Chapter 8 The Sun

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Chapter 8 The Sun

A doll, a doll so delicate and lifelike that Duncan almost couldn’t identify it at first glance – she was lying quietly in the gorgeous wooden box, like a lady sleeping in a coffin, Waiting for someone to wake it up.

Duncan really felt that the other party would wake up in the next second.

But this was just an illusion. The doll just lay quietly in the box, completely unresponsive to the surrounding environment.

Duncan observed this strange… “thing” vigilantly and cautiously: a doll itself was nothing strange, but its appearance that was too close to a real person and the coffin-like wooden box made him instinctively feel something… Danger, and when you think about how this box inexplicably appeared on the Lost Home, no wonder he became wary.

After observing for a long time, Duncan was finally sure that the gorgeous Gothic doll in the box would not suddenly jump up and surprise him. Then he breathed a sigh of relief. Then he frowned and asked the goat head: “Do you think this is what’s the situation?”

“This should be an important cargo escorted by the previous ship,” the goat head replied immediately. Although it previously stated that it did not recognize the strange wooden box that suddenly appeared on the deck, it obviously has more experience in maritime affairs than Duncan. This fake captain said: “There are symbols pointing to the gods on the outside of the wooden box, and there are pins used to fix the chains around the box. This may indicate that it was in some kind of sealed state – transporting sealed objects on the boundless sea is extremely risky. Things, that ship seems to have some background.”

“Seal?” Duncan’s eyelids twitched subconsciously, and then he looked at the lid of the box that he had completely opened. The lid was broken when he arrived on the Lost Home, so he could easily push it. He didn’t know anything about seals, but he believed that the seal on this thing had definitely expired. “So this thing is dangerous?”

“It is dangerous for those fragile ordinary people, but I don’t think it will be a threat to you – this kind of ‘abnormality’ that can be sealed using special skills cannot resist Captain Duncan’s power. ”

Duncan remained silent, his expression serious, but his thoughts were ups and downs in his heart.

The goat-headed compliment sounded quite flattering – if he was really some kind of “Captain Duncan”, maybe he would actually believe it, but he wasn’t, so he was feeling quite flustered now.

Because the words of the goat head have already made it clear that the doll lying in the coffin is a “dangerous item”! It’s just that he can’t threaten the real captain!

Although he now bears the name of Captain Duncan, and even seems to have taken over the opponent’s body and mastered some power, “Zhou Ming” is quite self-aware – he does not think that this can make him become the same as that ” The real Captain Duncan”.

He still knew too little about this world, this ship, and even his current body.

In addition, he also keenly noticed that a new strange word appeared in the goat head’s words – “abnormal”. .

Unconventional means abnormal. This sounds like a very common word, but the extra emphasis in Goat Head’s words made him vaguely aware that this word seemed to have a special meaning here.

Perhaps, the word “abnormal” in this world does not only mean “extraordinary”, but also refers to a certain type of thing? For example…a doll lying in a coffin.

Unfortunately, he had no proper reason to ask about something that should be “common knowledge” here.

After sighing in his heart that he still needed to carefully collect information and accumulate knowledge, Duncan frowned and took one last look at the doll, as if he had made some determination: “I should throw it back into the sea.”

There was a trace of hesitation in his heart when he said this, especially when he looked at the doll. This hesitation was particularly obvious.

This is of course not because of a simple reason like “this doll is very beautiful”, but because… “she” really looks like a living person sleeping in a coffin. When he thought of throwing it back into the sea, Duncan It even felt like I was throwing a living person overboard.

But this hesitation finally strengthened his determination.

Because he has long known that there are many weird and bizarre things in this world – although he has only come into contact with one ship in this world so far, but even on this ship, he has already seen When it comes to the talking goat head, the mast that can sail by itself, the ship’s light that never goes out, and the weird and dangerous sea, the frightening spirit world and the endless sea fog…

And just now, he ran into a mechanical ship transporting sealed objects on this strange sea, and the things that the ship “escorted” mysteriously landed on the deck of the Lost Home.

As a rational and cautious person, he cannot keep something like this that may contain strange and dangerous power around him just because the doll looks beautiful.

Regret to regret, Duncan finally resolutely closed the lid of the “coffin”. Because he was worried, he found nails and a hammer from the cabin, and carefully added another ring of nails to the coffin.

Finally, he pushed the “coffin” containing the puppet to the edge of the deck.

The goat-headed voice came into his ears: “You can dispose of your trophies as you wish, but I will still respectfully and humbly make suggestions. You don’t need to be so cautious. The Homeless Ship has not added trophies for a long time…”
“Shut up.” Duncan simply strangled the goat-headed baba.

The goat head fell silent, and Duncan kicked the “coffin” hard, knocking it directly into the sea.

The heavy wooden box fell straight down from the edge of the deck and fell straight into the sea that had returned to its normal color. It made a dull sound and then floated up from the water, gradually drifting towards the stern of the Lost Home.

Duncan watched the box drift away with the waves until it was completely obscured by the stern of the ship, then he breathed a sigh of relief. Then he looked up into the distance and saw that the fog on the sea had completely dissipated, and the blue sea was surrounding the Lost Home. Slowly rise and fall.

The ship has completely left the “spirit world” and returned to the real dimension.

On the nearby sea, there is no trace of the mechanical ship that briefly met the Lost Home.

Duncan frowned slightly and briefly estimated the time that had passed since the two ships converged and the speed of each of the two ships.

According to the current situation on the sea, the ship should not have disappeared from visual distance so quickly.

“…Is this also because of this strange sea? Or is it related to the so-called ‘spiritual voyage’?”

Duncan murmured in his heart, but soon his attention was attracted by other things——

He saw a ray of golden light suddenly appear deep in the dark clouds above the sea that had never dispersed.

The bright golden sunlight gradually filled up, and the clouds like thick curtains gradually dissipated as if they were brushed away by invisible hands. The sea that had been gloomy for an unknown period of time was gradually illuminated by the sunlight – Duncan stood on the bow of the Lost Home and opened his eyes wide. His eyes were staring at the scenery where the clouds had dissipated. At this moment, he suddenly felt an inexplicable touch.

Ever since he learned about the existence of “this side” many days ago, ever since he first explored this strange ship, the lingering clouds have always shrouded the entire ocean, so much so that he almost thought that there was no sunshine in this world at all. I think this world is always clouded.

He has been away from the sun for too long. Even in Zhou Ming’s bachelor apartment opposite the “door”, the thick fog outside the window has long blocked the sun.

But now, the vast sea is clearing up.

After being away from the sun for a long time, he finally felt like seeing the light of day again in the world “on this side”.

Duncan took a deep breath subconsciously and opened his hands in the direction of the sun. The thick clouds quickly dissipated and faded as if in response. At the most dazzling moment of the sky, the star was covered by countless twisted golden light streams. The huge shrouded sphere came into Duncan’s eyes.

All of Duncan’s expressions were frozen at the moment when he opened his hands to welcome the sunshine.

He stared straight at the sky. The sunlight was dazzling, but not as dazzling as he was familiar with. He could clearly see the thing hanging in the sky and its spherical shell that seemed to have countless dense patterns. See the brilliant light flow overflowing around it, and against the background of the intertwined light flow, there are two ring structures that are concentrically distributed with the central sphere as the center and are slowly rotating.

Duncan narrowed his eyes. He could vaguely tell that the two rings seemed to be connected by countless fine and complex runes. It was as if there was some kind of supreme power that carved an eternal bond in the sky, binding the “sun” “Confined in the sky.

Duncan failed to embrace the sunshine he had been looking forward to for a long time.

There is no sunshine in this world at all.

“What is that?” he said softly, his voice low and a little cold.

“Of course it’s the sun, Captain.” The goat-headed voice was as calm as ever.

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