Chapter 5 Passing by

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Chapter 5 Passing by

The huge shadow rolled over, and everyone on the White Oak saw this moment that they would remember for a lifetime.

It was a three-masted warship that looked ancient and majestic – in this era when steamships were no longer uncommon, the sailing warship emerging from the thick fog was as old as if it had stepped out of an oil painting from a century ago. Its masts are tall, its sides are steep, its dark wooden hull is burning with ghost-like green fire, its huge sails are beating in the void, and the sails are condensed with roaring illusions and layers of flames – this kind of scene, even if it is In the terrifying boundless sea, only the most horrific shipwreck legends appear.

“It’s about to hit!!!”

Some crew members exclaimed loudly. These people who make a living at sea and are famous for their bravery and rudeness will inevitably lose their bearings when facing such a huge ship. They shouted, ran, and some tried to find shelter on the deck. Some of them grabbed hold of everything around them that could fix themselves, and some even knelt down directly in the bumps and waves, praying and reciting the words Gemona, the goddess of storm, or Baator, the lord of death, with unprecedented piety. Gram’s name.

In this boundless sea, the blessings of the gods have faded, but only the power of these two righteous gods can still look at all people equally.

But not all crew members lost their cool. The first mate on the ship immediately turned his attention to his most trusted captain. He knew that sailing on the endless sea was full of dangers, and the experienced captain was always the key to determining the fate of the entire ship. Lawrence has been on the sea for more than thirty years. This old captain, who is over fifty years old, may not be as strong as he was when he was young, but his experience of surviving on this vast ocean may still be able to provide a glimmer of hope for everyone.

The ship that emerged from the thick fog was obviously not like a normal ship sailing in the real world, but more like something emerging from the spiritual world or “deeper”, if it was some kind of extraordinary phenomenon , then perhaps we can use some extraordinary power to fight against it.

The old captains who sailed on the boundless sea had more or less experience in facing extraordinary phenomena.

However, the first mate only saw fear and shock on the captain’s face.

The old captain held the steering wheel motionlessly, as if he didn’t notice that the entire ship was completely shrouded in shadow. He stared at the crushing ship directly in front, and the muscles on his face were tense. A piece of stone carving, he finally squeezed out a few words through his teeth, but those words were colder than the wind on the cold sea: “…it’s the Lost Home Number…”

“Ship…Captain?!” The first mate was startled by the name that floated into his ears. Like everyone who makes a living on the boundless sea, he has also learned from many people who are older, more qualified and more experienced than himself. The superstitious crew members had heard this name coming from their mouths, “What did you say?! Then…”

“Homeless Number!!!”

Captain Lawrence didn’t seem to hear the first mate’s voice. He just held the steering wheel of the White Oak with all his strength and roared as if he wanted to roar at something. Almost at the same time as he finished speaking, the majestic Homeless Ship The hull finally touched the bow of the White Oak.

Almost all the sailors screamed.

However, the expected earth-shaking impact did not appear – the huge ship burning with green flames was like a grand phantom, sweeping across the deck of the White Oak with a roaring phantom of light. The thick hull, eerie Cabins, dimly lit corridors, keels and pillars burning with flames… The sailors’ eyes widened in horror as they watched themselves crash into the illusion of the ghost ship, and the green flames burning on the ghost ship were like a fire net. , sweeping past them.

Lawrence also watched helplessly as the flames roared towards him, but before that, he first saw the flames sweeping across the first mate in front of him – the first mate’s body suddenly turned into a body in the illusory flames. He had an illusory spirit body, and the bones in the spirit body were burning like firewood. He saw the priest next to the prayer platform in front of him, and saw the flames on the priest’s body flickering, as if the god behind him was still there. Use meager blessings to protect it from being devoured by the Homeless Ship.

Then the flames also burned Lawrence, and he saw the same changes taking place in his body, and a strong sense of weariness, obedience, and fear filled his body. The ocean amulet he had hidden on his body began to work, A feeling of alternating hotness and coolness barely maintained his sanity. With the remaining sanity, he “passed” through the cabins and corridors of the Lost Home.😞/

The gloomy and depressing cabin rushed towards him, then whizzed away. The old wooden pillars burning with green fire were entangled with rotten ropes and barnacles. He saw a huge warehouse in which Ben lay quietly. Thinking of all kinds of weird things buried in the deep sea, he saw another luxurious cabin, with a wooden goat’s head placed on the table in the center of the cabin.

The goat’s head turned and stared coldly into Lawrence’s eyes.
Finally, Lawrence used all his strength to raise his head, and he saw the figure at the helm – next to the classical rudder, the tall figure wearing a black navigator’s uniform seemed as majestic and terrifying as the master in a nightmare. That figure dominated all the ghost flames, and even the sea, which was already in the depths of the spiritual world, seemed to be in awe of his majesty, tearing a crack behind him.

Lawrence closed his eyes in resignation – he knew that he was now part of the Lost Home, and that the nightmare captain needed some sacrifices to satisfy his never-ending emptiness and loneliness.

But the next second, he mustered up the courage to open his eyes. He felt that all the courage and madness in his life seemed to have gathered in these few seconds. He recalled the knowledge he had gained from books and legends, and He stared at the terrifying captain standing on the Lost Home with as much candor and calmness as possible.

“You don’t have to take everyone – take me and spare my crew.”

However, the tall figure did not answer. He just cast his eyes over indifferently, and there seemed to be a little curiosity in his eyes – as if he was wondering why a tiny mortal captain dared to bargain with him.

Lawrence finally couldn’t hold back and let out an angry roar: “They all still have wives and children!!”

The figure standing on the Lost Home finally reacted. He stared in the direction of Lawrence and seemed to say something, but a loud whistling sound sounded from the side. Lawrence could only vaguely hear the whistling sound. There was some movement, but I couldn’t hear a word clearly.

The response from the Homeless Ship was lost in the roar of the waves——

“What did you say?! The wind was too strong and I couldn’t hear you!!”

The next second, a huge noise rushed into Lawrence’s ears, mixed with the sound of wind, waves and the shouts of sailors outside the door. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw green flames fading quickly, and the Homeless Ship The last remaining phantom dissipated from the air like mist.

Lawrence took a sharp breath, and then noticed that his hands, which had been burned by the green flames, had returned to their original state. Even the other people in the cab had become flesh and blood again. The pious priest was lying on his back. Breathing heavily next to the prayer table, while constantly reciting the holy name of the storm goddess Gemona, the ominous purple-black smoke in the incense burner gradually dissipated, and what rose from the copper furnace cover was pure white smoke.

Lawrence took a long time to catch his breath, and then looked around in confusion, as if he didn’t believe that the nightmare was over, until the first mate’s voice came from the side: “Captain! The ship – the Lost Home has left. !”

Lawrence was a little absent-minded. He reacted for a few seconds before muttering to himself: “…He actually let us go?”

The first mate didn’t hear clearly for a moment: “Captain? What did you say?”

“That Captain Duncan…” Lawrence muttered subconsciously, but then he slapped himself as if he accidentally mentioned some taboo word, and then he suddenly raised his head and looked at the first mate, “The whole ship is called, Quick! Look who’s missing on the boat!”

The first mate immediately nodded and accepted the order, but just as he was about to leave, Lawrence immediately stopped him: “We also want to see if there are any more people on board!”

The first mate was stunned for a moment, then reacted, with a hint of surprise and fear in his eyes. He took a deep breath, recited the name of the Storm Goddess in a low voice, and then ran quickly to the deck outside.

On the White Oak, which was still sailing in the spirit world, the assembly bell rang like a reminder.

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