Chapter 61 Touch me

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Chapter 61 Touch me

Under Lin Baishun’s personal arrangement, Ye Fan and Liu Fugui sat down on the east side of the restaurant.

Ye Fan ordered four dishes, one soup, and two bottles of apple cider vinegar, and then started eating.

“Brother Fan, I think we should leave here first.”

Liu Fugui looked hesitant and said, “It’s not that I don’t believe in your strength, it’s just that there’s no need to cause trouble for me.”

Although the arrogant Xu Xin was deflated, Liu Fugui felt unprecedented pleasure, but thinking about Shen Yunfeng gave him a little headache.

“What is this nonsense?”

Ye Fan sat up straight: “You are my brother, your shame is my shame, I should give you some luck.”

Liu Fugui was slightly moved: “Brother Fan, I know you treat me as a brother, but…”

“Don’t think too much. You are my brother. No matter how big the trouble is, I won’t be afraid.”

Ye Fan showed confidence: “I can tell you that Shen Yunfeng and Xu Xin had better not think about revenge, otherwise they will find the ending to be even more tragic.”

“Come, eat…”


At this moment, a stool was kicked open, and a group of people walked into the restaurant menacingly.

The short-haired young man who was leading the group looked down upon everyone present as he walked, as if this place where rich and famous people gathered was difficult for him to discern.

Under Xu Xin’s guidance, he saw Ye Fan and Liu Fugui, then snorted disdainfully and walked straight over with a group of people.

Liu Fugui’s expression tensed up instantly.

Ye Fanfeng glanced at them lightly and told Liu Fugui not to get involved in the matter, he could handle it himself.

“Yunfeng, this bastard is the one playing tricks on me and Liu Fugui.”

Xu Xin stepped forward, pointed at Mark and said angrily: “They made me make a fool of myself. I want you to teach them a lesson.”

“Boy, if you offend my woman, you will be in trouble today. Tell me your background and family.”

Shen Yunfeng wandered up, playing with a butterfly knife in his hand:

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not worried about provoking big shots.”

“But after you report the details, I will also move your family.”

The domineering words immediately made Xu Xin and the others feel high-spirited.

Not far away, Lin Baishun looked at each other like a fool.

Xu Xin sneered: “Let me tell you, this is Young Master Shen of the Shen family, and you cannot afford to offend him.”

Ye Fan took a tissue and wiped the corners of his mouth, not taking this scene to heart at all.

Liu Fugui hurriedly stood up and said with a smile: “Young Master Shen, this is a misunderstanding.”

“I misunderstood your mother.”

Shen Yunfeng stretched out his hand and pinched Liu Fugui’s face, and kneaded it unscrupulously:

“Who do you think you are? What qualifications do you have to say there is a misunderstanding?”

He then looked at Ye Fan and smiled sinisterly:

“Don’t worry, I won’t do it myself, nor will I let my people do it.”

“It’s too low-level for me to bully the minority with more and beat and kill.”

“I will let your family take the initiative to destroy you, a blind person.”

Shen Yunfeng looked embarrassed: “Then let them pay the price.”

“Fugui, sit down.”

Ye Fan stretched out his hand to pull Liu Fugui back, then looked at Shen Yunfeng and smiled lightly:

“Your name is Shen Yunfeng? Are you from Shen’s Medicinal Materials Company?”

Shen Yunfeng raised the corners of his mouth: “Yes, I am Shen Yunfeng.”

“Hey, what’s the matter? You want to touch me if you ask me the details?”

“It’s interesting. I haven’t touched you yet, but you are challenging me.”

“It’s so interesting how you’re putting on a show.”

He also took out his ID card and business card from his wallet and threw them on the table, and said in a strange tone:

“It has my name, home address, my company information, and my parents’ addresses on it. If you have the ability, come and touch me.”

Xu Xin and the others couldn’t stop laughing, and they all thought that Ye Fan was pretending.

Ye Fan took out his mobile phone and looked at Shen Yunfeng: “You have begged me, but I don’t move you. Isn’t it too rude?”

He dialed a number and after being connected, he said calmly: “Two things. First, fire Xu Xin, the director of the purchasing department.”

“Second, completely stop cooperating with Shen’s medicinal materials.”

After giving the instructions, Ye Fan put away his phone and smiled lightly: “Shen Yunfeng, I will do what you wish.”

Xu Xin sneered at Ye Fan: “Pretend, pretend, keep pretending, and fire me.”

“A taxi driver pretends to be like the chairman of Baihua Pharmaceutical.”

Xu Xin raised the corners of her mouth: “You are just like Liu Fugui, who likes to make your face look fat.”

Shen Yunfeng also ridiculed: “Boy, if you can make Baihua Pharmaceutical stop cooperating with me, I, Shen Yunfeng, will crawl from here to the door.”

Several beautiful women around him also smiled and said nothing, their eyes full of contempt and disapproval, obviously thinking that Ye Fan was pretending.


At this moment, Xu Xin’s cell phone rang. She glanced at it and picked it up to answer it. When she heard it, her face turned as pale as gray and her hands were shaking!

Shen Yunfeng frowned slightly: “Xu Xin, what’s wrong?”

Xu Xin looked sad: “The Baihua board of directors fired me, saying that my deal with you was fishy…”

“The police also intervened to investigate all my orders. If they find that there is something wrong with the accounts, they will send me to jail.”

“Master Shen, you have to help me, help me.”

Several female companions were dumbfounded.

Xu Xin yelled at Ye Fan: “Why is this happening?”

Shen Yunfeng’s eyes suddenly sharpened. He was a little surprised that Ye Fan could fire Xu Xin, but he didn’t take it to heart. He felt that Ye Fan at most knew a certain director.

Moreover, Ye Fan can touch Xu Xin, but he may not be able to touch Shen Yunfeng. After all, he and Shen Yan are related.

“Boy, okay, you have some moral skills.”

Shen Yunfeng stared at Ye Fan and laughed darkly: “Come on, if you have the ability, you can even touch me…”


After the words fell, Shen Yunfeng’s phone rang. He answered the phone impatiently, one after another, four calls in a row.

After hanging up the last call, Shen Yunfeng completely stiffened.

Baihua Pharmaceutical has completely stopped cooperation.

Baihua Bank terminated three batches of loan approvals.

Someone reported that Shen’s medicinal materials were of inferior quality.

The head of the family asked him to calm down the storm at all costs…

Ye Fan slowly walked up to Shen Yunfeng, reached out and pinched his face and said with a smile:

“I even moved you, do you accept it?”

Xu Xin and the others were stunned when they saw this. They did not expect that Ye Fan would dare to insult Shen Yunfeng like this, and they did not expect that Shen Yunfeng would not resist.

Xu Xin became anxious: “Young Master Shen, this bastard will do this to you, kill him…”


Shen Yunfeng slapped Xu Xin: “Fuck your sister.”

“Who do you think you are, dare to speak to Young Master Ye like this?”

He kicked again. If it weren’t for this woman, how could he have offended Ye Fan by stepping on Liu Fugui, and now his position as heir is not guaranteed.

Mr. Ye?

Xu Xin’s mouth was bleeding, panicked, and she looked at Ye Fan in disbelief, wondering who this was?

“Young Master Ye, it’s my fault tonight. I can’t see Taishan.”

Shen Yunfeng forced out a smile, asked someone to bring him a bottle of Moutai, and poured three full cups:

“I punish myself with three cups…”

Xu Xin and several female companions completely froze when they heard this.

Did Shen Yunfeng really bow to Mark?

Could it be that Ye Fan really touched the Shen family?


Ye Fan didn’t give him any face and simply swept away three cups with one hand:

“You have bullied rich people many times, and you just thought about it after three glasses of wine? Do you think I am a Bodhisattva?”

“Well, for the sake of your sense, you can kowtow to my brother and admit his mistake.”

He said with a joking look on his face: “How about I don’t pursue you today?”

Shen Yunfeng’s eyelids jumped and he was very angry, but in the end he lowered his proud head, gritted his teeth, clenched his hands into fists, and trembled slightly.

He finally made a choice, took two steps forward, plopped, and knelt down to Liu Fugui…


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