Chapter 13 Begging for mercy

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Chapter 13 Begging for mercy


Ye Fan’s kick was so powerful that Lin Baishun screamed and fell four or five meters.

The three companions were knocked down by him on the dining table, and more than a dozen plates fell to the ground and shattered.

Extremely messy.

Everyone in the restaurant was stunned and looked at Mark.

They are all discerning people. Lin Baishun’s outfit can cost hundreds of thousands at a glance. How can Ye Fan challenge such a person?

Tang Ruoxue was also startled. She didn’t expect Mark to suddenly explode. A trace of worry arose in her heart, but the disappointment disappeared.

“Asshole, you dare to hit me?”

Lin Baishun covered his face and stood up with a grin: “You’re done.”

Five or six companions looked down upon Ye Fan and Tang Ruoxue.

The pretty waiter also called some big and round security guards.

Ye Fan didn’t even look at them, he just stared at Lin Baishun and said coldly:

“Give you a chance to kneel down and apologize to my wife, otherwise you will lose one of your hands today.”

The diners present sneered at the words and didn’t think Mark was capable of slapping him in the face.

“Son of a bitch, who do you think you are?”

The pretty waiter was furious: “What qualifications do you have to call Mr. Ban Lin?”

“Do you know who Mr. Lin is?”

“He is the manager of the Wuhu Group branch and a relative of Mr. Song. How can you, a country bumpkin, humiliate him?”

She was very angry that Ye Fan had done something to Lin Baishun. Mr. Lin was from the upper class, and it was simply rebellious for Ye Fan to challenge him like this.

Many people present exclaimed when they heard that Lin Baishun was Song Hongyan’s relative and the manager of the Wuhu branch.

Ye Fan is finished, and Tang Ruoxue will be ruined too.

Everyone thinks so.

Many women stared at the calm Ye Fan with disdain, feeling that the boy who had caused a big trouble was just showing off.

Lin Baishun enjoyed the awe of everyone’s eyes, then covered his face and led people to Mark:

“You bastard, hit me on the head? You have the guts.”

“No one dares to do this to me in this three-thirds of an acre of land in Zhonghai.”

“You are the first, I have to say, you are very talented.”

“But I have to tell you, you are in big trouble.”


“You’d better kneel down obediently, remove the hand that hit my head, and then send this woman to my bed.”

“Otherwise, you will be unlucky today. If not your lives, you will have to peel off your skin.”

Lin Baishun showed the ferocious face of bullying men and dominating women.

As he finished speaking, several friends came closer, holding a wine bottle in their hands, ready to blow Ye Fan’s head at any time.

Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face changed: “What are you going to do? If you dare to mess around, I will call the police.”

The pretty waiter snorted: “Call the police? The police are all Mr. Lin’s brothers.”

“Ruoxue, it’s okay, I’ll handle this matter.”

Ye Fan held Tang Ruoxue, looked at Lin Baishun and said lightly: “It seems that you have given up the opportunity to beg for mercy.”

Lin Baishun took a sip: “Let me beg for mercy, are you qualified?”

Ye Fan took out a card from his arms and threw it into Lin Baishun’s hand: “Is it enough?”


Lin Baishun snorted disapprovingly: “What the hell is this?”

The pretty waiter sarcastically said: “Maybe he bought Mr. Lin’s bank card…”

“When has Mr. Lin ever been short of money? What I want is your hand and your woman.”

Lin Baishun glanced at the things in his hand with disdain.

At this glance, his body trembled, as if he had been stabbed by a poker.

The word “Suzaku” pierced Lin Baishun’s eyes like a needle…

Five Lakes Suzaku Card?

He picked it up and examined it in disbelief, reading it from beginning to end, touching it from top to bottom, trying to find out the clues, but he found out that it was true.

Lin Baishun was so frightened that cold sweat fell directly from his face.

It’s over, it’s over, we caused big trouble today.

For the first time he wanted to castrate himself.

Ye Fan took a wine bottle and poured himself a glass of wine: “What? Don’t you know Manager Lin?”

“This this……”

Lin Baishun moved his left hand to his right hand, then his right hand to his left hand, and then hurriedly put the card back into Ye Fan’s hand.

The Wuhu Zhuque Card not only represents that the owner is a distinguished guest of the Wuhu Group, but also represents Song Hongyan’s absolute will.

Who is Song Hongyan?

In the eyes of outsiders, she is the chairman of Wuhu Group and a successful strong woman, but Lin Baishun knows better.

She also has a nickname, Black Widow.

Because he knew this, Lin Baishun did not dare to make mistakes.

The distant relationship between him and Song Hongyan was insignificant compared to Zhuqueka.

But Lin Baishun couldn’t figure it out. How could Ye Fan gain Song Hongyan’s absolute trust when he was so young and incompetent?

Unwilling to give up, he took out his phone and called.

Soon, his back was soaked.

Song Hongyan only said that Ye Fan was the most distinguished guest of Wuhu Group, the kind who was so distinguished that he could die.

Lin Baishun was spinning, and his last luck and hope were all extinguished by this phone call.

After hanging up the phone, he knelt down with a plop.

The whole audience was shocked.

“Mr. Ye, Master Ye, I’m sorry, I’m blind but I can’t see the mountains. You, sir, have a lot. Please give me a way out.”

“I beg you……”

“It was my fault just now, my fault…”

Lin Baishun slapped himself a dozen times: “Master Ye, please give me a chance.”

He knew that if Mark was dissatisfied, his life would be in danger.

Restaurant diners’ throats were so dry that they were about to smoke. They didn’t expect this outcome.

Tang Ruoxue was also a little surprised. She didn’t expect that Lin Baishun would kneel down when Mark threw something casually.

You know, Lin Baishun is the manager of Song’s branch.

The beautiful waiter was confused, pulled Lin Baishun and shouted:

“Master Lin, what’s wrong? Why do you kneel down for such a coward?”

“You’re a coward!”

Lin Baishun knocked the woman down with a slap and kicked her twice:

“If you slander Young Master Ye again, I will kill you.”

He was so frightened that he almost burst into tears. At the critical moment, he was simply seeking death by offending Mark.

The beautiful waiter soon fell to the ground with a bruised face and a bruised face, feeling aggrieved.

Ye Fan smiled faintly: “Aren’t you going to cripple one of my hands and then ask me to send the woman obediently?”

“Master Ye, I was wrong, I was really wrong.”

Lin Baishun kept kowtowing and begging:

“Please, give me a way to survive.”

“Sister-in-law, I’m sorry, I was wrong, and I will never do it again.”

“I’m willing to be a cow or a horse from now on.”

If Ye Fan is not satisfied today, Song Hongyan will kill him even if Ye Fan doesn’t take action.

Seeing Lin Baishun kneeling and kowtowing, everyone present held their breath. They felt as if a mountain suddenly pressed down on their shoulders, which was extremely heavy.

Everyone’s eyes were on Ye Fan, their eyes were probing, but more of an embarrassment.

Just now, they were ridiculing him as a waste, but in the next moment, Lin Baishun was lying like a dog.

How ridiculous is it to think about it now?

The beautiful waiter was too frightened to express her anger. She never expected that Lin Baishun was so afraid of Ye Fan, who was all over the place.

What’s going on?

What is the origin of that card just now?

What is Ye Fan’s identity?

Tang Ruoxue’s face turned red when she heard the word sister-in-law:

“Ye Fan, he apologized, if not…”

Ye Fan took a table knife and plunged it into Lin Baishun’s left palm with a “pounce”.

Blood spurts.

“If an apology is useful, why do we need the police?”

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