Chapter 7 Doll

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Chapter 7 Doll

The blazing green flames were gradually fading, and the surrounding sea began to calm down.

After confirming from the goat head that the “Homeless” had left the dangerous sea and could sail on its own, Duncan took his hand off the dark steering wheel. He was lowering his head at the moment, and what caught his eyes was, It is the body that has regained its flesh and blood, and the deck of the Lost Home that has been restored to its original state after the green fire was extinguished.

But somewhere deep down, he had a feeling that many things were different.

He could feel that the moment he held the steering wheel of the Lost Home, something changed. The green flame connected him to the ship, and even connected him to the sea. , even though the flames have receded now, he can still feel this invisible connection and feel every detail of the big ship under his feet.

Duncan slowly closed his eyes. He heard vague murmurs coming from the deep and dim corridors in the Lost Home. There was an inexplicable sense of intimacy in the murmurs. He saw the lantern in the captain’s cabin at some point. It was already lit, and the glass lampshade was dancing with pale light. He heard the sound of waves hitting the hull of the ship. There seemed to be a deep gaze hidden under the waves, but when he tried to find the source of the gaze, he suddenly However, the person hides his own existence as if consciously…

Duncan opened his eyes. He exhaled softly, and the gauze-like mist-like spiritual sail on the mast of the Lost Home began to flap. He walked towards the stairs leading to the deck, and the ropes beside the stairs began to squirm. Then retreat to both sides.

He realized that he was the true captain of the ship only after he chose to take over the steering wheel.

“Captain, we are ascending from the edge of the spiritual world and will return to the real world soon,” the goat-headed voice came from the side, but this time it was not through the copper tube used for communication on the ship, but appeared directly in Duncan’s In my mind, when talking about business, it seemed a lot more serious, not so noisy, “We were lucky. At the deepest time, we only ‘swayed’ at the bottom of the spiritual world, and were hardly affected by the profound depth. .”


The real world, the spiritual sea, the deep sea, and the subspace that seems to be deeper… Duncan thought of these strange words that appeared in front of him one after another. He knew that these words pointed to the true situation of this strange world. But he still didn’t know what the words really meant. ..

However, listening to the voice of the goat-head calling him “Captain”, Duncan always vaguely felt that there were some subtle changes in the other person’s tone. He even suspected that even if he said the identity of “Zhou Ming” at this moment, the goat-head Toudu will still obey his orders – this is exactly what happened after he took the helm and successfully recovered from the “green fire”.

But after a slight hesitation, he still did not make a rash attempt in this area, nor did he ask the goat head about the spiritual world, the deep and the subspace.

If it was a few days ago, he was indeed anxious and uneasy. At that time, he was eager to figure out his situation, but now he seems to be in no hurry.

In this world, there are other “people”, other ships, orderly societies, and other civilizations. This is enough for him to have many hopes for the future out of thin air, and even give birth to some “plans” that are still quite vague at the moment.

In his wild thoughts, Duncan recalled the details of the encounter with the ship that suddenly emerged from the thick fog, recalled the ship’s eye-catching chimney, and the machines that appeared directly in his mind when it passed by the Homeless. structure.

“That’s a mechanically powered ship… but the Homeless Ship looks like a sailing battleship from the last era…” Duncan said to himself, “But it’s not exactly a mechanical ship…”

There are some cabins of unknown significance on the ship. The cabins are arranged like some kind of sacrificial scene. Many strange patterns and symbols can be seen on the keel of the ship, which are like decorations, but they are more than necessary. .

“Goat Head,” Duncan said suddenly. He didn’t know the name of the Goat Head, so he subconsciously said the name in his mind. “When we ‘intersected’ with that ship just now, that one looked like The captain’s man yelled at me, what did he say?”

The goat-head didn’t seem to care about what the captain called him. He accepted it readily and quickly replied: “The wind and waves were too strong, so I didn’t hear clearly.”

“You didn’t hear clearly?” Duncan frowned, “…I always felt that his expression at that time was tragic, as if he was preparing to die with me. What he shouted must be quite important.”

“Wanting to die with you is a normal reaction of human beings, especially the normal reaction of sailors at sea. It is not worth making a fuss about, and their roars in front of the earthworms shaking the trees do not require your effort to pay attention…”
The goat-headed reply seemed very natural. Duncan, who was walking up the stairs to the deck, almost staggered. He shook the corners of his mouth in shock: “Is it a normal human reaction to want to die with me?”

As soon as he said this, he felt a little inappropriate, because it seemed to expose the loopholes in his identity as “captain” and his lack of understanding of “his” situation. This may be because the green fire just consumed too much energy. , or maybe it was the feeling of being one with the Lost Home that weakened his vigilance. Regardless, it made Duncan a little nervous for a moment – but the goat head didn’t seem to notice at all.

“It’s normal for them to be afraid of you,” the goat-headed voice seemed a little proud. “Anyone sailing on the boundless sea should fear you, just like they fear the old gods and the shadows in the subspace. Speaking of shadows, you know a brilliant engineer…maybe an agriculturist or a foodie once said…”

Duncan rationally did not take up the topic because he was worried that he would not be able to reconcile the topic if it continued (of course, the more important reason was that he really did not want to talk to the goat head, because as long as someone responded to the other party, his level of noisy would increase. rising exponentially), and the next second, his attention was diverted by another thing on the deck.

“…What is this?” Duncan stood on the edge of the deck, looking at the thing at the door of the captain’s cabin in astonishment.

It was a wooden box that was as long as a person. It seemed to be very well-made. The unknown gloomy wood was tightly pieced together, and was riveted and reinforced with gold-like metal. Inscriptions could also be seen on the edge of the box. The complex patterns look like words or deliberately distorted hieroglyphics – this box is definitely not something from the Lost Home! Duncan had never seen it before when he left the captain’s cabin!

The goat-headed voice was silent for a moment and then said: “…I don’t know you, but it should be a trophy…”

“Trophy?!” Duncan didn’t react for a moment. He walked around the box twice, “Why does this thing look like a coffin, but it is much more exquisite than an ordinary coffin… Wait, trophy, You mean this thing was ‘got’ from that ship just now?!”

“A successful hunt, Captain,” Goat Head said in a rather serious tone, with a tone that sounded like a compliment. “Every time you sail, you always return with a full harvest. This is normal performance.”

Duncan opened his mouth subconsciously, thinking that he had no intention of getting anything off other people’s boats. What kind of hunting and “returning with a full load” was this?

But then he thought about it, and he was afraid that what he said would not fit his image as a “captain”. More importantly, the mechanical ship had disappeared into the depths of the sea fog, which reminded him of the white-bearded captain’s eyes when he stared at him. As if he was about to die together, he thought that there was no way to send this thing back, so he could only suppress all the words in his stomach.

He stood in front of the ornate wooden box that looked like a coffin, and noticed that the lid of the thing seemed to be loose, and it looked like it could be opened with just one hand.

After hesitating for a moment, he put his hand on the lid of the wooden box – at least, he wanted to find out what he had put on the ship during his “ship racing in the spirit world” just now.

His body was stronger than he thought, and the lid was not as heavy as he thought. He just exerted a little force, and the dark-looking lid lifted up a crack, and then it was lifted by him. Completely opened.

Duncan looked inside the box, dumbfounded.

“one person?”

In the wooden box, a beautiful young woman lay quietly – her long silver-white hair spread like mercury inside the box, her appearance was exquisite and flawless, and she had a certain noble and transcendent demeanor. She was dressed in a Wearing a gorgeous purple-black palace dress, she folded her hands in front of her body, as if she was falling into a long sleep.

Perfect as a doll.

“No, this is really a doll!”

While observing carefully, Duncan suddenly noticed the other party’s inhuman joint structure.

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