Chapter 60 You are sick

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Chapter 60 You are sick

Xu Xin recognized Liu Fugui at a glance, and a hint of sarcasm appeared on her pretty face:

“He is Young Master Liu of the Liu family. I am a suitor, but he is already bankrupt.”

She was very disdainful: “Now I drive a taxi every day to live.”

At first, Xu Xin thought that she could make three to five billion by joining the tycoon of West China, even if she had half of the Liu family’s net worth, but it turned out to be only a few million.

The huge contrast made her feel that her youth was a waste of time, and it also made her hate Liu Fugui to the core, so she spared no effort to add insult to injury to his downfall.

“Oh my god, is he your suitor?”

Several women exclaimed again: “How dare such a loser chase you?”

Liu Fugui’s eyelids jumped, but in the end he gritted his teeth and held back his anger: “Brother Fan, let’s go in.”

Ye Fan nodded.

However, Liu Fugui settled the matter, but Xu Xin refused to let him go and came over with several women:

“Liu Fugui, you said you are so poor that you drive a taxi, but you still have the nerve to come to this club to eat?”

“What kind of place is this? Can you afford it? If you drive a taxi for ten days, you may not be able to have a meal.”

“Don’t get your hands and feet broken when the time comes, it will be embarrassing.”

“Go away, this is not the place for you to come.”

Several women covered their mouths and smiled, looking critically at Liu Fugui.

Liu Fugui couldn’t hold himself back: “Xu Xin, don’t go too far. You’re sorry for me, and I didn’t say anything. If you bully others too much, I…”

“What are you?”

Xu Xin sarcastically said: “Don’t let anyone talk about being down and out? You don’t have any sense of humility. Are you still not a man?”

Ye Fan patted Liu Fugui on the shoulder: “Okay, Fugui, don’t beep with them, let’s go in and eat.”

“Eating? Are you kidding me? Are you sure you’re not here to do odd jobs?”

Xu Xin looked at the two people with contempt:

“And this is Wuhu Restaurant. It’s membership-only. Can you go in?”

Several female companions also looked disgusted.

“Stop pretending, it makes me sick when I see you.”

Xu Xin took out a copper-colored membership card: “Sisters, let’s go in, I don’t want to see bumpkins here.”

“You two wait here, we will give you the leftovers later.”

Several women walked forward with charming smiles. When Xu Xin passed by Ye Fan, she deliberately bumped her shoulder: “A good dog doesn’t block the road.”

Ye Fan stretched out his hand to block the woman’s shoulder, and at the same time turned the stone of life and death.


Xu Xin snorted, led a few sisters in, walked to the hall, turned around and smiled:

“Don’t you want to eat? Come in if you can.”

The four welcoming ladies looked at Liu Fugui warily, worried that he and Ye Fan would sneak in.

“Xu Xin, you are going too far.”

Liu Fugui said angrily: “There are three thousand nails in a broken ship. Let me tell you, I became a member five years ago.”

He took out a card and gave it to the receptionist at the door.

The greeting lady brushed the brush and made a beeping sound:

“Sir, I’m sorry, your card has expired.”

Liu Fugui looked stunned for a moment, then turned ugly. He forgot that he had to pay an annual fee of 100,000 yuan for his membership card.

Hearing the welcoming words, Xu Xin and the others smiled even more:

“The card has expired?”

“Young Master Liu can’t even pay the card fee, why do you have the nerve to come to dinner?”

“Fat man, am I right? You can’t even get in.”

“You are already bankrupt and you still feed the second generation of rich people. It’s really vain.”

Liu Fugui clenched his fists slightly. He was very angry, but also very sad. It was true that a phoenix in trouble was worse than a chicken.

“Brother Fan, I’m sorry. I wanted to treat you to a nice meal, but I didn’t expect…”

He smiled bitterly: “Let’s change places.”

Ye Fan smiled: “It’s okay, you can enter this door.”

Although the two welcoming ladies were smiling, their eyes showed contempt, and they felt that Mark was not up to par.

Ye Fan sneered, took out the Suzaku card and handed it over.

The two welcome guests were impatient at first, but when they saw the card in Ye Fan’s hand, they immediately got excited.

Suzaku card!

This is equivalent to Song Hongyan’s personal visit.

The welcome guest swiped on the machine and heard a beeping sound. The pattern of the red bird and Ye Fan’s name were displayed on it.

The real deal.

“Mr. Ye, good evening.”

The four welcome guests stood up straight in an instant and shouted to Ye Fan respectfully.

Then, there was a commotion throughout the Wuhu Restaurant, and Lin Baishun ran out with a dozen men and women.

They looked around and quickly ran to Mark, respectfully:

“Welcome Mr. Ye!”

Xu Xin and the others were stunned when they saw this.

They never expected that Ye Fan and Liu Fugui could come in, and even Lin Baishun came out to greet them.

You know, Lin Baishun is the branch manager of Wuhu Group and the top person in charge of Wuhu Restaurant.

Xu Xin refused to give up and hummed to Ye Fan and Liu Fugui: “Are you here to apply for jobs as odd jobs?”

Lin Baishun was about to reprimand her for being rude, but Ye Fan waved his hand gently, then looked at Xu Xin and smiled:

“Miss Xu, you are sick.”

Xu Xin was furious when he heard this: “You are the only one who is sick, your whole family is sick.”

“Don’t believe it? Then let me tell you.”

There was a hint of joking in the corner of Ye Fan’s mouth:

“Are you drowsy during the day and have difficulty falling asleep at night? Your mouth and tongue are bitter, and your stomach often has a dull pain?”

Xu Xin looked shocked: “How…how did you know?”

“I have learned some medical skills, and I can also see that you are prone to anxiety, dizziness, and weakness in your limbs.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “Your symptoms are very dangerous to the body. In the long run, it can easily lead to gastric blockage and stomach cancer.”

“You’re talking nonsense.”

Although Ye Fan got everything right, Xu Xin refused to admit it and spoke in a contemptuous tone:

“You’re a taxi driver and you know nothing about medical skills. Don’t talk so much.”

Several female companions also disagreed, not believing that Mark could see a doctor.

“If you don’t believe it, just press your Qihai point, just below your belly button.”

Ye Fan said lightly: “It will let you know that you are really sick.”

“God stick.”

Xu Xin’s pretty face was scornful, but she involuntarily pressed her left hand on her abdomen.


With this press, there was a crisp sound behind her, and a sharp and harsh fart burst out.

Then, there was a series of movements, chirping, chirping, and the hall was filled with smoke.

Ye Fan and Lin Baishun immediately covered their mouths and ran away.

Several little sisters also retreated three meters away.

Xu Xin was filled with shame and anger: “Asshole, I won’t let you go…”

“I’m not kidding you. Your current symptoms are really caused by poor stomach.”

Ye Fan replied leisurely: “If you release it now, you can have a good sleep tonight.”

Then he patted Liu Fugui on the shoulder: “Let’s leave quickly, there will be another wave later.”

Liu Fugui laughed and followed Ye Fan inside.

The rest of the people immediately hid away after hearing this…

Xu Xin was so angry that she picked up the phone and cried: “Master Shen, I was bullied…”

Halfway through the words, there was another series of chirping sounds…

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