Chapter 2: Using acupuncture to save the mother

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Chapter 2: Using acupuncture to save the mother

After Liu Ze left with the two gangsters, the villagers watching the excitement outside said a few words and then left one after another.

Fang Lin was worried about his mother Wang Xiu’e’s injury. After the villagers left, he came to the back room as soon as possible.

When he saw Wang Xiu’e, even though Fang Lin was a man of steel, his eyes were inevitably filled with tears.

Three years later, the little sister has grown into a slim figure, but the mother has more wrinkles on her face and a few more gray hairs on her head. Coupled with the pain, her face is even more haggard.

“Mom!” Fang Lin couldn’t help but choked up when he saw Wang Xiu’e’s miserable appearance on the bed for a long time.

When Wang Xiu’e saw Fang Lin coming back, her long-suffering face finally showed a smile of joy.

Just now, Liu Ze wanted to take Fang Tianai away by force. She was lying on the bed unable to move. She felt so anxious that she blamed herself so much that she hated herself for becoming disabled and dragging down her family.

Fortunately, Fang Lin came back in time and solved the dilemma. Otherwise, even if Fang Tianai would not be taken away, the mountain of loan sharks would crush their family.

Seeing Fang Lin, Wang Xiu’e was so excited that tears filled her eyes: “You damn kid, you still know how to come back? Come here and let mom see!”

“Mom!” Fang Lin choked and came to the bed: “Mom, I have retired from the army. From now on, I will stay with you and be filial to you.”

“It’s good to be discharged from the army, it’s good to be discharged from the army!”

Wang Xiu’e smiled, and her eyes dimmed a bit the next moment: “It’s a pity that mom has become disabled and can no longer get out of bed. You finally came back, but mom has become a burden to the family!”

“Mom, what are you talking about? Just wait and enjoy the blessings when I come back. Besides, this injury is nothing to worry about. My son has a way to cure it for you!”

“How to treat it? Our family has no money. In order to treat me, your father sold everything he could and owed a lot of money. Forget it, just let fate happen.” Wang Xiu’e shook her head, as if she had accepted her fate.

Fang Lin pointed at himself and said with a smile: “You don’t have to spend money to go to the hospital, I can treat you, and I guarantee that your legs will be restored to their original state.”

“Can you cure it?” Wang Xiu’e, Fang Baoguo, and Fang Tianai all looked at Fang Lin suspiciously, not understanding what he meant.

Fang Lin found a cloth bag from the snakeskin bag he brought back. After unfolding it, there were dozens of acupuncture silver needles of different lengths and thicknesses inside.

“Are you planning to give your mother acupuncture?” Fang Baoguo couldn’t believe it until he saw Fang Lin returning to Wang Xiu’e’s bedside, planning to perform acupuncture.

Fang Lin said: “In the past few years in the army, I have learned some medical skills from the old Chinese medicine practitioners in the army, so you can rest assured.”

“Can it be done?” Fang Tianai twitched the corner of his mouth, always feeling unreliable.

Wang Xiu’e, however, trusted her son unconditionally and was not afraid of Fang Lin pinning her like a hedgehog. She smiled and said, “If your brother says it will work, it will work.”

Fang Lin smiled lightly, with no trace of nervousness on his face. Wang Xiu’e’s injury was a piece of cake for him.

Five years ago, when he was participating in a military exercise in the field force, he accidentally slipped and fell into a cave. He met a gray-haired old man who taught him the magic of magic.

The celestial art is called Huilongjue, and it includes various cultivation knowledge such as Qimen Bagua, heavenly geography, acupuncture medicine, clairvoyance hypnosis, Feng Shui painting talismans, etc.

It was precisely because of the inheritance of Huilong Jue that he stood out from the field troops and joined the special forces “Hidden Dragon”, becoming the king of soldiers and making countless contributions.

It can be said that Fang Lin is capable of saving even a dying person, let alone Wang Xiu’e’s minor injury?

The so-called learning medical skills from an old Chinese doctor is just his rhetoric.

After calming his mind, a golden light flashed in Fang Lin’s eyes, and in an instant, he understood the symptoms in Wang Xiu’e’s body.

“Mom, there may be some pain during the acupuncture, please bear with it.” Fang Lin warned before the acupuncture.

Wang Xiu’e smiled and said: “I know, don’t worry.”

Fang Lin no longer hesitated, and immediately raised his hand and pointed it like a sword, pointing at many acupoints on Wang Xiu’e’s body. The fingering was very fast, dizzying and dizzying.

Immediately, he inserted more than ten needles into Wang Xiu’e’s body with an extremely safe and slow technique.

In fact, he could do the acupuncture very quickly, but Wang Xiu’e was his close relative, so he naturally had to do it gently.

After finishing the injection, Wang Xiu’e felt warm and comfortable all over. The two legs that had been unconscious for a long time began to feel faintly.

Wang Xiu’e expressed her feelings, Fang Baoguo and Fang Tianai finally breathed a sigh of relief, and the whole family became happy.

“I perform acupuncture once a week, and my mother can recover in three weeks. However, in the human body, qi and blood are the most important, and nourishment is the most important. I have to buy some expensive medicinal materials for my mother to warm her up. Body.” When he came outside the house, Fang Lin said to Fang Baoguo.

When Fang Baoguo heard that he needed expensive medicinal materials, his face turned ugly, and he hesitated to speak. Finally, he said, “How much do those expensive medicinal materials cost? It’s fine if they cost 1,800 yuan. I’ll borrow some from the folks.”

Fang Lin shook his head and smiled: “Just one hundred-year-old ginseng costs hundreds of thousands.”

Fang Baoguo was startled and waved his hands repeatedly: “We can’t afford it. Even if we sell all our land, we can’t even sell it for 10,000 yuan. As long as you can cure your mother, it’s okay to keep her warm and well.”

Fang Lin knew that Fang Baoguo was worried about money, so he smiled and said, “Dad, don’t worry, I’m back and our family will not be short of money in the future.”

Fang Baoguo asked doubtfully: “Do you have hundreds of thousands in savings?”

Fang Lin shook his head and said, “No, all my 20,000 yuan in retirement pay was given to Liu Ze.”

“Then what nonsense are you talking about?” Fang Baoguo couldn’t help but glare at his son and said angrily.

Fang Lin laughed, grabbed a bamboo basket standing by the wall and said, “You don’t have to worry about money. There are very fresh ingredients in the bag I brought back. You and your sister will cook us a meal. I’ll wait for you Come back soon, and we’ll have a couple of drinks then.”

After walking a few steps, he stopped again and looked back: “By the way, there are two bottles of wine in the bag. If you are greedy and want to drink, you can only drink one. I can still use the other bottle.”

After leaving home, Fang Lin strode toward the mountains outside the village.

He has no money now, but money is never a difficult thing for him.

With the inheritance of Huilong Jue, he can become the king of soldiers in the army, and he can also thrive in society.

In the mountains outside Fenghuang Village, there are many weeds, which are actually herbs with special effects. As long as they are mixed in a certain proportion, they can have extraordinary effects.

Fang Lin planned to go to the mountains to collect some medicinal herbs and make medicinal wine.

Thinking of the effects of taking that medicinal wine, Fang Lin smiled faintly. He believed that that medicinal wine was worth it for many people, no matter how much money they spent on it.

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