Chapter 6 Gluttonous Devouring the Sky

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Chapter 6 Gluttonous Devouring the Sky

In Tianyuan Continent, the strong are respected!

In order to cultivate outstanding descendants, the Li family has spared no effort. Starting from the ancestors’ generation, they have set rules to hold a competition between bloodline disciples every other year.

In the past, Li Longxing had no spiritual roots and was a typical good-for-nothing young master. Naturally, he had no chance of competing in this competition between bloodline disciples.

But now, Li Longxing’s spiritual roots suddenly revived and he could practice. Naturally, he could not escape the next competition.

During the bloodline disciple competition, if there are any family members with deep hatred, they can sign a life-and-death contract in advance.

Once on the competition stage, life or death matters.

Of course, you can also refuse to sign a life-and-death contract, but the consequences will be more serious than being beaten to death.

If you refuse, you will immediately be deprived of your noble status as a bloodline disciple, demoted to a slave, and will never be able to stand up again.

The ancestors of Li Da, Li Er, and Li San who were deposed by Li Longxing not long ago were actually direct blood descendants of the Li family.

Only because he was greedy for life and afraid of death, he refused to sign a life-and-death contract with others, so he became a slave, causing his descendants to be slaves for the rest of their lives, without being able to make a difference.

It is precisely because of this extremely cruel rule that the Li family can cultivate outstanding descendants from ancient times to the present.

In Uncle Dong’s opinion, whether Li Longxing accepts or rejects, the consequences will be disastrous.

If you accept it, you will definitely be beaten to death by Li Tian on the competition stage.

On the contrary, if you refuse, you will immediately be demoted to a slave, and you will never get ahead in the world!

This is simply worse than death.

“Master, shall I take you to escape?” Uncle Dong thought for a long time and finally gritted his teeth and spoke.

Now, besides running away, he really couldn’t think of any better way.

Unexpectedly, Li Longxing laughed loudly when he heard this, “Haha, run away? Why run away? Since Li Tian has evil intentions and wants to kill me during the family competition, then I don’t mind going along with the situation and taking advantage of him.” Damn it!”

Uncle Dong’s expression changed, “Master, although I don’t know how you recovered your spiritual roots, after all, you have just embarked on the path of cultivation and your level is still low. Even if I give you another month, you can only take one step at most.” Just entering the sixth level.

But Li Tian is now at the peak of the ninth level, and with his father Li Jian’s vigorous cultivation and unlimited supply of resources, there will be absolutely no problem in entering the first level of the innate realm in a month.

When the time comes, what will you use to fight him? ”

Li Longxing raised his head and laughed, “Don’t worry, Uncle Dong, isn’t it just a matter of Xiantian realm? In a month, I will definitely be able to capture him!”

“…” Uncle Dong!

“Master…” Uncle Dong wanted to persuade him again.

Li Longxing waved his hand, “Okay, Uncle Dong, you don’t have to say anything anymore. I have made up my mind. No matter what, I will not leave the Li family!”

Uncle Dong sighed, “Okay, I won’t be too long-winded. While there is still a month left, I will teach you appropriate cultivation techniques based on your physique, young master…”

Li Longxing smiled and shook his head, “No need, Uncle Dong, I already have a suitable training method!”

“Oh? What method is it? And who taught it to you?” Uncle Dong asked in surprise.

Li Longxing talked eloquently and roughly told the story of the mysterious senior in the ancient tripod.

Uncle Dong was stunned after hearing this.

Unexpectedly, what the mysterious senior taught the young master was actually the “Chaos Scripture”, a heaven-defying scripture comparable to the heavenly level. In that case, it really didn’t have anything to do with him.

Although the techniques he practiced were not bad, they were only comparable to those of the Earth-level inferiors.

Li Longxing suddenly remembered something, “By the way, Uncle Dong, according to what the mysterious senior said, you were very skilled in cultivation before you were injured. Is it true?”

Uncle Dong’s expression changed, he pondered for a long time, and nodded, “Yes!”

“Then how did you get injured? And why did you come to the Li family to be a slave?” Li Longxing continued to ask.

Uncle Dong’s eyes were filled with bitterness and he fell into reminiscing.

After a while, he shook his head and said, “Master, this is the slave’s privacy, can you not tell me?”
“It doesn’t matter, I won’t ask anymore!” Li Longxing smiled.

Ever since his parents disappeared mysteriously, it was Uncle Dong who brought him up by pooping and peeing.

When someone bullies someone, Uncle Dong always stands up for him.

Although Uncle Dong is a slave, he is the person closest to him in his heart, just like his adoptive father.

Since Uncle Dong was in trouble, he naturally would not continue to ask questions.

“Master, one month is coming in the blink of an eye, what are your plans next?” Uncle Dong changed the subject.

Li Longxing smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Uncle Dong, I already have a countermeasure!”

“Next, I will concentrate on my cultivation. Uncle Dong, please help me protect the law!”

After finishing his words, Li Longxing sat down cross-legged and started practicing attentively!

He had to stop practicing because of Li Tian’s interruption.

Now, he will continue to practice and strive to reach a higher level.

Uncle Dong nodded silently and stood guard.

The sky outside the house suddenly became turbulent, and an invisible vortex appeared.

The next moment, streams of majestic spiritual energy from heaven and earth poured into Li Longxing’s body through the vortex.

Uncle Dong was shocked, “What an amazing spiritual power of heaven and earth!”

“No wonder the young master swore that the Xiantian realm was at your fingertips. It turns out he was not bragging!”

Uncle Dong’s eyes were moist.

“The young master has now received guidance from a mysterious master and has practiced a law that defies the heavens. His future prospects are bound to be limitless.”

“Mother, you and the young master will not be far away from each other!”

An hour later, Li Longxing took a deep breath, and his closed eyes suddenly opened and closed!

There are thousands of auspicious colors, and the divine light is dazzling.

Soon he became restrained again.

“The peak of the sixth level of Houtian Realm!”

By this time, Li Longxing found that the effect of practice was minimal.

When his cultivation was completely stable at the peak of the sixth level, several peerless codes suddenly appeared in the “Chaos Scripture” again!

“Physical Refining Chapter”, “Alchemy Chapter”, “Weapon Refining Chapter”, “Beast Exorcism Chapter”, “Taotie Swallowing the Sky Chapter”…

These are all practice codes extended from the “Chaos Scripture” and are specifically targeted at a certain field.

Body training, of course, improves physical strength!

It goes without saying that refining alchemy, refining weapons, and driving away beasts are all unique secret techniques.

As for the “Taotie Devouring Heaven” chapter, it is even more defiant and can swallow other people’s energy for one’s own use.

“Haha, this “Chaos Scripture” is indeed against the heavens. It covers all fields. With this treasure book and my peerless heavenly spiritual roots, why worry about not being able to set foot on the top of the continent?”

In his inner ecstasy, Li Longxing closed his eyes again and entered a state of cultivation.

He wants to delve into these unique secret techniques one by one.

Naturally, it is not possible to achieve all the in-depth knowledge in a short period of time, but it is good to get started.

Time flies, half a month passes in the blink of an eye.

When Li Longxing opened his eyes, he saw Uncle Dong walking around anxiously like an ant on a hot pot.

“Master, Li Tian has successfully entered the first level of Xiantian Realm three days ago, but you are still at the sixth level of Houtian Realm. Are you sure you can beat him in the competition?”

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