Chapter Six: Unknown Formula

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Chapter Six: Unknown Formula

“Get up” “Get up”

A faint cry that seemed to come from outside woke Han Li up from his deep sleep. When he opened his eyes, a huge face came close to his eyes. Han Li was startled and shrank back. , and then it became clear that the owner of this frightening face was another boy, Zhang Tie.

“Eat something quickly. After dinner, we have to meet Mr. Mo.” Zhang Tie handed two steaming buns to Han Kui.

“Where did you find the food?” Han Li was stunned for a moment before taking the food.

“There was a big kitchen near the valley. I saw everyone there getting food, so I went to get one. After eating, I realized that you hadn’t eaten there yet, so I got two more steamed buns for you. “Zhang Tie smiled honestly at Han Kui.

“Thank you, Brother Zhang.” Han Li was a little touched. Seeing that Zhang Tie was much older than him, he couldn’t help blurting out “Brother Zhang”.

“It’s okay. I’m used to doing what I do at home. Why don’t I do it for a while? I always feel a little uncomfortable. If I have a chance to help in the future, just ask. I don’t have anything else and I still have a lot of strength. “Zhang Tie seemed a little embarrassed, and his words were a little stumbling.

Han Li hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch, and he was a little hungry. He ate a steamed bun in three or five mouthfuls. In just a short while, the two big steamed buns were completely wiped out.

“It’s getting late, let’s go see Dr. Mo.” Han Li burped a few times, looked at the sunset outside the window, calculated the time in his mind, and felt that it was time to go see Dr. Mo.

Zhang Tie had no objection and followed Han Li to the room where Doctor Mo was.

In Doctor Mo’s room, there are rows of bookshelves erected along the surrounding walls. The bookshelves are filled with densely packed books of all kinds.

“Old Mo”

“Old Mo”

Doctor Mo’s back was close to the Taishi’s chair, holding a book in his hand and reading it with gusto. He seemed not to notice the arrival of the two men at all, nor did he hear their greetings. Han Li and Han Li were both children after all. Seeing that Doctor Mo ignored them, he became at a loss and didn’t know what to do, so he had to stand aside and wait.

It wasn’t until Han Li’s feet felt a little numb as he stood aside that Doctor Mo calmly put the book in his hand on the desk next to him, looked at the two of them coldly, and then picked up a cup of tea. After taking a few sips, he spoke with a full mouth:

“You two will be my registered disciples from now on. I will teach you some common sense about collecting and refining medicine, and maybe some medical skills to save and heal people, but I will never teach you martial arts.” Dr. Mo With an expressionless face, he put down the tea in his hand again.

“I have a set of formulas for self-cultivation that I want to teach you two. Although it won’t allow you to defeat the enemy, it can also help you strengthen your body. If you really want to learn some martial arts, you can go to a few instructors to learn it. I won’t I will object, but after half a year I will only test the practice of this set of formulas. If you fail, you will still be driven to the outer sect to become an outer sect disciple. Do you two hear this clearly?” Dr. Mo’s tone suddenly became solemn. Looks like he attaches great importance to this set of formulas.

“I heard clearly.” Han Li and Han Li answered in unison.

“You two, go out and come back tomorrow morning.” Doctor Mo waved his hand to the two of them, indicating that they should go out, and then picked up the book and started reading.

Before Han Li went out, he couldn’t help but take a look at the book in Doctor Mo’s hand. Unfortunately, he couldn’t read and all he knew was that the title of the book contained three large black characters. It’s a pity that they know themselves, but they don’t know them.

Walking out of Dr. Mo’s room, Han Li couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. Didn’t he feel uncomfortable in the room just now? He didn’t even dare to take a breath, and his mind was tense. Now he felt relaxed immediately after he came out. , and he returned to normal.

Han Li was very excited in the next few days because he was finally considered a disciple of Qixuanmen. Although he was only a registered disciple, he was still better than the other boys who were sent home. Even if he failed to pass the test after half a year, he could still Become an outer disciple like your third uncle. In Han Li’s mind, his third uncle was already a person of great status and status, so he did not take the assessment in half a year into his mind. He even vaguely hoped in his heart that he could not pass the test so that he could come out and meet him earlier. To my parents and my most beloved sister.

In the days that followed, Doctor Mo taught them some medical knowledge in the morning, and in the afternoon he asked them to go to a bookstore to learn Chinese and Chinese characters and other martial arts with other children. Basic knowledge, and together with the horse step, the grass-cutting people will practice some basic skills.

A month later, Han Li and the other boys finally separated. They no longer had time to learn anything else, because Doctor Mo began to teach them a set of unknown formulas. Practicing this set of formulas took up most of their time. Doctor Mo also strictly ordered the two of them not to pass on the formula to others. If they leaked it, they would be severely punished and kicked out of the school.

During this period, Han Li gained a more detailed understanding of Qixuanmen and Doctor Mo through other people’s mouths. The Qixuan Sect has a main sect leader named Wang Lu who is a direct descendant of Master Qi Jue, and three other deputy sect masters. The gate is divided into two parts: the outer gate and the inner gate. There are four branches of the outer gate: Feiniao Hall, Jubao Hall, Sihai Hall, and Outer Blade Hall. The inner gate has four branches: Baidu Hall, Qijue Hall, Worship Hall, and Blood Blade Hall. There is also another one just behind the main entrance. Next, the Presbyterian Church keeps pace with other deputy sect masters.

Doctor Mo was not originally a disciple of the Qixuan Sect. However, a few years ago, Master Wang Lu accidentally fell into an enemy’s trap when he was out. He was attacked by his enemy and led a crowd. He was seriously injured and his life was in danger. Everyone around him They were all helpless. I happened to meet Dr. Mo, a doctor. As a result, Dr. Mo’s magic skills brought him back to life, cured the disease with medicine, and saved the life of Gate Master Wang. Sect Master Wang was naturally grateful to Dr. Mo. Later, when he found out that in addition to his superb medical skills, he also had strong martial arts skills, he invited him back to his sect. He also carefully selected a small valley in the mountains and built this residence specifically for him, allowing Doctor Mo to settle down in Qixuanmen with peace of mind, and thus became a worshiper of Qixuanmen Worship Hall. During Doctor Mo’s time in the Qixuan Sect, although the disciples had never seen his skills and did not know the strength of his martial arts, he used his superb medical skills to save the lives of many disciples in the sect, so even though he Although he often has an expressionless face and speaks sparingly, he is still respected by all the disciples in his sect.

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