Chapter 15 I really can’t call anyone

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Chapter 15 I really can’t call anyone

Go call someone?

Huang Zhendong’s face was full of grief and anger. He was really bullied today.

He felt very uncomfortable and aggrieved.

But he also knew that talking nonsense would be even more embarrassing.

So Huang Zhendong endured the pain and took out the phone and shouted: “Boy, wait.”

He wants to call people, and he wants to seek justice.

Yang Qianqian and the others were shocked and looked at Ye Fan like a fool.

To give up when things don’t work out or to take advantage of the opportunity to run away, and to continue to challenge the Sihai Chamber of Commerce, is really out of the blue.

If Ye Fan could fight again, could he win fifteen people, or fifty people? Five hundred?

Yuan Jing also changed from surprise to joking. She didn’t know how to advance or retreat, was reckless and impulsive, and was destined to be a nobody in her life.

Ye Fan ignored Huang Zhendong and the others, and just stood there and kept running the “Tai Chi Sutra”.

In addition to regaining his energy and strength as soon as possible, he also had to suppress the cruelty and murderous intention in his heart.

He felt that the fire that had been suppressed in the morning was burning again.

If you don’t vent this fire, you will seriously burn yourself.

Could it be that there was too little white light and an imbalance of yin and yang, causing him to change?


As Ye Fan’s thoughts were turning, the Sihai Building was boiling again, and a tough man in his twenties rushed out dragging a steel pipe.

Then, eight vans drove up the street.

Huang Zhendong also called back all the key people working outside.

The car door opened, and out came more than seventy thugs from all over the world. They were not big and round, but their faces were full of violence. At first glance, they looked like thugs who were trying to show off their violence.

Without saying a word, they took out their gloves and masks and put them on.

Then, they dragged out several large boxes from the carriage, threw them on the ground, and opened them. They were all filled with titanium alloy swing sticks.

One stick per person, slap it in the palm of your hand, and make a snapping sound.

Professional and ruthless.

Yang Qianqian and the others sneered again and waited to see Ye Fan’s misfortune.

In their opinion, Ye Fan shouldn’t be so awesome.

The vendors hurriedly closed their doors. Those who were bolder dared to sneak a glance at these ruthless people, while those who were less courageous simply hid for fear of harming Chiyu.

When Huang Zhendong saw the reinforcements coming, he immediately felt confident, pointed his finger at Ye Fan and shouted:

“Brothers, destroy this kid…”

More than a hundred people surrounded Ye Fan.


Ye Fan didn’t talk nonsense at all. He slammed out like a cannonball and instantly overturned the gesticulating Huang Zhendong.


Huang Zhendong fell straight out, knocking over a dozen people and falling to the ground in an indescribable embarrassment.

Dozens of thugs were stunned at first, and then roared at the same time.


They waved their sticks and rushed towards Ye Fan.

Ye Fan fought back.

Although there were dozens of people on the other side, Ye Fan was not afraid. He started running the “Tai Chi Sutra” and his fighting power was endless.

One is worth ten.

Several thugs rushing in front found themselves flying into the air before their sticks hit Ye Fan’s body, followed by huge pain.

Landed with a bang!

Broken ribs.

Ye Fan was extremely fast and could reach him in a blink of an eye from a distance of more than ten meters.

Close combat.

Ye Fan grabbed a stick and waved it like a shooting star.

The wind blew, as fast as lightning.

“Bang bang bang——”

The six thugs felt a pain in their heads and fell to the ground screaming.

Blood flowed from his forehead.

Ye Fan did not stop, turned around, and swept towards a dozen people.

Fast and hard.


There was another series of screams all around.

A dozen thugs covered their severed hands and backed away, all their sticks falling to the ground.

In the blink of an eye, more than twenty people were eliminated, showing Ye Fan’s toughness.

Huang Zhendong was in a trance. He was at the scene and he didn’t see clearly how he took action.

He began to feel that Mark was a little evil.

Yang Qianqian and the others were also surprised one after another. They originally thought that Ye Fan would be submerged, or that his skin would peel off even if he didn’t die.

Unexpectedly, Ye Fan was so fierce that he knocked down the charging thugs with just a few sticks.

“how so?”

Yuan Jing murmured to herself: “How could this happen?”

In her opinion, Ye Fan must have lost badly today. Even if he could defeat ten or twenty people, he would not be able to defeat a hundred people.

But in the current situation, Ye Fan is really one against a hundred.

When did Ye Fan become so powerful?

This ex-boyfriend who once knelt in front of her and begged to borrow 100,000 yuan seemed to be counterattacking all the way and wanted to grow to a level that she could not even reach.

She couldn’t accept it.


More than 20 people were thrown to the ground. Ye Fan was not happy or excited, but just raised his finger at Huang Zhendong.

Huang Zhendong was furious: “Come on!”

As soon as he finished speaking, dozens more people rushed over.


In the unconcealable shock of everyone, Ye Fan moved his steps, swayed his body, and kicked one person seven or eight meters away.

Then came another volley kick, and the opponent fell like a winter melon.

Afterwards, Ye Fan rushed into the crowd and waved his stick.

Huang Zhendong and the others couldn’t see the shadow of the stick at all.

What their eyes saw was a ray of light flying around Ye Fan, like a silver snake dancing wildly, like a giant dragon soaring.

Screams and panic soon became the main theme. The scene is as chaotic as it needs to be.

No one expected that dozens of fierce men would still be unable to suppress one person.

More than 20 thugs who rushed forward were knocked to the ground again by Ye Fan.

Each and every one of them either had their arms and legs cut off or their brains were damaged.

The last ray of the setting sun drew Ye Fan’s body into a beautiful arc.

Yuan Jing looked slightly dazed and felt increasingly uncomfortable.

No, no, I don’t accept it…


At this time, the swinging stick stretched forward to hold the seven steel pipes that had been smashed down, and Ye Fan then spun out with his kick.


Eight people suddenly fell into the open space!


Ye Fan looked at the remaining thugs and sneered:


The cold and impersonal words struck Huang Zhendong and the others hard in their hearts.

They have been domineering for many years and are now ready to collapse.

Huang Zhendong gritted his teeth: “Up!”

More than fifty people roared and charged.

Ye Fan greeted him and swung his stick like a shuttle breaking through the waves. Wherever he passed, the waves roared.

The screams didn’t stop.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Fan passed through the camp of more than fifty people.

Behind him was the general from all over the world with a bruised nose, swollen face, and severed arms and legs.

Screaming, injured, and stunned, one against a hundred is not a myth.

After Ye Fan kicked away the last thug, he slowly walked towards Huang Zhendong, who looked ugly:


Upon hearing these two words, Huang Zhendong and the others collapsed instantly.

“Come on, come on… don’t come here.”

While Huang Zhendong scolded the thugs and continued to charge, he trembled and backed away, and at the same time issued a warning to Ye Fan:

“Don’t come over, don’t come over…”

At this time, Huang Zhendong felt four parts fearful, three parts wronged, three parts painful, and not one part dissatisfied.

No one struggled to protect Huang Zhendong. Except that many people really lost their fighting ability, the most important thing is that Ye Fan is simply a devil…

This kid is really… really terrifying.

“Stop talking nonsense, call people, keep calling people.”

At this time, Ye Fan walked up to Huang Zhendong: “Call the most powerful and awesome person…”

Huang Zhendong’s face turned green, but he still gritted his teeth and made another call.

Not long after, a dozen more cars arrived, and more than a hundred cousins ​​came.

Ye Fan didn’t talk nonsense, and he knocked them to the ground again with great momentum.

“Call someone, keep calling someone…”

Ye Fan slapped Huang Zhendong on the face.

Huang Zhendong called someone with trembling fingers.

Soon, more than two hundred thugs came, but their combat effectiveness was even more fragile.

Ye Fan defeated these people without any suspense.

Five hundred people…


When Ye Fan kicked Huang Zhendong down again, the sound of falling to the ground severely impacted the hearts of Huang Dongqiang and others.

Yang Qianqian and the others were all heartbroken. Huang Zhendong, the gangster they admired, turned out to be so miserable in the hands of Ye Fan.

Ye Fan, the loser they looked down upon, seemed to be standing on top of their heads, looking down at them.

As for Yuan Jing, her mood was even more complicated.

This battle.

It was tantamount to all kinds of humiliation. When they gathered together, the anger that came from the depths of emotion was like a raging fire that was about to devour her.

Ye Fan, who has always been looked down upon by himself.

It was so simple and crude that she lost all face and was completely defeated.

She didn’t know how to describe her feelings.

Of course, the majority were frustrated, but there were also surprises, but the more surprises there were, the more uncomfortable she felt.

In the end she could only curl up her hands, veins bulging:

Even if you can fight, so what? Can you achieve anything?

No matter what age it is now, no matter how skilled you are, you can’t beat a gun.

But the more she thought like this, the more uncomfortable she felt, especially when she saw the adoring eyes of her female companion, which made her feel even more uncomfortable.

Huang Dongqiang also kept repeating: “This is impossible! This is impossible…”

In front of the open space, Ye Fan looked at Huang Zhendong:

“Call someone, keep calling someone!”

“Brother, there is no one left…”

Huang Zhendong looked like he was crying: “There is really no one left.”

He has already called all the elites of the Chamber of Commerce, and the rest are all low-class gangsters. No matter how many more come, they will only be abused.

Who else could I call?

Who else could I call?

Are you looking for Mr. Du?

If Mr. Du knew that the entire chamber of commerce was being picked, he would probably kill Huang Zhendong with one shot.

Ye Fan shouted to Huang Zhendong:

“Does the dignified Sihai Chamber of Commerce only have 500 generals? Does it only have this little fighting power?”

“You have disappointed me so much and I am so sorry to Mr. Du.”

Ye Fan hated the iron and said: “Get the phone, call, call Mr. Du.”

Bullying goes too far, bullying goes too far.

Huang Zhendong is about to cry. His world is not like this, and his cognition is not like this.

The next moment, he bent his legs and knelt in front of Mark:

“Brother, brother, I was wrong, I was really wrong.”

“I kowtow to you and apologize, just give me a chance…”

He cried bitterly: “I will never dare to offend you again.”

“Two million, no, ten million, I offer it with both hands…”

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