Chapter 8 Beginner Disciple

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Chapter 8 Beginner Disciple

After nearly half a year of crazy practice, Han Li finally stood in front of Doctor Mo and accepted Doctor Mo’s test.

Zhang Tie stood next to Han Li at a loss. It was no wonder that Han Li had already learned from him that after nearly half a year of practice, he had achieved nothing in this set of formulas.

Han Li knew that Zhang Tie was not as serious about practicing the formula as he was. Although he couldn’t match his life-threatening madness, he had put in quite a lot of effort on it, and he could definitely be called a leader. Be diligent and conscientious.

But the strange thing is that this formula has no effect on Zhang Tie. No matter how hard he works, it has no effect. It seems that this formula has no fate with him.

Han Li was also in a state of confusion, not feeling at ease. He knew that Zhang Tie would definitely not be able to pass the test this time, and although he had some success in doing so, he was not much better than him.

I practiced hard, but the result was that the strange energy flow in my body was just a little stronger than before. If the energy flow before was only as thin as a hair, now it has become as thick as cotton thread. However, he was really unsure whether he could pass the test of Doctor Mo in this way, so Han Li couldn’t help but raise his heart in the air, feeling a little restless and uneasy.

“You’re all ready, show me the results of your practice.” Doctor Mo narrowed his eyes and looked at the two men coldly from his chair.

“Ready.” Han Li and the two agreed bravely.

Doctor Mo slowly stood up from his chair and put the book he had been keeping on the table.

“Hand out.”

“Show me your luck.”

Doctor Mo grabbed Zhang Tie’s right hand vein gate with one hand and placed his other hand on Zhang Tie’s dantian.

After a cup of tea, he took his hands back from Zhang Tie and looked at Zhang Tie carefully up and down with an expressionless expression.

Zhang Tie’s face turned red. He put his hands behind his back in panic and lowered his head. He didn’t dare to look at Doctor Mo again. He knew that Doctor Mo must have noticed that he had not achieved any results in practicing this formula. What would happen next? You won’t look good on yourself.

“It’s your turn.”

Surprisingly, Doctor Mo didn’t want to scold Zhang Tie at all, but with a slightly disappointed look in his eyes, he turned around and came to Han Li again.

Doctor Mo still grabbed the pulse gate on Han Li’s right hand.

“It’s so cold. It’s icy cold. It doesn’t look like a living hand at all.” Han Li was a little noisy in his heart.

The skin on Doctor Mo’s hands was a little dry and covered with calluses. It stung slightly when it hit Han Li’s skin. This was the first feeling that Han Li felt when being held by Doctor Mo’s hands.

Perhaps due to external stimulation, the energy in Han Li’s body began to move on its own without waiting for Han Li to use it. It followed the eight extraordinary meridians and passed through acupuncture points all over the body, from the Dantian to the head, and then to the limbs, quickly It went around in a circle and returned to Dantian. Once this energy was activated, the slight discomfort on Han Li’s skin immediately disappeared.

“Hey” Doctor Mo couldn’t help but shout out. It seemed that he had discovered the energy in Han Li.

“Quickly, run the formula again.” Although Doctor Mo tried to hold back and didn’t want to be overjoyed, the fanatical look in his eyes still made Han Li a little stunned.

“Come slowly, let me take a closer look.” Doctor Mo added immediately, his usually cold tone became urgent, and he put his other hand on his Dantian.

Han Li felt that Doctor Mo’s hands were trembling slightly. It seemed that he was very excited, so he followed the instructions and let the energy in his body circulate again.

“Not bad, that’s what it feels like, that’s what I want. There’s nothing wrong with it, haha.”

After a careful examination, Dr. Mo couldn’t help laughing loudly anymore. He grabbed Han Li’s shoulders with both hands, and his squinted eyes widened, staring at Han Li tightly. He stood there, as if looking at a rare treasure in the world, and there seemed to be a hint of madness in his eyes.

Doctor Mo’s laughter kept coming to Han Li’s ears, and he felt his shoulders hurt from being scratched. When he saw the crazy look on his face, he couldn’t help but feel scared.

“Okay, very good.” Doctor Mo could tell from the look on Han Li’s face that he was a little scared. Then he realized that he was too carried away and immediately stopped laughing.

“You must work as hard as you do now. From today on, you will be my direct disciple.” He let go of his hands and patted Han Li on the shoulder to encourage him.

Doctor Mo’s face returned to its previous calmness, as if all the crazy actions just now had never happened. It was only from the eager eyes he occasionally looked at Han Li that we could tell that he was still in a state of excitement.

“As for you?” Doctor Mo finally turned his attention to Zhang Tie again.

Zhang Tie was already stunned by what happened just now. He woke up when he saw Doctor Mo turning his words towards him.

Thinking of the serious reality that he would be kicked off the mountain if he failed the assessment, Zhang Tie looked at Doctor Mo and couldn’t help but look pleading.

“Your qualifications are not good. After such a long time, you haven’t been able to practice anything. Being my disciple is really a bit reluctant.” Doctor Mo kept shaking his head.

Zhang Tie’s heart kept sinking as he shook his head.

From Doctor Mo’s words, both of them could tell that he didn’t want to accept Zhang Tie.

But suddenly, Doctor Mo seemed to have thought of something interesting, and looked at Zhang Tie with a strange expression.

“But I just checked your bones, and there is another mental method that is more suitable for you. I wonder if you are willing to learn from me.” Doctor Mo suddenly changed the subject and actually wanted to let Zhang Tie pass.

When Zhang Tie heard this, he felt reluctant and agreed on the spot.

“Okay, very good. You two go down, and I will teach you new mental methods tomorrow.” It can be seen that Dr. Mo is in a good mood now, and another “Okay, very good” blurted out.

Han Li and Han Li glanced at each other. They both felt that today’s test was full of twists and turns. They both passed the test, which made them feel very relieved.

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