Chapter 7 Killing and Punishing the Heart

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Chapter 7 Killing and Punishing the Heart
Li Longxing was slightly startled, “Li Tian has already entered the innate realm?”

Uncle Dong nodded and explained, “Yes, Li Tian’s cultivation talent is already good. Coupled with Li Jian’s unlimited resource supply, it will be easy to enter the innate realm.”

At this point, he changed the topic and said worriedly, “Moreover, in order to humiliate you, young master, Li Jian and his son did not hesitate to issue invitations yesterday, inviting all the big and small forces in Qingyun Town to compete with the family disciples. I came to watch the ceremony that day because I wanted to nail you, Master, to the rack of shame!”

Li Longxing was furious when he heard this, “It turns out they are a father and son!”

If on the day of the competition, when everyone is present, whether Li Longxing accepts Li Tian’s challenge or refuses, the result will be disastrous.

Accept it and die without a burial place.

If he refuses, he will be demoted to a slave by Li Jian in public and will not be able to stand out for the rest of his life.

No matter what the outcome is, Li Longxing will become the laughing stock of the entire Qingyun Town.

Killing people and killing people’s hearts is nothing more than that!

From this, Li Longxing couldn’t help but think of what happened three days ago!

Three days ago, Uncle Dong’s condition suddenly worsened. He was helpless and had to seek help from his second uncle Li Jian.

“Second uncle, please lend me three thousand silver dollars!”

Li Longxing knelt on the ground and kowtowed to the middle-aged man in front of him who was as fat as a ball.

“Hmph, you want three thousand silver dollars? Dream on!” Li Jian frowned, a look of disgust flashing across his fat face.

“Second uncle, Uncle Dong is in danger now, please be kind…”

However, before he could finish speaking, he was rudely interrupted by Li Jian, “A lowly dog slave will die as soon as he dies. What can be saved?”

“Second uncle…” The young man wanted to beg again!

“Noisy, get out of here!” Li Jian waved his sleeves and blew Li Longxing away.

“Master, Treasure Pavilion has just launched a new batch of goods. I have taken a fancy to the latest style of hosta. It costs five thousand silver dollars. Can you buy it for me?”

At this time, the charming second aunt, who was all dressed up, walked out of the back hall with her waist twisted, and said in a cooing voice!

“Haha, isn’t it just five thousand silver dollars? Master, I have plenty of money. Buy it. Let’s go buy it now!”

Liu Jian and his second aunt walked past Li Longxing in a swaggering manner.

You can spend a lot of money to buy a hosta and treat Uncle Dong’s illness, but you are as stingy as a ghost.

Human life is as cheap as an ant, worse than a hosta.

Li Longxing struggled to get up from the ground, stumbled after him, and continued to beg, “Second uncle…”

“Get away…” Li Jian kicked him away again.

“You ungrateful bitch, one day I want you to look good!”

Li Longxing stretched out his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, feeling secretly angry in his heart!

After being rejected by Li Jian, Li Longxing had to go to his fiancée Liu Yanran to borrow money.

Who would have known that the result would be even worse than here with Li Jian.

“Master, Master…” Uncle Dong’s call quickly brought Li Longxing back to reality.

Li Longxing took a deep breath and said with a smile, “Uncle Dong, don’t worry, I already have a plan to deal with the competition in half a month.”

After saying that, he strode out.

“Master, where are you going?” Uncle Dong quickly chased after him.

Li Longxing said, “Go out for a walk!”

He swayed and quickly moved away.

Uncle Dong thought for a while and followed silently.

Outside Qingyun Town, there is the famous Hengduan Mountains.

The mountains are towering and rolling, with no end in sight.

Juemingling, deep in the Hengduan Mountains, is one of the ten most forbidden areas in the mainland. It is so inaccessible that even birds cannot cross it.

An hour later, Li Longxing stepped into the outer area of the Hengduan Mountains.

He has mastered the first level of the alchemy chapter of the “Chaos Scripture” and can refine elixirs suitable for Houtian realm monks.
However, it is difficult for a clever woman to make a meal without rice.

He lacks the materials and treasures to make alchemy!

As long as he finds enough materials and refines them into elixirs, Li Longxing is confident that he can improve his cultivation to the innate realm within half a month.

This is the outskirts of the Hengduan Mountains and is not considered dangerous, so there are many monks who come here to look for fortune.

Li Longxing walked alone in the jungle, scanning the surroundings with bright eyes.

After a while, his eyes lit up and he quickly walked to a big tree.

An herb, several inches tall and with crystal clear leaves, came into view.

“First-order star spotted grass!” Li Longxing picked it with a smile and put it in his arms.

After continuing to move forward for a while, Li Longxing suddenly stopped and looked ahead with vigilance.

I saw several tall, fierce-looking men gathering under a towering old tree in front of them, muttering something in a low voice.

Judging from their clothes, they must be mercenaries from the Hengduan Mountains!

In addition, they also have another identity, that is, they are mountain bandits.

When Li Longxing was begging in Qingyun Town, he had heard many rumors about mercenaries.

They mainly hunt monsters and collect treasures from heaven and earth.

But once he encounters a “fat sheep” who is alone, he will not hesitate to kill him.

As Li Longxing looked, the mercenaries also looked over with unkind expressions.

Li Longxing was about to gather momentum.

But at this moment, the leading mercenary gave a cold and rude shout, “Smelly beggar, what are you looking at? Get out of here right away.”

When Li Longxing heard this, he turned around and left without saying a word!

His cultivation is still shallow now, and he is not yet able to fight hard with them.

You know, the mercenaries who can make a living in the Hengduan Mountains are at least in the innate realm.

“Ha ha……”

As Li Longxing left, all the mercenaries burst into laughter.

“That kid is really funny. He actually thinks we want to attack him!”

“Yeah, you don’t even care about your identity. He’s just a stinky beggar. Are we so poor that we go to rob him?”

“Shut up!” At this moment, a figure floated over.

Everyone looked up and saw a thin old man in gray standing in front of them.

“You are so brave, how dare you do that in front of me?”

“Old guy, you’re tired of living, aren’t you?”

The gray-clothed old man’s face was as dark as water, and his voice was as cold as ice slag, “If you dare to be rude to my young master, you will die!”

“Hahaha, just you?”

“Yes, you are so old that you can’t even walk safely, how dare you talk so shamelessly?”

However, as soon as he finished speaking, the old man in gray clothes suddenly disappeared without a trace.


Several screams resounded through the jungle, and all the mercenaries were instantly dismembered and split into two pieces.

After he died, his eyes were still wide open, full of shock and disbelief.

After killing several mercenaries, the old man in gray followed the direction in which Li Longxing left and chased him at full speed.

In the evening, Li Longxing touched the hundreds of herbs in his arms with satisfaction and prepared to go home.

Once night comes, the monsters in the Hengduan Mountains will become active, and it will be very dangerous to stay here.

I have picked a lot of alchemy materials, and it is time to leave.


At this moment, a shocking explosion suddenly came from the front of the jungle, causing Li Longxing’s eardrums to buzz.

He followed the sound and looked far away, and his expression suddenly changed.

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