Chapter 1 The King of Soldiers Returns to the Village

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Chapter 1 The King of Soldiers Returns to the Village

The Chinese state has one of the most secret special forces, numbered “Hidden Dragon”.

The captain and instructor of the Hidden Dragon Force, the king of soldiers code-named “Dragon Teeth”, was performing an extremely dangerous and important mission half a month ago. Although he successfully completed the mission goal, he was blocked and died overseas.

A week ago, the Hidden Dragon Army held a funeral for Long Ya. The military awarded “Long Ya” three special merits, nine first-class merits, forty-three second-class merits, and one hundred and fifty-six third-class merits. achievement. Posthumously named a special combat hero.

“Phoenix Village, I’m back!”

Fang Lin, who was upright and had a hint of fierceness in his movements, was holding a large snakeskin bag and stood on the hillside, looking at the quiet village at the foot of the mountain, his eyes filled with excitement.

However, as he approached Fenghuang Village, Fang Lin felt a little melancholy in his heart.

“It has been more than three years since I left Phoenix Village, but the village doesn’t seem to have changed much.”

Unlike other villages encountered along the way, Fenghuang Village has hardly changed much over the years.

Most of the houses are still the adobe houses of the past, and only a few households have newly built brick houses.

Fenghuang Village is surrounded by mountains and the conditions are harsh. It is difficult for the villagers to get rich and their lives are still very difficult.

Seeing that Fenghuang Village still looked the same as when he left, Fang Lin couldn’t help but feel a little sad.

Entering the village, a young aunt walked towards her. She looked a little hurried. Fang Lin smiled and said hello: “Sister Xiangyi!”

The woman was stunned for a moment, then realized what she was doing and said in shock: “You, are you Fang Lin? You’re back!”

Before Fang Lin could say anything else, he urged: “Go home quickly, something happened to your family!”

Fang Lin’s expression changed: “What happened to my family?”

“Don’t ask. It’s all a mess. Go back quickly.”

Hearing this, Fang Lin also felt anxious and didn’t bother to ask any more questions. He walked quickly and arrived in front of his home.

The door of his house was crowded with people. Fang Lin was thinking about his parents. Regardless of the aunts and uncles who were gathered around the door, he shouted: “Give way, everyone!”

As he spoke, he pushed with both hands and forcefully opened a way.

Then he looked into the yard, and at first glance, he was stunned!

In his home, his elderly father Fang Baoguo fell to the ground with a bloody head! There are still a lot of dusty shoe marks on his body.

And his beautiful and charming sister Fang Tianai was grabbed by the arm and couldn’t get away!

“You bitch, let me go!”

Fang Lin stepped into the courtyard in two steps and punched the man holding Fang Tianai on the cheek!


The man was caught off guard and fell down with blood on his face.

“Brother!” Fang Tianai was surprised and happy, and threw herself into Fang Lin’s arms, sobbing endlessly to vent her grievances and fears.

Fang Lin patted Fang Tianai’s back, comforted him, and asked, “Tianai, why does this man named Liu dare to act wild in our house?”

He had already recognized the man’s identity. His name was Liu Ze, a well-known scoundrel in Fenghuang Village. He relied on his father’s wealth and power and lack of education and skills to idle around in the village every day and go around the countryside.

However, even though Liu Ze was a well-known rogue in Fenghuang Village, it was still too much to dare to come to his home in broad daylight to injure Fang Baoguo and rob Fang Tianai.

There must be some hidden secret in this matter, otherwise he wouldn’t dare to act like this even if he had two more courages!

Liu Ze was accompanied by two young men, both of whom were hanging out with him.

Seeing Liu Ze being knocked to the ground suddenly, the two shouted angrily and attacked Fang Lin, but Fang Lin only used three punches and two kicks to make the two follow in Liu Ze’s footsteps.

Liu Ze touched the blood flowing from his nose, got up from the ground, pointed at Fang Lin and shouted angrily: “Fang Lin, you are a brat who has been beaten by me since you were a child. You have been a soldier commander for a few years, aren’t you? You dare to hit me, do you want to die?”

When Fang Lin was a child, he was physically weak and had a cowardly personality. He was often bullied by Liu Ze.

Liu Ze couldn’t figure it out. He had just been a top soldier for a few years. Why did he suddenly become so hardened? One person easily dropped the three of them?

Fang Lin glanced at Liu Ze, took one step forward and kicked him to the ground again, saying coldly: “I didn’t ask you to get up, so just stay on the ground!”

This Liu Ze has touched his inner side. As a special forces king who has killed countless people, he has no habit of calmly reasoning with the other party.

Fang Baoguo stood up with eyes filled with tears, and tried to stop Fang Lin, saying, “Fang Lin, stop fighting. It’s our family’s fault that we can’t pay back the money we owe Liu Ze, and we’re not being responsible.”

Seeing his son come back so forcefully, Fang Baoguo felt sentimental and sad, but he was an honest man. Even though Liu Ze was not honest in what he did, he believed that he was at fault first.

“Dad! What’s going on?” Fang Lin knew that his father had been honest all his life and suffered a lot.

Fang Baoguo said: “Your mother broke her leg a few days ago. In order to raise money for your mother’s surgery, I borrowed 20,000 yuan from Liu Ze, and the agreed deadline has not been met.”

“My mother broke her leg?” Fang Lin asked anxiously, “Where is she? How is she doing now?”

Fang Tianai said: “Mom is in the house, she can’t get off the ground yet.”

Liu Ze got up from the ground with a groan and said bitterly: “It is only natural to pay back debts. If your father fails to repay the money he borrowed, you will have to use your sister to pay off the debts!”

Fang Lin said solemnly: “Isn’t it just 20,000 yuan? I’ll pay you back!”

Liu Ze sneered and said: “Okay, then you give me the money now, otherwise, Fang Tian loves me and I will make a reservation today!”

“What a coincidence!” Fang Lin opened his snakeskin bag and said, “When I came back from the army, I had exactly 20,000 yuan in retirement pay!”

He threw 20,000 yuan at Liu Ze’s feet, but Liu Ze refused: “Twenty thousand yuan is just the principal, plus interest, a total of 40,000 yuan!”

“Interest?” Fang Lin frowned.

“That’s right! There is a five-cent interest rate, and there is also an IOU signed by your father. If you don’t believe it, ask him yourself!”

Fang Lin looked at Fang Baoguo, who sighed sadly and nodded.

Fang Lin didn’t care about that, and sneered: “I’ll give you the capital, and don’t even think about the interest. How dare you ask for a five-cent profit?”

Liu Ze was obviously dissatisfied. Just as he was about to say something, Fang Lin went up and gave him a beating.

After a while, Liu Ze couldn’t bear it anymore and began to beg for mercy: “Don’t fight, don’t fight. I don’t want the interest!”

Fang Lin immediately stretched out his hand to him and asked for the receipt.

Liu Ze didn’t dare to play any more tricks and obediently took out the receipt.

Fang Lin tore the note into pieces, and then said in a deep voice: “You can get out now. If you dare to harass my family again, don’t blame me for being lax!”

Liu Ze was beaten three times by Fang Lin in a short period of time. The two boys who were hanging out with him were also defeated. They were all trembling with fear. The three of them fled here in disgrace, not even daring to say a harsh word. .

It was true that they felt too much pressure on Fang Lin.

After all, Fang Lin is the king of soldiers, the former Dragon Ya!

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