Chapter 53 Baihua Pharmaceutical

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Chapter 53 Baihua Pharmaceutical

Fifteen minutes later, Tang Ruoxue stayed at Baihua Bank to apply for a loan.

Ye Fan was invited into the VIP room by Qian Shenghuo, where Mrs. Qian Shen Yan was already waiting there.

The woman in a long skirt was elegant and beautiful. When she saw Ye Fan appeared, she immediately greeted him: “God Ye is healed.”

Ye Fan nodded to her: “Hello, Mrs. Qian.”

“Doctor Ye, you must help me.”

Qian Shenghuo changed his contempt yesterday, held Ye Fan’s hand and said repeatedly:

“Save me and Shen Yan, this child is really important to us.”

If his wife cannot conceive another child within two years and Qian Shenghuo continues to marry Shen Yan, Mr. Qian will donate all his family property.

Qian Shenghuo didn’t want to lose his rich family fortune, nor did he want to abandon his wife, so he pinned all his hopes on Ye Fan.

Shen Yan also echoed: “As long as you can save us, you can ask for any conditions.”

Yesterday in Han Yue’s office, the couple pointed at Mark and scolded him, describing him as a bold and arrogant man.

But now, I have to ask for help.

The dramatic reversal made it difficult for Qian Shenghuo and his wife, who had been in high positions for a long time, to adapt.

However, compared to the future of the two of them, Qian Shenghuo felt that face was nothing.

“Let’s not talk nonsense for now. Let me clear the meridians first for Mrs. Qian.”

Ye Fan did not exchange too many greetings with the two of them. He smiled and took out the silver needle and sterilized it carefully: “When you are well and have a baby, thank you again.”

Qian Shenghuo and his wife looked at Ye Fan again: “Thank you Brother Ye, thank you Brother Ye.”

He was once worried that Ye Fan would not agree, and even thought about hugging him and stalking him if necessary. He did not expect Ye Fan to be so approachable.

Seeing that acupuncture was needed, Shen Yan asked: “Doctor Ye, do you want me to take off my clothes?”

“Yes, take off your coat.”

Ye Fan wanted to say no, those masters with needles could do acupuncture with their eyes closed, but he couldn’t.

He looked a little embarrassed. After all, Shen Yan was also a beautiful woman, so he was embarrassed to ask her to take off her clothes.

After all, she is no better than Han Yue.

Regarding Han Yue, Ye Fan does not regard her as a woman…

“Brother Ye, why are you still blushing?”

Shen Yan suddenly smiled sweetly: “I’m not embarrassed, but you are shy, which is interesting.”

Qian Shenghuo also laughed when he saw this. At first, he felt a little depressed about taking off his clothes and doing acupuncture, but when he saw Ye Fan, his expression cleared away.

This expression shows that Ye Fan is a gentleman.

He joked: “Brother Ye, haven’t you given Han Yue acupuncture?”

Ye Fan smiled bitterly: “Han Yue? To me, she is a man…”

Shen Yan and his wife laughed again when they heard this.

Then, Shen Yan changed the subject:

“In this way, if you feel embarrassed, just accept me as your sister, so that there will be no pressure during acupuncture.”

Qian Shenghuo nodded repeatedly: “Yes, yes, brother and sister, I will be your brother-in-law from now on.”

Ye Fan was startled: “Isn’t this not good?”

Shen Yan rolled her eyes at Ye Fan: “What? Look down on me, sister?”

“No, no, it’s just too sudden.”

Ye Fan smiled, and then no longer hesitated:

“Okay, I’ll call you sister. Then, sister, take off your coat and change into thin clothes.”

Qian Shenghuo patted Ye Fan on the shoulder, then walked outside to wait so as not to disturb Ye Fan’s acupuncture.

Shen Yan smiled and changed her clothes, then lay down on a sofa.

However, even though she was wearing thin clothes, as soon as Shen Yan lay down, her exquisite figure suddenly appeared in front of Ye Fan.

Especially the legs and arms were exposed with a large expanse of white, exuding an ultimate allure in this luxurious and graceful room.

The delicate body is spread out, and the fragrance is lingering.

Ye Fan calmed down and picked up the silver needle, the seventh form of “Tai Chi Divine Needle”, the three talents can lead to the secluded world.

This style is a unique needle that is specially used to dredge and repair the tendons and meridians. If it reaches the peak level, it can even use silver needles to open up the Ren and Du meridians.

Ye Fan is still far away from his peak, but it is still more than enough to treat Shen Yan.

Ye Fan held three filiform needles in each hand, then held his breath and pricked Shen Yan’s kidney Qihai, Guanyuan, Yaoyang and other points.

Then use three silver needles in your left hand to prick Huantiao, Dantian and Mingmen.

Then I gently twisted the end of the needle, and the silver needle began to oscillate.

The next second, six thin pink lines gradually appeared on the six acupuncture points.

Shen Yan felt nothing at first, but soon found that her whole body warmed up, and then a wave of heat began to hit her abdomen.

“So hot, so hot.”

Shen Yan was very pleasantly surprised and felt extremely comfortable under her abdomen.

“Swish swish——”

Ye Fan didn’t respond. He raised his hand and three more needles fell.

The three needles fall on Yongquan, Kunlun, and Taibai.

Shen Yan’s body trembled, and she felt the heat turn into a ball of fire, which not only hit her abdomen hard, but also spread to her legs.

Her body couldn’t stop shaking…

After the nine needles were administered, Shen Yan lay still, dripping with sweat and without any strength.

“Well, sister, you take a rest and take a shower in half an hour.”

Ye Fan packed up his things and walked out of the VIP room. Qian Shenghuo, who was waiting outside, greeted him with a smile:

“Brother, are you done?”

He looked nervous: “How is the situation?”

“After acupuncture, the condition is very good. The Ren channel has been unblocked and the uterus has reached a viable environment.”

“But you still have to take medicine. I’ll give you a prescription first. Take it for two weeks.”

Ye Fan picked up a pen and paper and wrote down more than a dozen medicines: “After conditioning, I will check you again. During this period, you are not allowed to smoke, drink or have sex.”

Qian Shenghuo took it over happily: “Thank you, brother.”

“Don’t leave at noon. Let’s have dinner together and let me thank you.”

Qian Shenghuo warmly invited Ye Fan: “Call my brothers and sisters, let’s have a good time.”

“Brother Qian, let’s get together another day.”

Ye Fan smiled and declined: “I have something else to do in the afternoon.”

Shen Yan’s treatment was completed, which was great news for Qian Shenghuo. Ye Fan didn’t want to be a light bulb at this time.

“Okay, okay, I’ll invite you out for a drink another day.”

Qian Shenghuo hugged Ye Fan heavily: “You must come out then.”

Ye Fan smiled and nodded.

“By the way, sign your name here.”

Qian Shenghuo suddenly remembered something, patted his head and pulled Ye Fan to the table, and casually took out a few documents for Ye Fan to sign.

Ye Fan was startled: “What did it come from?”

“I believe your sister and brother-in-law will not betray you.”

Qian Shenghuo deliberately kept a straight face, then took Ye Fan’s hand and signed a few documents.

Ye Fan’s eyes widened: “Brother-in-law, what on earth is this?”

Qian Shenghuo smiled: “A few years ago, your sister was bored at home, so she started Baihua Pharmaceutical, focusing on beauty.”

“Your sister is suffering from a secret illness now. She has to focus on taking care of her body and having children in the future, so she can no longer mess around with the Baihua Medicine business she prescribed.”

“But if she is asked to sell it or let others control it, your sister will definitely not be willing to do it. After all, she planned it all.”

“But for you, I believe she would be happy to do so.”

“So from now on, you are the largest shareholder of Baihua Pharmaceutical, accounting for 90% of the shares, and have absolute control.”

“The remaining 10% should be left as a souvenir for your sister.”

“The company is not big, with more than 100 people, and its market value is only one billion. But the profits are good, so you can just make do with it.”

“If you don’t want to do it yourself, just find a professional manager. It’s up to you.”

Qian Shenghuo laughed loudly: “This is also the intention of your sister and I.”

One billion?

Ye Fan was completely confused…

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