi picked some roasted vegetables into a bowl and ate them one by one.

Seeing that she only ate the food in front of him, Er Er thoughtfully helped her pick out some seafood and put it on the plate, “This is their local specialty, try it.”

Jiang Chuyi: “Thank you.”

The crab pappardelle in this restaurant was very appetizing. After Jiang Chuyi silently calculated the calories for a while, he decided to give it up reluctantly.

At the dinner table, people were drinking and drinking. She ate slowly and didn’t speak. She occasionally listened to what others were saying.
In order to play the role realistically in the play, Jiang Chuyi has developed a professional habit since he was a child – staying in a certain place, quietly observing the expressions and movements of people coming and going, and trying to figure out what they are thinking.

At this moment, Xin He, who was sitting directly opposite her, had his face turned sideways, as if he was joking with Ji Kai, but his eyes were inadvertently drifting away.

On Zong Ye.

I don’t know what Ji Kai said, Xin He was teased to the point where he leaned forward and backward, stretched out his hand in angrily manner, pretending to hit him.

All this fell into her eyes, and Jiang Chuyi figured out a subtle rivalry.

The noise Xin He made was a little deliberate, as if he was trying to vent his anger on someone.

She glanced at Zongya out of the corner of her eye.

Like her, he kept his head down while eating and didn’t seem to say much.

Thinking of the scandals she had seen on Weibo before, she secretly imagined a bloody sadomasochistic triangle in her mind…

While thinking about it, I forked the bright red squid on the plate.

She put it in her mouth and felt it was a bit spicy. As she chewed it carefully, she suddenly heard the director starting to give a speech.

I don’t know who started his conversation. The old man just started from the actor’s self-cultivation and talked about what real art is. Ten minutes passed, and everyone at the table was forced to stop talking and laughing and pretend to listen quietly.

A dinner party suddenly turned into a leadership meeting.

The director was obviously a little drunk. When he got excited, he put down the cup and started to name the popular celebrities on the table one by one. “Let’s just talk about today. A foreign girl came to ask for an autograph. What’s the result? Wang Tan, Zong Ye, you guys?” No one can write well. Being an actor requires both internal and external training. Even the handwriting is ugly, so what’s the use of being good-looking?”

Jiang Chuyi nodded as if he was deeply moved.

Zong Ye looked over with a half-smile.

Jiang Chuyi immediately buried his head.

After the director finished criticizing and teaching everyone, he saw everyone’s solemn expressions and was finally satisfied, “Forget it, that’s it for today, you continue to eat.”

Everyone around him moved their chopsticks. Jiang Chuyi didn’t want to waste food, so he forked the remaining half piece of cold squid into his mouth.

Zong Ye leaned on the back of the seat. He looked forward, coughed slightly, leaned his shoulders slightly and tilted his head, as if he wanted to tell her something.

He was wearing a work jacket, and he was so close that Jiang Chuyi could even faintly smell his scent. It was very fresh, a bit like the bitter fragrance of dried orange blossoms and citrus.

Jiang Chuyi was still chewing squid, tilted his head and said vaguely, “Is something wrong?”

Zongya hummed.

Seeing him smile, she felt a little confused: “What?”

“Is my handwriting ugly?”

She swallowed the squid in her mouth and was about to reply when she suddenly felt the spicy oil choking her trachea.

Jiang Chuyi couldn’t eat spicy food in the first place, so she was caught off guard and almost burst into tears. She quickly grabbed the water glass at hand and took a few sips. She tilted her head and coughed several times, then managed to speak: “Why do you ask?”

“The director just spoke, and I saw you nodding along.”


Jiang Chuyi was a little confused by the heat. She was still holding the fork in her hand and was a little confused for a moment. “It doesn’t look good.”

Zong was obviously stunned for a moment.

Three seconds after he realized what he was saying, Jiang Chuyi immediately made amends, “Yeah, it’s not ugly, maybe it’s just a little hard to recognize.”

After a moment of silence, some of his confusion seemed to be explained, and he smiled softly, “That’s no wonder.”

Jiang Chuyi groaned, fearing to offend him, so she lowered her voice with a guilty conscience, “What’s the wonder?”

“No wonder you didn’t recognize me?” Zong Ye seemed to be recalling, tapping the table with his thin fingers, and slowly read out a name.

“Little Ruby.”

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