Chapter 54 Revenge?

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Chapter 54 Revenge?
Ye Fan struggled for a long time and finally completed the procedures for Baihua Pharmaceutical.

He felt that one billion was too valuable, but it was not worth the persistence of Qian Shenghuo and his wife, so in the end he had no choice but to accept the gift.

This also means that the two sides will be tied together.

No matter what, Ye Fan is still happy to have this harvest.

He is now considered a wealthy person. If he opens a medical clinic again, I believe Shen Biqin and Tang Ruoxue will be very happy.

Near dusk, Tang Ruoxue called and asked Ye Fan to drive the repaired red BMW to Tiantang Company.

Ye Fan quickly took out the car.

When they arrived at the entrance of Tiantang Company, Tang Ruoxue happened to come out, accompanied by a young assistant, Chen Xiaoyue.

Chen Xiaoyue saw Ye Fan raising his head slightly with disdain in his eyes, obviously knowing that he was the Tang family’s son-in-law.

Chen Xiaoyue is also a beautiful woman, especially her long legs, which exudes a youthful atmosphere that is very eye-catching.

Ye Fan subconsciously took a few more glances.

Chen Xiaoyue became even more disdainful when she saw this.

Tang Ruoxue pulled Chen Xiaoyue and got in.

“I was busy with loan matters in the morning, and I had another batch of goods to be produced at noon, so I never had time to look for you.”

Tang Ruoxue fastened her seat belt and said, “Can you tell me what happened this morning?”

Ye Fan smiled: “What’s the matter?”

“How did you and Qian Shenghuo meet?”

Tang Ruoxue rolled her eyes at Mark, but did not scold him as before, her tone was a little more gentle and curious.

Tang Ruoxue can regard Ye Fan’s medical skills as saving Qian Qian’s life as luck.

If he can collect debts and come back, Tang Ruoxue can also consider her fate as good.

By slapping Zhang Daqiang and Zhao Dongyang in the face, she could understand that she had borrowed Song Hongyan’s power.

But Ye Fan was so valued by Qian Shenghuo that he fired a president and a director for him and gave him a 200 million loan.

Tang Ruoxue really didn’t know how to explain it.

Chen Xiaoyue was stunned when she heard that Ye Fan knew Qian Shenghuo, but she quickly dismissed it.

It is estimated that the other party feels pity for Mark.

Ye Fan thought for a moment: “Song Hongyan introduced me.”

“I knew it was her.”

Tang Ruoxue snorted coldly: “If it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t be able to come into contact with Qian Shenghuo. You’re just showing courtesy for nothing, either committing adultery or stealing.”

Ye Fan avoided the important and took the easy: “What the hell, as long as she can help, no, your loan problem has been solved.”

“It’s understandable that you know Qian Shenghuo, but how did you make him take it seriously?”

Tang Ruoxue hit the nail on the head:

“It is impossible for him to remove a president and a director for someone he is not familiar with.”

Chen Xiaoyue was slightly startled, a little surprised that Ye Fan had such ability, and then thought of Song Hongyan mentioned by Tang Ruoxue, she looked disdainful again:

Eating soft food again?

“Don’t change the subject, how did you get money to win?”

Tang Ruoxue had doubts in her eyes: “The couple are notoriously arrogant.”

Ye Fan originally wanted to say that he would treat their illnesses, but after thinking about it for a while, he felt that Tang Ruoxue would not believe it.

“Qian Shenghuo’s wife, Shen Yan, was almost hit by a car when she was crossing the road. I found out in time and pulled her up.”

He made up a reason.

“I see.”

Tang Ruoxue suddenly realized that it was another accident, but this was also the best explanation.

She just said, how could Ye Fan have the ability to make Qian Shenghuo take him seriously?

But, how does she feel, and where has she heard this reason?

“By the way, Tiantang Company took out six loans last year. Is the operating situation bad?”

Seeing this, Ye Fan quickly changed the topic:

“If you have any difficulties, you can tell me, maybe I can help.”

He knew very well that if Tiantang Company operated smoothly and collected payment in time, there would be no financial shortage.

Chen Xiaoyue almost burst out laughing when she heard this sentence.

Who are you?

Help the company settle things?

Not to mention Mr. Tang’s extraordinary ability, even if something really happens, it’s not something you, a weakling, can handle.

Chen Xiaoyue mocked Mark in her heart.

Tang Ruoxue’s smile faltered, and then she spoke quietly:

“There are some small difficulties, but I can still solve them.”

Of course the company has difficulties, so difficult that she can barely support herself.

But she also thought the same as Chen Xiaoyue. Even if she couldn’t solve the problem, Ye Fan might not be able to do it.

Ye Fan asked further: “Can it be solved?”

Tang Ruoxue nodded: “It can be solved.”

Even if it couldn’t be solved, she didn’t want Ye Fan to help, otherwise she would owe Song Hongyan more and more.

“Okay, as long as you can solve it.”

Ye Fan exhaled a long breath:

“But if you can’t solve it, don’t bear it. You can tell me and I will find a way to solve it.”

Chen Xiaoyue was even more sarcastic when she heard this.

This Ye Fan not only has a loud voice, but also likes to show off.


When the red BMW was driving halfway, three vans suddenly rushed out of the intersection ahead and blocked the road.

Then, a commercial vehicle also appeared from behind, tacitly blocking Ye Fan’s escape route.

Tang Ruoxue and Chen Xiaoyue’s pretty faces were solemn, wondering what happened.


The car door opened, and a dozen gangsters came out and surrounded him with baseball bats.

A commercial vehicle also opened its door, and Xue Yan and Liu Yong appeared.


Tang Ruoxue’s face darkened when she saw them:

“Those dirty things only use this method.”

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes. Without asking, he knew that Liu Yong and the others wanted to take revenge.

Chen Xiaoyue was extremely nervous: “Mr. Tang, what should we do now?”

“You call the police.”

Tang Ruoxue unbuckled her seat belt: “I’ll go down and hold them back.”

“My identity is there, they don’t dare to attack me.”

“Ye Fan, stay in the car and don’t get out.”

She knew in her heart who the other party was coming for.

Chen Xiaoyue nodded repeatedly and hurriedly picked up her cell phone to call the police, only to find that there was no signal.

“Ruoxue, you don’t have to go down.”

Ye Fan opened the car door and smiled: “They are coming for me, I will deal with it.”

“You’re going to solve it? How do you solve it?”

Chen Xiaoyue said angrily:

“Stop causing trouble and listen to Mr. Tang, otherwise all three of us will be dead.”

Ye Fan just pretended to be pretentious all the way, and if he pretended to be fake at the critical moment, he would be chopped to death by Lei Lei.

“It’s okay, just a bunch of rabble, let’s just throw them away.”

Ye Fan glanced at a few acquaintances in the crowd, with a hint of joking at the corner of his mouth.

“Just throw it away?”

Chen Xiaoyue laughed angrily: “Do you think you are Bruce Lee? Stop making trouble and come back soon…”


Ye Fan closed the car door with his backhand.

“Mr. Tang, who is this person? So self-righteous?”

Chen Xiaoyue was so angry that she stamped her feet, this would implicate them.

She followed Tang Ruoxue and had many contacts with Liu Yong, and knew that Liu Yong made his fortune through loan sharking and was not easy to mess with.

Who is Ye Fan? If he goes out, he is just looking for death.

“Ye Fan!”

Tang Ruoxue didn’t think too much. When she saw Mark going out, she opened the car door and followed him.

Chen Xiaoyue reluctantly picked up her phone and went out:

“This Mark Ye is really killing people, harming others and himself.”

She stamped her feet.

At this time, Ye Fan had already walked to the front and faced Xue Yan and Liu Yong directly.

Liu Yong was leaning on a cane, his face full of resentment: “Boy, what a coincidence, we meet again.”

Ye Fan didn’t talk nonsense: “Are you looking for death?”

“court death?”

Liu Yong saw Ye Fan and sneered: “I think you are looking for death today.”

“I am a gentleman, and everyone can bully me.”

“But once I become a devil, it will be your nightmare.”

“You ruined my good deeds, cut off my financial resources, and got me fired. Today, I have to destroy you.”

Xue Yan also looked at Mark with contempt: “Now, Mr. Qian is useless.”

She looked at Tang Ruoxue and said angrily:

“Once we decide to break up, no one can save you.”

Tang Ruoxue was about to get angry, but Chen Xiaoyue held her tightly and told her not to provoke the irrational Liu Yong and others.

Ye Fan smiled lightly: “It doesn’t matter if you have less money, I will still slap you.”

“Slap us?”

Xue Yan laughed with disdain:

“Would you like to try one now?”


Ye Fan stepped forward and slapped Xue Yan away…

The whole place fell silent.

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