Chapter 4 Racing Boats in the Spiritual World

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Chapter 4 Racing Boats in the Spiritual World
Green flames burned blazingly on his body, and his flesh and bones turned into translucent spirits in the flames. Duncan was steering the rudder of the Homeless Ship in this flowing fire, and his perception seemed to spread along the flames. Eventually it spread to the entire ship.

Turns out, it doesn’t need a crew at all.

The Lost Home can set sail on its own, as long as the captain is at the helm, it can set sail at any time.

When the green flames soared into the sky, Duncan fell into a brief panic, but in the past few days of exploration, he had seen more than one supernatural phenomenon on the ship. These experiences forced him to calm down, and finally found his way there. He didn’t let go of the steering wheel in his hands during the critical few seconds.

Now, he finally determined that this flame should be some kind of “power” that is harmless to him – regardless of whether his body can recover later, at least now, it seems that the power of this flame is helping him control the ship under his feet. Ghost ship.

The tsunami of cheers in his mind gradually faded away, and Duncan felt that his mind was clearer than ever. The Homeless Ship was like his extended limbs, and various indescribable “touches” came from it, although he still couldn’t help it. He has the knowledge and experience required of a qualified captain, but at least now he has the ability to control the ship by himself.

The gauze-like and mist-like spiritual sails swelled on the mast, and many auxiliary corner sails and side sails began to adjust their angles on their own. At this moment, the airflow on the sea was in chaos, but those spiritual sails seemed to emerge from invisible chaos. Drawing consistent power from the wind, the huge Homeless ended its aimless drifting and began to stabilize under the push of the sails.

Duncan tried to turn the steering wheel in his hand, and tangible force feedback came into his mind. He could feel that the huge hull under his feet finally began to gradually turn, and he began to try to stay away from the endless mist in front of him.

But the speed of the turn still seemed not enough, and the boundless thick fog was still approaching a little bit. A goat-headed scream came from the copper pipe next to the steering wheel: “Attention, we are approaching the limit of reality… We are about to Falling into the spirit world! Captain, we need…”

“I’m doing it!” Duncan yelled, interrupting the goat-head’s voice, “It’s better than

The goat head fell silent for an instant, but just when Duncan thought the opponent had finally calmed down, its hoarse, shrill and even creepy shouting suddenly came from the copper pipe: “Come on! Come on! Come on!”

Duncan: “…?”

At this moment, he suddenly felt that everything around him had lost its sense of reality. He accepted the vision he encountered, the supernatural power on the ship, and even accepted that he was being slowly stewed by a ball of green fire, but no matter what, I never thought that the goat head, which had given me a very strange and dangerous feeling from the beginning, would be so surprised at this moment… This evil thing was very evil from the beginning, but now it is too evil!

But the approaching thick fog did not give Duncan any more opportunities to think and complain, even though the Homeless Ship had begun to turn rapidly – judging from its huge hull, the turning speed could almost be described as drifting. However, the thick fog in the distance seemed to be consciously chasing the prey in front of him. Large areas of thin mist spread out from its edge. The mist spread extremely fast, covering the entire space around the Lost Home almost instantly.

The moment the mist rose on the sea, Duncan clearly felt that the surrounding environment had undergone some strange changes. The sky suddenly became extremely dim, and countless shapes appeared in the originally blue water. , strands of thin black threads, like finely tangled hair, floated up from the sea surface, and dyed the entire ocean pitch black at a speed visible to the naked eye.


In the mist, there seemed to be countless shadowy things emerging.

“We have fallen into the spirit world!” The noisy and weird “come on” sound of the goat head finally stopped. For some reason, its cry sounded as if it was coming from an extremely distant place, mixed with countless low and detailed sounds. Whispering, as if there were a lot of malicious voices surrounding Duncan, “But the Lost Home has not completely fallen yet – Captain, hold the helm. The Lost Home has the power to maintain its course before sinking into the deep sea. We can still get out!”

“Only if I know where to go!” Duncan roared, his voice mixed with the crackling sound of green flames, as if coming from hell, “I have lost my sense of direction!”

“Intuition, captain, intuition!” the goat-headed voice shouted from the copper pipe, “your intuition is more accurate than the markings on the chart!”

Duncan: “…”

A feeling of powerlessness surged into his heart, but Duncan no longer had the extra energy to argue with an evil goat-head. Since the other party said that he should rely on intuition, he might as well be more reckless——

Following the lingering feeling before the mist rose, he firmly grasped the steering wheel in his hand and tried his best to turn it in the direction he believed in.

The Lost Home emits a series of blood-curdling howls from top to bottom. The huge hull draws an astonishing arc on the sea that has completely turned into pitch black. The wind is howling, the mist is swirling, and in this dim In the bright sky and fog, Duncan suddenly caught something from the corner of his eye that seemed to be gradually emerging from the fog.

The next second, he realized that it was a ship, a white ship that looked smaller than the Lost Home, with a black chimney standing in the middle of the hull.

At the end of the beautiful arc drawn by the Lost Home, the ship that suddenly emerged from the fog was ramming straight towards it – or rather, the Lost Home was ramming straight towards it.

There was only one cry left in Duncan’s heart: “Damn it, something happened to Biao Chuan Biao in the spirit world!”

He had been exploring this strange world for so long without seeing any other living people. Why did a ship suddenly appear at this time? What is the probability of running in both directions?

The wind is howling, the waves are rolling into the sky, the boundless sea is unleashing its terrifying power, and in the face of this natural power that can tear apart extraordinary strong men, the “White Oak” is squeezing out the last bit of power from the steam turbine, to fight against the fate of death.

The gray-haired Captain Lawrence Creed stood in the wheelhouse. The solid walls and glass windows of the wheelhouse did not give him any sense of security at all. He held the rudder tightly with both hands, and the White Oak screamed and screamed when it was dying. It was as if the spasms could flow directly into his mind through a series of gears and connecting rods behind the steering wheel.

Through the wide window, he clearly saw the astonishing huge waves rising outside the ship’s side. But what was more frightening than the astonishing huge waves was the strange thick fog rising from the sea in the distance and the looming fog in the thick fog. Black lightning.

The White Oak is the most advanced steamship in the world, but no matter how advanced the machine is, it can only ensure that the ship is powerful in “normal” waters. But now what it and its captain have to face is… The collapsing frontier of reality is the biting cold that is spreading up from the stinking palaces of the evil gods at the bottom of the world.

“Captain! The priest can’t hold on any longer!”

The first mate’s shrill scream came from the side, and Lawrence heard some muddy hoarse echo from the other person’s voice. He then looked to the front of the bridge and saw an ominous purple smoke rising from the incense burner placed on the prayer platform. Black flames, and the respectable and loyal cleric in dark blue robes was sitting tremblingly in front of the incense burner. His mouth and nose were full of blood, and the look of madness and clarity in his eyes kept alternating. .

Lawrence’s heart sank.

He knew that the venerable priest was still on the side of mankind. He was using his last pious belief and his purest and most holy soul to fight against the cry from “the depths of the world”, but this persistence was at the end of his strength. , the purple-black smoke coming out of the incense burner is proof that the pollution has broken through the prayer.

Once the priest falls, every conscious mind on the ship may become a door to the deep sea, or even to the subspace.


The first mate’s voice came from the side again, and Lawrence interrupted him. The middle-aged captain’s face was full of determination at this moment: “Turn off the Holy Emblem beacon temporarily, and we will sink into the spiritual world!”

The first mate was stunned for a moment. This man who had spent half his life at sea seemed unable to believe his ears: “Captain?!”

“Sink into the spiritual world – in this way, for at least ten minutes, we can escape the most ferocious wave of the border collapse, and the priest will also have a chance to recover,” Lawrence ordered again in an unquestionable tone, only this time there were more Two sentences to explain, “Execute my orders.”

The first mate opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something more, but then he gritted his teeth and said: “You are the captain!”

The crew began to quickly execute the orders from the captain. Lawrence, who was at the helm personally, took a deep breath. The Holy Emblem beacon deep in the cabin was gradually extinguishing. He could feel the invisible protective force surrounding the White Oak. The field is rapidly weakening, and without the protection of the sacred objects, the ship is sinking little by little into the “spiritual world” between reality and the deep sea.

Mist appeared on the surrounding sea surface, and the water was gradually turning black.

This is very dangerous, but in history, it is not that no ships have returned to the human world from the spirit world – as a member of the Explorers Association, he has read countless books on this subject, as well as various books written by survivors. Various “survival guides”.

How much worse could it be? He only needs to let the White Oak hide from a wave of storms at the edge of the spiritual world, and then use the surging power output from the advanced steam turbine to conduct a thrilling “spiritual drift”. If luck still favors him, he can lead his crew Return to the world.

Then he quickly handed over the damn “Anomaly 099” in the warehouse to the governor of Pland City State. From then on, he would never go into trouble with the authorities again in his life.

It can’t get any worse.

Lawrence is so wide

Comfort yourself.

Then he saw a three-masted sailboat that was completely larger than the White Oak suddenly emerge from the dark sea in the distance. It drew a thrilling arc with some indomitable momentum. , bumped into him face to face…

Captain Lawrence stared blankly ahead.


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