Chapter 16 Guan Gong’s Sword

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Chapter 16 Guan Gong’s Sword

Five o’clock in the afternoon, the president’s office on the third floor of the Sihai Chamber of Commerce.

Ye Fan sat on the boss’s chair, eating iced watermelon and looking around the room, calmly and calmly, as if this was his territory.

After a fierce battle, Ye Fan didn’t feel tired, he just felt smoother.

The fire brought by ginseng fruit finally stopped tormenting myself.

Opposite him were several female secretaries of the Sihai Chamber of Commerce.

They were afraid to pour tea, cut watermelon and peel melon seeds for Ye Fan.

They all witnessed Ye Fan’s battle, and their initial disdain and contempt were completely trampled by Ye Fan.

Now, they only admire and flatter Ye Fan.

If Ye Fan needs it, they can throw themselves into his arms at any time.

Ye Fan paid little attention to them, and his eyes fell on the Guan Gong sword in the corner.

This is a somewhat ancient three-meter sword, hanging on the wall. The sword is bright and extremely sharp.

Ye Fan could see a few rays of red light lingering on it.

That’s blood.

“Brother Ye, Huang Dongqiang and a few bastards slipped out of the back door while we were fighting.”

At this time, Huang Zhendong ran in from the door and wiped the sweat from his forehead:

“But don’t worry, I’ll send someone to catch them right away.”

Today’s battle was caused by Huang Dongqiang. Huang Zhendong naturally had to capture Huang Dongqiang and explain to Ye Fan, otherwise he would be afraid that his head would explode.

And he was really resentful of Huang Dongqiang. He could crush any trash that came to his door to death, but in the end, the entire chamber of commerce was picked on by Ye Fan.

“Forget it, don’t arrest them, I will handle it myself.”

Ye Fan thought for a while and decided to let Huang Dongqiang go for the time being, not because he was too compassionate, but because he wanted to see Huang Dongqiang die from the torture of liver cancer.

It is said that people with advanced liver cancer live like ghosts.

Ye Fan was a little curious. When Yuan Jing knew that Huang Dongqiang had liver cancer, would he continue to protect him, or would he turn around and abandon him?


Huang Zhendong had no objection at all and immediately revoked the order to pursue Huang Dongqiang:

“Brother Ye is so generous and kind, repaying evil with kindness.”

Ye Fan took a bite of watermelon: “Stop talking nonsense and pay back the money quickly.”

“Yes Yes.”

Huang Zhendong shouted at the door at the top of his lungs: “Have the financial and legal affairs been done? Brother Ye has been waiting for too long.”

Soon, a young girl rushed into the door and handed Huang Zhendong a portfolio.

“Brother Ye, this is a check for two million. The debt of Chunfeng Clinic will be paid off in one lump sum.”

“Brother Ye, this is our contract with Chunfeng Clinic for the next three years.”

Huang Zhendong placed the contents in the portfolio in front of Ye Fan one by one: “You have a look.”

Ye Fan chewed the watermelon: “What does this mean?”

Huang Zhendong nodded and bowed: “It’s our fault for owing the money and causing trouble to Brother Ye, so we want to make up for Chunfeng Clinic.”

“You don’t have to worry, we won’t owe you any more money, and we are prepared to pay 10 million in advance.”

He took out a check and put it into the contract: “I hope we can continue to cooperate.”

Although Ye Fan felt that Huang Zhendong was not a good person, the other party had already paid 10 million in advance, so there was no need to worry about defaulting on the bill.

“Okay, I’ll take the check and contract back.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “But whether I sign or not depends on my mother-in-law.”


When Huang Zhendong saw Ye Fan accept it, his smile became even brighter. He handed over a watch box:

“Brother Ye, this is the latest Rolex.”

“We don’t know each other without fighting. It’s a little gift for us to meet, and it’s also a little bit of our love.”

He respectfully put his watch in front of Mark.


Ye Fan glanced at it casually: “It’s useless to give it to me.”

He is just a live-in son-in-law. He has to mop the floor, cook and wash the toilet every day. Wearing a Rolex looks wrong.

And given his status, wearing a Rolex will only lead to ridicule and vanity, and using fake products to show off.

“Brother Ye, you must accept it. We were the first to offend this time, and we should apologize.”

Huang Zhendong knelt down with a plop: “If you don’t accept it, we will feel unsure. We always feel that you have not forgiven us.”

“And this Rolex was given to me by Huang Dongqiang. Now it’s natural to give it to Brother Ye as a trophy.”

“Please give me some face and I must accept it.”

Several female secretaries and key staff also asked Ye Fan to accept it.

This Huang Zhendong is really a character.

Ye Fan originally looked down upon him, but now he feels that this guy is flexible and flexible, and his character is stronger than many people.

He injured 500 people from the Sihai Chamber of Commerce. Huang Zhendong did not think about revenge, but tried his best to make friends with himself, which was rare.

“Okay, you can put your words into this, I’ll take this Rolex.”

Ye Fan helped Huang Zhendong up: “I didn’t take advantage of you in vain.”

“This Guan Gong sword is an ominous thing.”

Ye Fan pointed his finger: “You’d better throw it away, otherwise there will be a bloody disaster soon.”

After taking a Rolex worth hundreds of thousands, Ye Fan reminded Huang Zhendong.

This Guan Gong sword looks a bit old, but there are still wisps of killing intent emerging from it.

Moreover, the sharp tip of the broadsword was facing Huang Zhendong’s boss chair.

Being haunted by murderous intent for a long time and facing the tip of the knife will cause great damage to Huang Zhendong’s luck.

Fortunately, Guan Gong’s sword had just been placed, otherwise Huang Zhendong would have died long ago.

“Blood disaster?”

Huang Zhendong was stunned for a moment, then looked at Guan Gong’s sword:

“Brother Ye, this thing is a high-end imitation. I thought it looked good, so I spent 10,000 to buy it and put it on display.”

“It shouldn’t be anything ominous, right?”

Although Huang Zhendong paid homage to his second brother Guan, he didn’t believe it in his heart, so he didn’t take Mark’s words seriously either.

For him, Feng Shui physiognomy is purely self-comfort and has no substantive meaning at all.

And he felt that the bloody disaster that Mark said was actually a mockery of today’s battle.

Besides, the other brothers and even Mr. Du all worshiped the second brother Guan, and they all had Guan Gong’s sword. How come they didn’t suffer a bloody disaster?

If Ye Fan had not fought one against a hundred in the afternoon, he would have suspected that Ye Fan was a charlatan.

Ye Fan said calmly: “It’s better to throw it away.”

Huang Zhendong nodded quickly: “Thank you Brother Ye for reminding me, I will throw it away another day.”

Ye Fan heard the perfunctory tone in Huang Zhendong’s tone, so he said nothing more, picked up the pen and paper and drew a Tai Chi amulet to eliminate misfortune.

“Bringing it with you can save your life.”

After saying that, he left the office…

Huang Zhendong looked at the Tai Chi Talisman, smiled noncommittally, and threw it into the trash can.

Ye Fan was very skilled, he admitted, but this physiognomy was completely feudal superstition.

He has studied Marxism-Leninism at an undergraduate level.

A few minutes later, Huang Zhendong went downstairs with one hand hanging, and he was going to Zhonghai Hospital with a few other members for treatment.

When he was going down the stairs, the sole of his foot slipped inexplicably and he fell down the stairs, causing a cut on his head.

Before he could stand up with a curse, the chandelier above his head crashed down again.

If his men hadn’t pushed him away in time, Huang Zhendong would have been seriously injured.

Even so, there were a lot of glass fragments stuck in his body, leaving him covered in blood.

Arriving at the door, the embarrassed Huang Zhendong was about to get in the car when the car roared again and spontaneously ignited…

Huang Zhendong and several of his cronies looked at each other, and saw surprise and uncertainty in each other’s eyes:

Is what Ye Fan said true?

“talisman, talisman…”

The next second, Huang Zhendong rushed back to the office and overturned the trash can to find the Tai Chi charm…

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