Chapter 12: Hitting the head with a wine bottle

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Chapter 12: Hitting the head with a wine bottle

Ye Fan originally wanted to go to the Sihai Chamber of Commerce to collect debts early, but was forcefully dragged to lunch by Tang Ruoxue.

Ye Fan could feel that Tang Ruoxue paid more attention to him than before.

At twelve o’clock at noon, the two walked into the Aegean Western Restaurant.

It’s the lunch rush hour now, with diners jostling one after another and the fragrant breeze blowing.

There are also many luxury cars parked outside the door.

But compared to the heavy make-up of young women, Tang Ruoxue’s temperament was still ahead of them.

As soon as he entered the door, many animals looked at Tang Ruoxue with ardent eyes.

There are successful people in business and rich second generation people with rich family backgrounds.

Naturally, there are also spirited little fresh meats.

However, Tang Ruoxue didn’t even look at them. She found a table in the corner and sat down, then ordered two steaks, a salad, and a bottle of wine.

Tang Ruoxue was wearing an urban beauty dress today, and her figure was wrapped in a graceful and attractive figure.

The dazzling snow-white thighs, not wrapped in stockings, are even more tempting. They move alternately and collide with each other from time to time, making people’s mouth go dry.

Ye Fan took two sips of lemonade to suppress the flames.

“Remember, after dinner, go see mom and then go home for dinner in the evening.”

After picking up Lin Qiuling’s call, Tang Ruoxue stared at Ye Fan and said, “I will help you calm your mother’s mood.”

“You must not go to the Sihai Chamber of Commerce to collect debts.”

She was worried that Ye Fan, who was stimulated by his mother, would get mad and die.

Ye Fan hesitated and said: “Ruoxue, I still want to give it a try…”

He made Lin Qiuling half angry to death last night. If he failed to collect the debt today and went back, he was afraid that Lin Qiuling would humiliate the eighteenth generation of his ancestors.

Of course, the most important thing is that he wants to fulfill Tang Ruoxue as soon as possible.

Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face turned cold: “Don’t you even listen to what I say?”

Ye Fan said calmly: “If you don’t get back two million, my mother will scold you for a month.”

“If you don’t want to go, don’t go. Why is there so much nonsense?”

Tang Ruoxue looked impatient: “I can handle it. Even if I can’t handle it, if she wants to scold her, let her scold her.”

“A few curse words are better than having your hands and feet cut off. The waters in the Sihai Chamber of Commerce are deeper than you can imagine.”

Ye Fan didn’t speak, just took a sip of lemonade.

“The matter is settled.”

Tang Ruoxue was as strong as ever, then stared at Ye Fan and asked coldly: “When did you learn medical skills?”

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she really couldn’t believe that it was Mark who saved Sissy.

Even now, Tang Ruoxue felt unreal.

The husband-in-law who usually couldn’t be beaten with a stick was actually able to rejuvenate and save Sissi. If he told her, no one would believe him.

“I used to do housework at home, and when I was bored, I turned on the TV and watched a lecture on Chinese medicine while working.”

Ye Fan gave an explanation: “Over time, and occasionally looking through my parents’ medical books, I will learn a little bit about Chinese medicine.”

“Did you watch it on TV?”

Tang Ruoxue suddenly realized that she remembered the Chinese Medicine Lecture Hall of Zhonghai Eight Channels. Tang Sanguo had also gone to film an episode of the program before.

It’s just that the program is too professional and seems a bit boring. Young people almost don’t watch it. Unexpectedly, Ye Fan followed it to the end and learned a little bit.

This can indeed explain that Ye Fan successfully rescued Sissy, and it can also explain that Shen Biqin was hospitalized for a year, but Ye Fan was helpless.

Because saving Sissi’s life was really like a blind cat meeting a dead mouse.

After thinking about this, Tang Ruoxue suddenly became furious:

“Are you really so bold that you dare to save people just by watching TV?”

“If Sissi doesn’t survive, you will still have to shed your skin even if you don’t die.”

She had a very angry face and had been on tenterhooks all morning, and even now, she was a little scared.

You know, Ye Fan does not have a medical qualification certificate, and if something happens to Sissi, he will be sent to jail at any time.

“I took action because I happened to see this case on the show.”

Ye Fan explained again: “Besides, Sissi couldn’t be saved at that time, and I was just a dead horse.”

“Forget it this time.”

Tang Ruoxue issued a warning: “Next time you must not save people carelessly. You must know your own worth.”

Ye Fan remained silent and did not answer.

“I don’t care about you, and I don’t want to teach you a lesson.”

Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face turned cold:

“I’m worried that you will harm others and implicate the Tang family.”

Ye Fan smiled bitterly in his heart, thinking that this woman was worried about him, but it turned out that she was worried that she would implicate the Tang family…

“Hello, miss.”

Just then, a beautiful waiter came over with a tray:

“This is the wine Mr. Lin invited you to drink.”

She placed the Bordeaux red wine worth five thousand yuan on the tray on Tang Ruoxue’s table.

“Sending wine?”

Tang Ruoxue and Ye Fan were stunned for a moment, then followed the waiter’s gaze and saw a man wearing Armani clothes smiling and nodding.

Young, handsome, rich, and a successful person at first glance.

Beside him, there were several well-dressed men and women who were looking at Tang Ruoxue and Ye Fan with a playful smile.

Without any hesitation, Tang Ruoxue declined the other party’s kindness: “Sorry, I don’t know him. Take this wine back.”


The pretty waiter frowned, “Miss, Mr. Lin is rarely so enthusiastic. I hope you can accept it.”

“You know, Mr. Lin is handsome and rich. Many women have no time to flatter Mr. Lin.”

“Shouldn’t you feel honored that he could put down his dignity and give you red wine?”

“I don’t quite understand, why do you refuse?”

She looked like Tang Ruoxue didn’t know how to praise her.

There is no doubt that the Armani young man is a regular visitor here and has an affair with the beautiful waiter.

Ye Fan didn’t speak, just lowered his head and ate the steak.

Three hundred and eighty cents, he couldn’t waste it.

“Are you deaf?”

Tang Ruoxue’s voice turned cold: “Take the wine back, you have disturbed our meal.”

She also glanced at Mark, and when she saw him making an ostrich pose, a flash of disappointment flashed across her eyes.

I thought Mark had changed in the morning, but I didn’t expect he was still so cowardly.

Her boiling heart cooled down a bit.

Seeing Tang Ruoxue rejecting the person thousands of miles away, the beautiful waiter showed a hint of irritation:

“Miss, I am doing this for your own good. Mr. Lin is so outstanding. You should cherish the opportunity he gives you to get close to him.”

She was very disdainful of Tang Ruoxue’s attitude and felt that she was showing off. Mr. Lin’s conditions were so good, how could Tang Ruoxue not want to climb high?

“He is a hundred times better than the man next to you. If you miss it, you will definitely regret it.”

She also glanced at Mark with disdain. She had always known about Mark’s existence.

But for her, there is no comparison between Ye Fan and Lin Baishun.

Tang Ruoxue said one word without politeness: “Get out!”

The beautiful waiter looked at Tang Ruoxue condescendingly:

“Miss, that’s almost it. No more pretending to be boring…”

Tang Ruoxue raised her eyebrows and said, “Tell your manager to get over here.”


At this moment, Lin Baishun, who had been watching the situation, took the initiative and walked over with a glass of wine.

Angry and proud.

His face still showed determination to win.

Several friends also came over to watch the fun with playful faces.

“Young Master Lin is as awesome as ever. Are you trying to steal someone’s woman in public?”

“Hey, no one can escape the women that Manager Lin likes. They all obediently throw themselves into his arms.”

“Last time, that little internet celebrity told Mr. Lin to get out like a shrew, but in the end, Mr. Lin used two million to smash his legs open.”

“There’s another good show today…”

Many animals in the restaurant started talking for fear of causing chaos in the world.

The pretty waiter also smiled proudly.

Mr. Lin takes action, why won’t Tang Ruoxue submit obediently?

Tang Ruoxue glanced at Mark again and found that he still had no reaction, feeling even more self-deprecating and disappointed.

Although the two have no real relationship, they are still legally a couple. If his wife is teased and frivolous like this, the husband should be angry.

Too stupid, too incompetent, and too irresponsible.

She regretted looking at Mark that morning.

“Hello, beauty, my name is Lin Baishun.”

Lin Baishun came to Tang Ruoxue and smiled elegantly:

“We met by chance today. I wonder if I could have a drink and make friends?”

Look confident and move calmly.

Of course, he also directly ignored Ye Fan’s existence.

Tang Ruoxue didn’t even look at him, she just looked at Mark and said, “Mark, are you full? Let’s go after we are full.”

The beautiful waiter was angry: “Young Master Lin came to the door on his own initiative. Please be more enthusiastic. If you make Young Master Lin angry, you will be in trouble.”

“Be gentle to beauties——”

Lin Baishun waved to the beautiful waiter, then shook the red wine and smiled at Ye Fan who was eating steak:

“Sir, I have fallen in love with your woman. Get out of here after you finish eating.”

“You can’t protect such a beautiful woman.”

As he spoke, he threw out a Ferrari car key and an Apollo Villa key card.

Several friends laughed loudly.

The beautiful waiter also looked at Mark with contempt.

The diners at the scene also looked here, gloating at the excitement.

Everyone wanted to see Mark’s reaction.

After Ye Fan finished the last bite of steak, he took a tissue and wiped the corners of his mouth slowly.

Seeing that Ye Fan ignored him, Lin Baishun immediately narrowed his eyes, reached out and patted Ye Fan’s cheek and said with a smile:

“Can’t you understand me?”

“You are so blessed, Mr. Lin, I am envious, jealous, and hateful. The consequences will be very serious.”

The smile was wild and cold.

Ye Fan said calmly: “Do you know the consequences of slapping my face?”

“Consequences? You are so bold. I want to see what the consequences are…”

Lin Baishun sneered sinisterly and continued to slap Ye Fan on the face unscrupulously.

This time, his hand failed.


Ye Fan turned over, grabbed Lin Baishun’s neck, and knocked his head against the plate.

Porcelain pieces flew everywhere, juice splashed everywhere, mixed with dazzling scarlet blood.

Ye Fan didn’t stop, grabbed the wine bottle and knocked again.

Bang, the back of Lin Baishun’s head bloomed.

Lin Baishun held the table with both hands and struggled and sobbed.


Several women screamed, and the men’s expressions suddenly changed.

Tang Ruoxue subconsciously covered her mouth and exclaimed. The development of the matter was completely beyond her expectation.

At the same time, there was a ripple in her heart, and she felt safe for the first time.

The next second, Ye Fan kicked Lin Baishun out:

Get lost!”

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