Chapter 48 Knocked down with one punch

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Chapter 48 Knocked down with one punch

While Qian Shenghuo and his wife were regretful, Ye Fan was rushing to the Aegean Restaurant with all his strength.

He was already five minutes late. If he didn’t show up, Tang Ruoxue would probably go crazy.

Ye Fan wanted to excuse the traffic jam, but when he picked up his phone, he found that his iPhone 4 had automatically shut down and could not be turned on no matter how hard he started it.

He thought about buying a new mobile phone, and at the same time stepped on the accelerator a few more times to speed up.

Ten minutes later, Ye Fan rushed into the restaurant parking lot.

He parked the car randomly in an open space, then opened the door and ran towards the entrance.

But before he entered the hall, he heard cheers from the restaurant.

Ye Fan looked up and saw that the Aegean Sea Restaurant had turned into a sea of flowers and balloons.

Thirty-six men and women in colorful clothes stood in a circle of love, each holding a bouquet of roses in their hands. The sun shone brightly and dazzlingly.

Ye Fan also saw Zhao Xiaoyue’s tall figure.

In the middle of the team was a young man, tall and handsome, with a majestic forehead.

Dressed in British style, it looks very fashionable.

Zhao Dongyang, a returned doctor, a rich second generation, is also the brother of Zhao Xiaoyue, and the future heir of Dongyang Group.

He had been pursuing Tang Ruoxue for many years, but when he heard that Tang Ruoxue was seriously ill and wanted to celebrate, he immediately ran abroad.

Now that Tang Ruoxue is fine, his evil thoughts have returned.

In front of Zhao Dongyang was Tang Ruoxue with an ugly expression.

This is obviously a confession scene.


Zhao Dongyang made a gesture, and the thirty-six companions opened their left hands and received another small box.

Open it, and diamonds appear one by one.

Thirty-six, eye-catching.

The women present screamed at the same time, this was too romantic and luxurious.

“Thirty-six diamonds, even broken diamonds, are worth a lot of money. It’s so generous.”

“This rich young man is too romantic and too rich.”

“This is the son of Chairman Zhao of Dongyang Group. Zhao Dongyang, how can he not have money?”

Someone recognized Zhao Dongyang, which immediately caused an exclamation.

Dongyang Group is not a top group in Zhonghai, but it has a net worth of several billion and can be considered a local wealthy family.

It is definitely a great honor to be attracted to a woman by him.

The screams and exclamations around him made Zhao Dongyang’s smile more confident. He didn’t believe that any woman could refuse such romance.

Even Tang Ruoxue, known as the Iceberg Goddess, would definitely not be able to do it.

“Ruoxue, I’m back, I’m back in Zhonghai.”

Zhao Dongyang held a rose and handed it to Tang Ruoxue with a happy face: “I see you again.”

That handsome and extraordinary face, in addition to eagerness and impatience, also showed eager anticipation.

This made everyone watching the scene marvel in admiration:

Look, look, how much this kid likes Tang Ruoxue! Just for a moment, her smile was like a flower, she was really a talented man and a beautiful woman.

The women who had thoughts about Zhao Dongyang bit their lips with resentful eyes.

“Ruoxue, you are so happy!”

Zhao Xiaoyue still showed an exaggerated expression of happiness, and said with her long legs wrapped in stockings:

“Brother, you are so partial. Every time you come back to see Ruoxue, you give her flowers.”

“But you have too few this time. In the past, there were 999 flowers every time, but today there are only 360 flowers. I will punish you to make up the remainder tomorrow.”

Ye Fan felt an inexplicable chill…

He didn’t rush into the hall immediately, he wanted to see Tang Ruoxue’s attitude.

Nothing matters, what matters is Tang Ruoxue’s heart.

At this time, Zhao Dongyang knelt down on one knee facing Tang Ruoxue while holding the rose:

“Last year, I had no choice but to go abroad for the sake of family development.”

“But I’m gone, but I still miss you in my heart.”

“When I came back today, I didn’t even see my parents. The first thing I did was to meet you.”

“I want to make up for my mistakes, make up for my longing, and make up for my love for you.”

“I will never make you sad again, never let you down again.”

Zhao Dongyang, who had been preparing for a long time, said with emotion: “Ruoxue, marry me, I will make you happy.”

Zhao Xiaoyue and the others screamed again, looking like Tang Ruoxue was so happy.

Then dozens of men and women shouted in unison: “Marry him, marry him.”

“Thank you!”

At this time, Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face was cold, and she was very disgusted with Zhao Dongyang’s words:

“This flower… Mr. Zhao, you should give it to the girl who loves you.”

She measured her words carefully and prevented Zhao Dongyang from following the topic: “I already have a husband!”

Although Zhao Dongyang’s conditions were ten times better than Ye Fan’s, Tang Ruoxue had no feelings for him at all.

Zhao Xiaoyue’s pretty face changed: “Ruoxue, don’t be willful, seize the opportunity.”

“I know that you already have a husband, but I know even more that that is your tool for happiness…”

There was no emotion on Zhao Dongyang’s face, and he put his left hand on his chest and said loudly:

“In your heart, only a man like me is worthy of you.”

Tang Ruoxue’s eyes showed irritation: “Zhao Dongyang, let me say it again, I already have a husband.”

Zhao Dongyang was still smiling: “I don’t mind you having a husband, because I love you from the bottom of my heart.”

Everyone was surprised when they heard this. This man loved Tang Ruoxue too much. He already had a husband, but he still spent so much money pursuing her?

Zhao Xiaoyue and the others were also moved to tears:

“Ruoxue, you are so happy! You must have saved the galaxy in your previous life.”

“Yes, you will make a lot of money if you can get Dongyang’s love.”

“Marry him! Marry him!”

Other companions also clapped their hands: “Marry him! Marry him!”

Tang Ruoxue clenched her fists slightly and shouted:

“Zhao Dongyang, can’t you understand human language? I have a husband and I don’t love you.”

Ye Fan understood Tang Ruoxue’s thoughts and felt extremely happy, and then wanted to go in and help Tang Ruoxue out of the siege.

But as soon as he reached the door, he was blocked by three burly bodyguards.

A bodyguard with a Chinese character face who was 1.8 meters tall spoke without emotion:

“Mr. Zhao is proposing, so no one else can come in.”

He also reached out and pushed Mark back.

“I am Ye Fan, this is a public restaurant, and Tang Ruoxue is my wife.”

Ye Fan said coldly: “What qualifications do you have to not let me in?”

“What about your wife? Even your mother is useless.”

A bodyguard with a Chinese character face sneered:

“No one can ruin this courtship. If you want to go in, wait until Young Master Zhao can hold the beauty back…”

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes: “Get out of the way.”

“Hey, are you angry? Are you angry? Feel insulted and your dignity has been violated?”

The bodyguard with the Chinese character face is yin and yang:

“But you are a loser and feel unhappy. What else can you do besides hitting the wall by yourself?”

When Ye Fan said that Tang Ruoxue was his wife, the bodyguard with the Chinese character face knew Ye Fan’s identity, the son-in-law of the Tang family.

This is a loser.

The Chinese-character face looked down upon Mark from a high position.

The other two bodyguards were also smiling.

A wife is coveted by another man, but the husband is helpless. What could be more interesting than this scene?

Ye Fan said word by word: “Get out of the way.”

“You can’t understand people, can you?”

The bodyguard with the Chinese character’s face glared: “Young Master Zhao is doing business, don’t make trouble, otherwise your fists and feet will be useless.”

He waved his casserole-sized fist at Ye Fan.


Ye Fan didn’t talk nonsense and punched Guozi’s face directly.

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