Chapter 14 Calling the most awesome person

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Chapter 14 Calling the most awesome person

This knife was ruthless and ruthless, shaking the eyes of countless people.

Ye Fan is not a saint. He knows in his heart that if he didn’t have Song Hongyan’s support and strength, he would be trampled into a dog by Lin Baishun today.

Maybe even Tang Ruoxue would be attacked by the opponent’s overlord.

So he crippled Lin Baishun’s left palm without any mercy.

Only in this way, Lin Baishun and the others will be in awe and fear, and they will not dare to take any chances with themselves and Tang Ruoxue.

This is also true. Lin Baishun’s remaining dissatisfaction dissipated with Ye Fan’s knife.

When Ye Fan left with Tang Ruoxue, Lin Baishun’s eyes were filled with fear and the joy of surviving the disaster.

In this life, Mark is his nightmare.

After coming out of the western restaurant, Tang Ruoxue originally wanted to question Mark, but an urgent call came and she had to go back to the company for a meeting immediately.

She could only drop Mark off at the bus stop.

When leaving, she also warned Ye Fan: “No debt collection!”

After seeing off Tang Ruoxue, Ye Fan left the bus station and called a taxi to go to the Sihai Chamber of Commerce.

Regardless of whether she gets divorced in the future, Ye Fan wants to return the favor proposed by Lin Qiuling.

In the taxi, Ye Fan took the time to review several sets of boxing skills he had practiced in the morning.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, the car appeared at the end of Changle Street in Nanshan District.

A seven-story building stands here.

The small building is a bit old, but it looks very solid. There is a large open space at the door and many small shops on both sides.

At the entrance of the small building, there are four words “Sihai Chamber of Commerce” hanging, showing great momentum.

On the way here, Ye Fan had learned that the Sihai Chamber of Commerce was an organization under the Sihai Group and one of Du Tianhu’s dark forces.

The person in charge is General Du Tianhu and Huang Zhendong.

Of course, being called a general or president is actually equivalent to being a lobby leader.

Under the guise of the Chamber of Commerce, it engages in various sideline activities, with a lot of blood on its hands.

Because people are often injured, the Sihai Chamber of Commerce regularly provides treatment at the Chunfeng Clinic. It also purchases a large amount of anti-inflammatory drugs from the Chunfeng Clinic every month.

Although Lin Qiuling did not want to interact with these people, the clinic did not have the right to refuse patients, and she was also worried about retaliation for offending the Sihai Chamber of Commerce.

So we have been working together politely over the past few years.

The Sihai Chamber of Commerce respects Chunfeng Clinic and settles accounts every sixty days, with the balance always remaining at around one million.

I don’t owe much, but I don’t want to pay it off, so Chunfeng Clinic has to cooperate all the time.

But I don’t know why, this time the bill has not been settled for more than sixty days. A few days ago, more than 500,000 yuan of medicine was taken on credit.

All the anti-inflammatory drugs and hemostatic drugs in stock at Chunfeng Clinic have been wiped out.

The debt instantly reached two million.

This made Lin Qiuling feel great pressure and uneasiness. She was urged several times, and Huang Zhendong even said she would wait a few days.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Huang Zhendong reneged on his debt.

Two million is not a small amount for Lin Qiuling, and her annual profit is only a million. The two million in arrears makes Lin Qiuling feel distressed even when she sleeps.

But she couldn’t break up with Huang Zhendong. After all, Huang Zhendong had Du Tianhu behind him.

So Ye Fan shouted that he wanted to divorce Tang Ruoxue, and Lin Qiuling took the opportunity to throw the problem to Ye Fan.

She wanted to see Mark’s jokes.


As soon as Ye Fan got out of the taxi, several gangsters chatting at the door approached him.

When the driver saw this, he ran away.

Ye Fan calmly walked towards a few gangsters.

A young man with yellow hair shouted sharply: “Who is he? What are you doing?”

Ye Fan was polite: “Hello, I’m from Chunfeng Clinic. My name is Ye Fan. I’m here to make the final payment from Mr. Huang.”

“Ye Fan? Chunfeng Clinic? Ye Fan, the Tang family’s son-in-law?”

Hearing that it was Ye Fan who was asking for the balance, the yellow-haired young man’s eyes lit up: “Are you that trash?”

The next second, he whistled.

There was a crash, and a dozen gangsters emerged from the Sihai Chamber of Commerce, holding either baseball bats or steel pipes in their hands.

Not long after, a bald man appeared wearing Buddhist beads.

His face was rugged, with vicious intent flowing through him.

It was Huang Zhendong, the person in charge of the Sihai Chamber of Commerce.

He stared at Ye Fan and smiled ferociously: “Are you Ye Fan?”

Ye Fan smelled something wrong: “Yes, I am Ye Fan from Chunfeng Clinic.”

“My niece-in-law is truly a goddess.”

Huang Zhendong smiled proudly: “She said that as long as the balance of the Chunfeng Clinic is stuck, the Tang family will send you this waste to their door.”

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes slightly: “What do you mean?”

“What do you mean? Boy, you are going to be in trouble.”

Huang Zhendong smiled but said: “Huang Dongqiang is my nephew. You hurt him, and I want to avenge him.”

“Originally, I wanted someone to look for you, but my niece-in-law said that you have some skills. It would be easy to get away if I just blocked you.”

“It’s better to deduct the balance payment from your mother-in-law.”

“Your mother-in-law will probably let you solve such a difficult problem. I’ll just wait and see.”

“I didn’t expect that you would actually come. It wouldn’t be in vain for us to wait so many days.”

He burst out laughing, indescribably proud and arrogant.

At the same time, several familiar figures appeared on the balcony on the second floor, it was Huang Dongqiang and Yuan Jing.

All of them were arrogant and looked down at Ye Fan from a high position.

The fair and long legs of women Yuan Jing and Yang Qianqian were dazzling in the sunshine.

Even though they were more than ten meters apart, Ye Fan could smell their contempt.

Apparently they had been waiting for Mark for a few days.

Ye Fan clenched his fists, the most poisonous woman has a heart. He didn’t expect Yuan Jing to set up a trap for him like this.

It’s a pity that she underestimated herself.

“Huang Dongqiang was rude to my mother first, and I was just fighting back in self-defense.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “Besides, Mr. Huang is also considered a figure. Wouldn’t it be too disrespectful to deal with me, a nobody, in this way?”

He tried to reason.

“I don’t want to deal with you, but my nephew gives you a lot of money.”

Huang Zhendong looked helpless: “So you consider yourself unlucky.”

“But I’m also a reasonable person. If you break one of Dong Qiang’s hands and don’t resist, we’ll need both of your hands.”

“Resist, add two more legs.”

He stepped forward and patted Mark Ye gently on the shoulder: “Do you have any comments?”


Ye Fan grabbed Huang Zhendong’s hand and said, “Mr. Huang is going too far.”

“The way of this world is that the weak prey on the strong.”

Huang Zhendong broke away from Ye Fan’s hand, took a step back and smiled: “You are too weak, you should be bullied.”

“Uncle, stop talking nonsense to this boy.”


Huang Dongqiang from upstairs shouted: “Just break his hands and feet and let him crawl back like a dog.”

Ye Fan beat him and his friends at the hospital entrance, and Huang Dongqiang felt humiliated even in his dreams.

After being a playboy for so many years, he has always been the only one to bully others. When has he ever been trampled on like this?

Or in front of Yuan Jing and the others?

Yuan Jing and the others didn’t say anything, they just raised their cool and pretty faces, waiting to see Mark’s joke.


Ye Fan suddenly rushed out and slapped Huang Zhendong.

Then he turned around and punched the yellow-haired gangster in the chin.


Before the yellow-haired gangster could scream, Ye Fan’s left foot kicked another person in the calf.

Just as the latter fell to the ground, Ye Fan came close to him again and knocked the third person away.

The next second, Ye Fan hit the fourth man in the neck with a left hook.

The fourth person fell to the ground limply like noodles, and Ye Fan stepped on the fifth person’s knee…

In the blink of an eye, the fifteen people surrounding Ye Fan all fell to the ground wailing, without the ability to fight…

Fast, too fast.

The essence of Bajiquan is fully displayed.

Seeing this formation, Huang Dongqiang and Yang Qianqian were all dumbfounded.

“Damn…this weakling, he dares to make the first move?”

“Isn’t he a loser? How can he be so good at fighting?”

Yang Qianqian and the others, who wanted to see Ye Fan’s joke, all felt burning pain in their cheeks.

“How is this possible? How is this possible?”

Huang Dongqiang and Yuan Jing’s eyes were also widened, looking as if they were bored.

These fifteen people are not playboys, they are all experienced street fighters. How come they were defeated in just one encounter?

Huang Zhendong was equally unbelievable.

Under the complicated eyes of everyone, Ye Fan slowly walked up to Huang Zhendong.

Huang Zhendong, whose cheeks were swollen, had a cold look in his eyes, pulled out a knife with his backhand, and stabbed Ye Fan in the thigh.


The dagger stopped halfway through. It was not that Huang Zhendong was so kind, but that his hand was held by Ye Fan.

Stable as a mountain.

The next second, there was a click.

Ye Fan broke Huang Zhendong’s wrist abruptly.


Huang Zhendong let out a scream and was sweating profusely in pain.

Yang Qianqian and others’ scalps suddenly felt numb after watching the show.

Yuan Jing also covered her mouth with surprise in her eyes.

For the first time, she felt how powerful Mark was.

“If you want to fight, I will fight -”

Ye Fan kicked Huang Zhendong away.

“I am the person in charge of the Sihai Chamber of Commerce. You hurt me and my brother today…”

Huang Zhendong held his severed hand with a face full of pain, and struggled to squeeze out a sentence to support the scene:

“The Sihai Chamber of Commerce will definitely not let you go.”

The words “Sihai Chamber of Commerce” are a golden sign in Zhonghai, and they will definitely scare many people if they are mentioned.

But who would have thought that after the words fell, Ye Fan sneered and strode up to Huang Zhendong, swung his arms and slapped him loudly in front of everyone.


Huang Zhendong had five more red marks on his face.

Huang Zhendong, whose head was buzzing, heard Ye Fan snort:

“Don’t say any more. Now, call me and ask for the strongest person to come, the most awesome person to come!”

“I want to know why the Sihai Chamber of Commerce won’t let me go…”

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