Chapter 49 Where is it hard?

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Chapter 49 Where is it hard?

The bodyguard with the Chinese character’s face was shaken, and then fell to the ground like soft mud.

He couldn’t say a word.

When he collapsed on the ground, his two companions also fell down, their faces turning blue in pain and unable to speak.

They looked at Mark in disbelief.

Isn’t this door-to-door waste? Why is it so powerful?

Ye Fan didn’t even look at them and stepped over them.

At this moment, amidst the cheers, Zhao Dongyang shouted over and over again regardless of Tang Ruoxue’s refusal:

“Ruoxue, marry me, marry me.”

“If you don’t marry me, I won’t get up.”

He had a sincere and affectionate look on his face, and his aura was unflinching, as if he wouldn’t be serious if he didn’t agree.

“Ruoxue, please agree quickly. Why are you staying here?”

“Yes, Mr. Zhao’s knees will be damaged if he kneels for too long.”

“People are kneeling down and you still don’t agree. Are you a human being?”

More than a dozen women reprimanded Tang Ruoxue, feeling that this woman was too ignorant.

Tang Ruoxue looked at this scene, her pretty face gradually turned pale.

She has seen many scoundrels, but never this kind of scoundrel.

Her impression of Zhao Dongyang was even worse.

In order to let her brother embrace the beauty, Zhao Xiaoyue shouted the loudest:

“Promise him, promise him.”

They believed that as long as the pressure was in place, Tang Ruoxue would definitely nod.

Ye Fan is completely incomparable to Zhao Dongyang, even a fool knows what choice to make.

At this time, Ye Fan walked over.

Zhao Xiaoyue couldn’t help but be stunned when she saw Ye Fan appear. Why did the bodyguard let this loser walk in?

Then she demonstratively shouted to Ye Fan:

“Ye Fan, hurry up and shout with us to ask Ruoxue to accept your brother.”

“Don’t you want Ruoxue to be happy?”

“Loving someone is not about possessing her, but about making her happy for the rest of her life.”

Ye Fan didn’t speak, he just walked forward slowly and stood next to Tang Ruoxue.

Tang Ruoxue snorted coldly: “You’re late!”

She gave Ye Fan a hard look. If Ye Fan had not come too late, she would have been able to escape with Ye Fan, instead of being as passive as she is now.

She wanted to leave several times, but she was blocked by Zhao Xiaoyue and the others. A bunch of people were smiling so playfully that she couldn’t even express her anger.

Ye Fan smiled bitterly: “There is a traffic jam on the road.”

Tang Ruoxue took half a step back and hummed: “I don’t care, you clean up this mess.”

“I’m here, it’s okay.”

Ye Fan’s simple words instantly put Tang Ruoxue’s restless heart at ease. She didn’t want to admit it, but the fact was that the current Ye Fan made her feel safe.

“Is this the beautiful woman’s husband? He looks too ordinary, right?”

“I heard that he is still a door-to-door son-in-law. He is a free-for-all. You are a beautiful woman. A good bird chooses a tree to roost. Why should you be a loser?”

“It’s just that Mr. Zhao is so handsome and rich, and he doesn’t despise you for being married. You should be extremely honored.”

Everyone started talking again, obviously favoring Zhao Dongyang. After all, it is the nature of the world to love vanity.

Several women looked even more disdainful, feeling that Mark was overestimating his abilities.

Seeing Ye Fan appear, Zhao Dongyang’s expression remained unchanged, his eyes were contemptuous, he took out a bank card and threw it over:

“Ten million, leave Ruoxue.”

Simply and directly.


Ye Fan also took out a bank card and threw it at it: “One hundred million, stop harassing Tang Ruoxue.”

One hundred million, don’t harass Tang Ruoxue?

Everyone was startled and looked at Mark with dumbfounded eyes.

No one expected that Zhao Dongyang would directly throw 10 million to Ye Fan to get out, and no one expected that Ye Fan would argue with Zhao Dongyang without any courtesy.

Zhao Dongyang took out 10 million, and Ye Fan actually took out 100 million.

This is equivalent to slapping Zhao Dongyang in public.

After all, Zhao Dongyang is also the young owner of a group with assets of 3 billion.

And Ye Fan is just a door-to-door son-in-law.

Zhao Xiaoyue gave a sharp laugh: “It’s so funny, you rely on the Tang family to make a living, and you still want to pay back 100 million. You are overdoing it. If you have 1 million, I will…”

Ye Fan rudely criticized her: “If you have one million, you will take off your clothes and run down the street?”

Just as Zhao Xiaoyue was about to accept the challenge, she suddenly thought of the bank check and instinctively shut her mouth, lest she lose and run naked as soon as the words came out.

“You are richer than me?”

Zhao Dongyang reacted and sneered: “Are you a loser and want to compete with me for wealth?”

Ye Fan said impatiently: “Go away or not?”

Zhao Dongyang sneered: “Don’t say you are not qualified to challenge me. Even if you are qualified, do you think you have 100 million in your bank card?”

Zhao Xiaoyue and the other women laughed coldly, obviously believing that Ye Fan was bluffing.

Anyway, I won’t be able to tell whether the bank card contains money or not for a while.

Ye Fan showed no mercy: “Just tell me if one hundred million can get you out of Ruoxue’s world.”

“Bastard, who do you think you are?”

Zhao Xiaoyue shouted: “Who gave you the courage to challenge my brother?”

Zhao Dongyang also laughed ferociously: “Boy, do you really want to go against me?”

He didn’t believe that Ye Fan had 100 million in his fortune, but he wouldn’t leave just because he agreed to 100 million. That would leave a bad impression on Tang Ruoxue.

Ye Fan’s eyes were indifferent: “No matter if you want money or not, if you harass Ruoxue again, I will never be polite.”

“Do you know who I am? Do you dare to rob Ruoxue from me?”

Zhao Dongyang seemed to have seen the funniest joke in the world:

“I am the young boss of the Zhao Group. My family has assets of more than 3 billion yuan…”

Ye Fan interrupted: “I am Ruoxue’s husband…”

“I was admitted to Qingbei University at the age of eighteen, I obtained a double major in economics and management at the age of twenty, and I graduated with a doctorate in law from Harvard at the age of twenty-four.”

“I am Ruoxue’s husband!”

“I am a director of Dongyang Group. I own six companies and do business all over the world.”

“I am Ruoxue’s husband!”

“The people I’ve seen, the money I’ve touched, and the countries I’ve been to are all at a level you can’t reach in your lifetime…”

“I am Ruoxue’s husband!”

Zhao Dongyang was high-spirited and aggressive, but his throat was sealed by Ye Fan’s cruel sword.

No matter how frivolous he said it, it was still no match for the words Ruoxue’s husband. Zhao Dongyang was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

“Even if Ruoxue is your wife now, I, Zhao Dongyang, can still pry open your walls.”

Zhao Dongyang roared, took out his trump card, took out a box, and opened it.

The light shines brightly.

A ten-carat pink diamond appeared in front of everyone.

Countless women’s eyes instantly froze.

Which woman in the world doesn’t love diamonds? One gram lasts the body, ten grams lasts the mind.

“Ruoxue, this is an eternal heart worth tens of millions. It is made of the hardest diamond in South Africa.”

“It shows that our love is stronger than gold.”

Zhao Dongyang’s eyes were blazing: “Ruoxue, give me a chance…”

Before Tang Ruoxue could say anything, Ye Fan stepped forward and picked up the pink diamond:


“You bastard, who told you to touch my diamonds?”

Seeing Ye Fan pick up the diamond, Zhao Dongyang shouted:

“Can you touch something worth more than 10 million yuan? Put it down quickly.”

Ye Fan smiled: “Are these glass beads?”

“You bumpkin, you don’t have any knowledge. This is a priceless diamond.”

Zhao Dongyang’s face was full of contempt: “The hardest diamond in the world…”


Before he finished speaking, Mark pinched his fingers.

The diamond made a crisp sound and turned into a pile of powder…

Ye Fan smiled lightly:

“Where is it hard?”

The whole audience was dumbfounded.

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