Chapter 25 Well done

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Chapter 25 Well done


Zhang Daqiang and the others were speechless. There was really a thin red line on Huang Zhendong’s abdomen, starting from his navel and spreading to his chest.

How can this be?

Their expressions changed slightly.

Zhang Daqiang’s eyes changed when he looked at Ye Fan. He knew that Huang Zhendong couldn’t have told Ye Fan about this red line.

Could it be that Ye Fan is really good at what he does?

Huang Zhendong had no time to settle accounts with Zhang Daqiang and the others, so he turned to look nervously at Ye Fan:

“Brother Ye, this red line is the sword, but I don’t feel it at all. I thought it was a bump.”

He now admires Ye Fan immensely, and therefore believes that he is possessed by evil spirits.

“This red line doesn’t hurt or itch because it’s not time yet.”

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes: “The amulet can somewhat resolve your bad luck in the past two days, allowing you to save half of your life.”

“But the amulet can’t stop this red thread. If you come to me one day later, you will get your box lunch.”

Huang Zhendong was confused: “Can this red line kill you?”

“The evil sword takes shape and disemboweles the body.”

Ye Fan pointed at the red line on Huang Zhendong’s body: “Once the red line spreads to the heart, it will crack like a ripe melon.”


Hearing this sentence, Huang Zhendong was startled and looked at the red line on his abdomen in disbelief.

Lin Ruowan bit her red lips tightly: “It’s not that exaggerated. It’s not acting in a movie. It might have been a bruise. I’ve never seen the wound move…”

Before Huang Zhendong could reprimand him, he saw the red line suddenly move and spread an inch towards his heart.

This change shocked Lin Ruowan and the others.

Huang Zhendong suddenly felt shuddering and held Ye Fan’s hand:

“Brother Ye, I didn’t recognize Taishan yesterday and threw away my amulet. I was offended. I was offended.”

“Please help brother again, I don’t want to die so early.”

“Really please.”

Yesterday, Huang Zhendong sneered at these Feng Shui physiognomy, but now he believed it to his core.

“Don’t worry, if I can come here, I will help you.”

Ye Fan didn’t talk nonsense anymore, let Huang Zhendong sit on the boss’s chair, and then took out the silver needle for disinfection.

“Silver needle? Chinese medicine?”

“President Huang, I think you should go to the hospital for a check-up to see if it’s an injury, or ask Dr. Sun Shengshou to take a look.”

Lin Ruowan reminded her unwillingly: “So as not to delay the condition.”

“If you don’t shut up, get out of here.”

Huang Zhendong stopped Lin Ruowan’s chirping, then looked at Ye Fan excitedly and said:

“Brother Ye, do you want to control the needle with Qi?”

Several losers were also extremely excited and their eyes widened.

Use Qi to control needles?

Ye Fan was stunned: “No.”

Although he has started in martial arts and medicine, he is still a novice with a shallow foundation. He even has to consider the acupuncture points carefully. How can he use Qi to control the needles?

“You shouldn’t. Brother Ye, if you fight five hundred of them each, you are at least the peak strength of the Yellow Realm.”

Huang Zhendong scratched his head: “With this kind of strength, I should be able to control needles with Qi.”

Tsk, I’ll fight five hundred of them each. Can I tell you that it’s because I’ve eaten too much ginseng fruit? Now that the ginseng fruit has been digested, one hundred ginseng fruits are enough to choke.

Ye Fan was angry and slapped Huang Zhendong on the head: “Stop talking nonsense, be calm, I’m going to give you an acupuncture.”

“If your hands are shaking and you tie it wrongly, something will happen.”

Huang Zhendong immediately became honest.😨/

Ye Fan took a deep breath, picked up the silver needle and pricked several of Huang Zhendong’s acupuncture points.

“Tai Chi Divine Acupuncture”, the second form, Bagua breaks evil spirits.

Ye Fan started very slowly, taking nine minutes to inject all nine needles, but they were all accurately inserted into the target acupuncture points.

As the silver needle fell, the spread of the red line began to stop, and then faded.

“The red line has retreated, the red line has receded…”

Several of his men suddenly shouted happily, as if they had won a 300 million grand prize.

They could clearly see that Huang Zhendong was approaching the red line of his heart, receding toward his abdomen bit by bit, and then shrunk to a point and disappeared.

Huang Zhendong looked down and was surprised to find that the feeling of oppression was gone and the pain in his body was relieved a lot.

Zhang Daqiang was also stunned. He originally thought that Ye Fan was pretending to be a ghost, but he didn’t expect that he was actually narrow-minded and short-sighted.

“Brother Ye, thank you so much. I feel much more relaxed now.”

Huang Zhendong was very happy: “It’s just that I don’t know something.”

“Many of my brothers have Guan Gong swords in their homes or shops. Why are they safe but I am in this danger?”

He said with a trace of confusion: “The knife is not an unearthed object, it is a burial object.”

“When they laid out their swords, they also offered the second master Guan’s golden body.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “With the second master’s control, the sword will be restrained.”

“But if you just use the sword without suppressing it, its sharpness will naturally show up. Over time, it will become sharper, and you will be hit.”

Huang Zhendong suddenly realized: “That’s it.”


Lin Ruowan still didn’t want to admit Ye Fan’s power: “I don’t believe it, a son-in-law like you knows what…”

Before Huang Zhendong could get angry, Ye Fan narrowed his eyes and looked at Zhang Daqiang not far away:

“Mr. Zhang, when you were a child, you were hit by a hard object on your waist when you went into the water, and your internal organs were injured by choking on the water?”

Zhang Daqiang was slightly startled. He didn’t expect Mark to ask him, and then he looked surprised:

“Ah, Brother Ye, how do you know this?”

Lin Ruowan was also stunned: “Are you really in this situation?”

If it weren’t for her husband, she would have thought it was because she didn’t even know about it.

Ye Fan smiled lightly: “When you shook hands with me just now, I took your pulse by the way.”

“Brother Ye is indeed a capable person. No wonder President Huang appreciates him so much.”

Zhang Daqiang took over the topic:

“Yes, my family was poor when I was a child. I worked on a sand boat when I was twelve years old. I was accidentally hit in the waist by an anchor, and I fell into the water and choked myself half to death.”

“It took me three months of recuperation before I could walk on the ground, but there was nothing serious afterwards.”

Huang Zhendong was even more shocked by Ye Fan. He didn’t expect that Ye Fan could do martial arts, break evil spirits, and treat doctors.

Ye Fan smiled lightly: “It’s really not a big problem for your daily life.”

“But in the future, we need to get more sun and keep warm.”

“That accident will not only make you unable to have children for the rest of your life, but will also make you half-paralyzed in old age.”

He warned: “If you often go to humid places, you will be put into a wheelchair in advance.”

The entire wing fell silent for an instant.

Lin Ruowan’s pretty face changed drastically, and she shouted: “What nonsense are you talking about? If you don’t understand, don’t talk nonsense.”

“Lao Zhang, let’s go, let’s go, this is a stickman talking nonsense.”

She pulled the man to go out.

“Shut up!”

Zhang Daqiang pulled his wife away, then looked at Ye Fan and said in shock:

“You said, I will never be able to have children in my life?”

Ye Fan picked up the tea and took a sip:

“The impact caused the spermatic vein to twist, causing blood flow stasis and seminal duct obstruction.”

“Mr. Zhang doesn’t believe it, you can go to the hospital to check.”

Huang Zhendong chuckled: “Brother Ye can tell you the symptoms you had when you were a child, but you’re out of your mind even if you don’t believe in his strength.”

Several losers looked at Zhang Daqiang with sympathetic expressions.

Zhang Daqiang said nothing and turned to stare at Lin Ruowan.

At this moment, he no longer nodded and bowed, no longer smiled humblely, but was filled with fierceness and killing intent.


Lin Ruowan panicked: “Lao Zhang, listen to me, Xiaogang is really your son…”

Zhang Daqiang kicked her away and went out…

Lin Ruowan hurriedly chased him out.

Huang Zhendong narrowed his eyes slightly:

“The moon is dark and the wind is high, it’s a murderous night…”

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