Chapter 7: Cultivation is Difficult

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Chapter 7: Cultivation is Difficult

Han Li slowly returned the energy flow in his body’s meridians to his Dantian. This was the seventh great cycle he had run today. He knew that his body had reached the limit of what it could withstand. If he ran another great cycle, With the circulation of the sky, his meridians will most likely burst again, and he will once again taste the feeling of life being worse than death. When Han Li thought about the pain of his meridians rupturing, he, who was always bold, couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.

It has now been more than half a year since Han Li entered the academy, and the formal entrance examination for registered disciples ended more than two months ago.

Only a small number of registered disciples can officially join the inner sect. Most of the disciples who were tested failed to pass this test. Those who failed had to carry their packages and go down the mountain to become outer sect disciples.

Most of these children who failed to pass were classified into Jubao Hall and Flying Bird Hall. Among them, those with outstanding points will probably receive further training before they can be recruited into the Wai Ren Tang with better treatment. Of course, Sihaitang is the one with the best treatment in the outer sect. Unfortunately, Sihaitang only recruits famous figures in the martial arts world. If you don’t have a skill or two, you can’t even think about it, let alone these young boys.

When Han Li thought about what the other registered disciples had tested two months ago, he still couldn’t help but feel a little scared.

They ran a circle around the Caixia Mountains with a radius of more than ten miles, and then formed teams to fight with each other in a sparsely populated mountain forest. Finally, they had to resist certain moves under the crazy attacks of those senior brothers who were highly skilled in martial arts. After all these tests, Han Li couldn’t help but feel a little gloating about his misfortune.

Han Li and Zhang Tie did not participate in these terrifying tests. As Dr. Mo himself said, they were just testing their practice of the formulas. But this level was not as easy to pass as Han Li thought. To this day, Han Li still clearly remembers the training situation at that time.

According to what Doctor Mo said, this set of formulas with unknown names is divided into several levels. Han Li and the two of them only obtained the first-level cultivation techniques. That is to say, as long as the two of them can practice on the first-level formulas within half a year, If Dr. Mo succeeds, even if the two of them pass the test, he can become Dr. Mo’s official disciple and have the same good treatment as other inner disciples of the Qixuan Sect.

And since Han Li learned from other people about the difference in treatment between inner disciples and outer disciples, he completely gave up the idea of living in ignorance for the past six months and becoming an outer disciple so that he could go home. For him at that time, compared with the fact that he could get more money from Qixuanmen and have someone send it home, everything else seemed less important, because he was really poor and scared at home. , knowing that for every extra penny he receives, the lives of his parents, brothers and sisters will be better.

After receiving the formula from Doctor Mo, Han Li stopped going out in the house and began to practice day and night, spending all the time he could on this. Because Doctor Mo didn’t give them any guidance on cultivation, Han Li could only explore on his own and learn how to practice by himself by referring to other boys’ methods of practicing the Qixuanmen’s basic internal skill “Zhengyang Jin”.

According to this practice method, after three months of hard work, Han Li was surprised: the speed at which he practiced this set of formulas turned out to be frighteningly slow. After all the effort, he could only do it in 10 seconds. A slight flow of cool energy is produced in the body. This energy is subtle and indistinct. If you don’t look inside carefully, you won’t be able to detect it at all.

This is probably what several teachers call the inner family’s true energy. Han Li naturally takes it for granted.

However, I heard from other boys who practice Qixuanmen’s “Zhengyang Jin” that the true energy produced in their bodies is a very obvious hot flow, while what is produced in their own bodies is a cool air, and the effect of the two is the same. It’s even worse than that.

After other children used the “Zhengyang Jin” Qi in their bodies, they were able to break a small tree as thick as a bowl with one punch and jump more than ten feet high. However, after Han Li used his strange Qi, he was the same as before using it. Compared to that, there are almost no big changes. The only difference is that my energy seems to be much stronger than before, and my appetite is much better than before going up the mountain, but what’s the use of that. Han Li became frustrated as he watched the other boys who went up the mountain show their prowess in front of him.

This unexpected discovery almost made Han Li give up his efforts in the past few months. He believed that his qualifications were too poor and he would not be able to pass Doctor Mo’s examination in the remaining days. He even made plans to go down the mountain.

One day by chance, Han Li learned from Zhang Tie, who was practicing together: Zhang Tie’s body had not changed at all since he had practiced this mantra until now. There was no effect at all, and he did not produce a little bit of Qi like his own.

The accidental knowledge of this matter allowed Han Li to regain some of the confidence he had lost, and in the remaining days, he began to practice hard as before.

No, work harder and crazier than before.

Han Li now spends every quarter of an hour meditating and practicing. When sleeping at night, Han Li even started to maintain the posture of practicing, hoping that he could get a little more training effect. Of course, this crazy method only lasted a few days and died. The reason was that he didn’t get enough sleep and was unable to maintain his cultivation efficiency during the day.

What puzzled Han Li was that since Doctor Mo taught the formula to the two of them, he never asked them about their cultivation progress or any questions about their cultivation. It seemed that he had completely forgotten about the two of them. exist.

Every day, Doctor Mo held the book with three black characters on the cover and read hard all day long. It seemed that there was really a face like jade in the book, and there was really a house of gold in the book. At first, Han Li and Zhang Tie even thought that Dr. Mo no longer planned to be a doctor who could save lives and heal the wounded, but instead studied hard and took the exam to become a scholar. Later, after they became literate, they realized that the three characters were called “The Sutra of Immortality”, which was a book about how to cultivate one’s moral character and prolong life.

At this time, the two of them suddenly realized that Doctor Mo did not want to be a scholar, but wanted to live as old as the turtle in the river and live for thousands of years.

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