Chapter 26 A drastic change in temperament

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Chapter 26 A drastic change in temperament

At 10:30 in the evening, Ye Fan left the Xia Feng Club.

Before leaving, Huang Zhendong gave him 10 million in medical fees, allowing Ye Fan to earn his first pot of gold since his birth.

Ye Fan knew what Huang Zhendong was thinking. In addition to being grateful, giving him so much money meant making friends.

The martial arts, physiognomy and medical skills he demonstrated made Huang Zhendong feel that they were of great value.

Ye Fan originally didn’t want to have a close relationship with Huang Zhendong, but thinking that he would inevitably have to deal with it when he returned to Yunding Villa in the future, he finally accepted the check.

Returning to the Tang family villa, Ye Fan slowed down and went straight to the second floor quietly.

As soon as he pushed the door open and walked in, he saw Tang Ruoxue coming out of the bathroom.

The snow-white bath towel only wrapped the important parts.

Ye Fan saw her incredibly straight legs at a glance.

A woman’s legs can more or less have some flaws.

Too long and not straight, too white and uneven skin tone, even skin tone but small scars…

But with Tang Ruoxue’s legs, Ye Fan only felt a strong physical impact.

Like snow-white lotus root segments, but not bloated.

Ye Fan felt that all his breath was hot.

“came back?”

Seeing Mark appear, Tang Ruoxue was slightly startled. She instinctively tightened her towel tightly, and then relaxed her mood: “Are you okay?”

“Seeing that you didn’t come back so late, I thought you were arrested by the police.”

She seemed casual, but she felt a little uneasy in her heart. After all, Ye Fan broke Zhang Xiaogang’s finger in public.

“I’m fine.”

Ye Fan’s eyes moved as she moved, and he didn’t look back until Tang Ruoxue walked into the inner room: “With Huang Zhendong coming forward, the Zhang family will be in peace and won’t cause trouble for me.”

He added: “Zhang Daqiang even apologized to me.”

“It’s okay.”

Tang Ruoxue’s eyes were worried: “But this time you owe Huang Zhendong a favor.”

She knew very well in her heart that how could the prestige of a person like Huang Zhendong be so easy to borrow?

If he stood up for Ye Fan once, he would only be able to repay Ye Fan by squeezing his flesh and blood.

“I will give you 100,000 yuan another day, and you go buy some expensive gifts for Huang Zhendong.”

Tang Ruoxue sat up slightly and said, “I can repay as much favor as I can tonight.”

Ye Fan smiled heartily: “Don’t worry, I saved his life. The favor tonight is enough to smooth it over.”

Tang Ruoxue thought of Ye Fan’s life-saving incident, and most of her worries disappeared from her pretty face:

“Ye Fan, if you don’t owe any favors anymore and you can avoid dealing with Huang Zhendong in the future, then don’t deal with him.”

“I don’t want to visit you in jail.”

If you get too close to Huang Zhendong, something will happen sooner or later. Although the Sihai Chamber of Commerce is a chamber of commerce, it is engaged in gray business.


Ye Fan remembered something: “By the way, you have a problem with your funds, why didn’t you tell me?”

He had learned about the situation, and Tang Ruoxue had been tricked by Baihua Bank.

The original loan of 100 million with a term of three years was deceived by the bank into repaying it half a year later. As soon as the loan was repaid, the bank refused to renew the loan because the business risk was too high.

This put Tang Ruoxue into chaos.

The company is expanding its scale of production, and 100 million in working capital has been taken away, which has greatly affected its normal operations.

Tang Ruoxue borrowed money from everywhere and even offered three times interest from the bank. She thought it would not be difficult to solve the problem, but her business partners all found various excuses to refuse.

Tang Ruoxue tried hard, but still had a shortfall of 50 million, which eventually led to tonight’s conflict.

“Tell you something?”

Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face instinctively showed a hint of sarcasm:

“Is it useful to tell you? Fifty million, how can you help?”

“As long as you are of some use, I don’t have to work so hard every day.”

Ye Fan smiled bitterly. This was true. If it were him before, even if he knew that Tang Ruoxue was in difficulty, he wouldn’t be able to help in the slightest.

“Oh, by the way, I have 10 million here. Huang Zhendong forced it on me.”

He took out the check and handed it over: “You take it first.”

“Ten million?”

Tang Ruoxue was shocked and looked at Mark in disbelief: “Huang Zhendong will give you 10 million?”

Ye Fan made an excuse: “Yeah, I guess he didn’t want to owe me a favor, so he paid 10 million for his life-saving grace.”

“I can’t take these ten million, and you can’t accept them either.”

Tang Ruoxue kept her head clear: “You must not exchange it, otherwise you will never be able to escape.”

“Even if Huang Zhendong doesn’t drag you into trouble, the police will still come after you for the money in the future.”

“Don’t touch it. If you need money, I’ll give it to you.”

Her cold voice reminded Ye Fan, and she forgot to open her legs. The whiteness stimulated Ye Fan’s eyes.

Ye Fan was stunned and wanted to give some advice, but when he saw Tang Ruoxue’s frosty face, he had no choice but to put away the check.

“I will solve my company’s problems.”

Tang Ruoxue advised: “You should deal with your family affairs in the past few days, and then find a job as soon as possible.”

“In the past, your mother was sick and you needed to be taken care of every three days. Now that she is well, you have no reason not to work.”

“I don’t ask you how much money you make, I just ask you to be more stable.”

She didn’t want to see Ye Fan mopping the floor and cooking every day, nor did she want to see Ye Fan pretending to be a miracle doctor to fool people, so she hoped that he would do something serious.

Ye Fan nodded again: “Okay, I will see my mother tomorrow and then find a job as soon as possible.”
After saying that, he found clothes and went to take a shower. As soon as he entered the bathroom, Mark’s eyes narrowed slightly.

He saw Tang Ruoxue’s Buddhist amulet hanging on the sink.

A wisp of black energy lingered.

Seeing Tang Ruoxue combing her hair, Ye Fan quietly took the Buddhist amulet.

The stone of life and death automatically rotated, exuding fierce killing intent.

Ye Fan could feel its evil.

When he was about to crush it, he found a face suddenly appeared on the mirror.

“give me back!”

Tang Ruoxue, who appeared behind him, suddenly shouted angrily and snatched the amulet from Mark’s hand.

Ye Fan was so frightened by her that he trembled all over. He looked at Tang Ruoxue who was breathing rapidly in shock and was a little stunned for a moment.

Because he had never seen Tang Ruoxue’s expression like this.

She was like a child who had her favorite toy taken away, frightened and angry, even mixed with cruelty and ferociousness.

Tang Ruoxue, who was holding the Buddhist amulet in her hand, suddenly calmed down and seemed to realize her overreaction.

She looked at the dumbfounded Ye Fan, feeling ashamed in her heart, like a child who had done something wrong.

She wanted to say sorry to Mark, but in the end she scolded him with a straight face:

“Who told you to touch my things?”

“From now on, you can’t touch my belongings without my consent, or you can go sleep on the third floor.”

While talking, she kept holding the amulet in her arms as if it were some kind of treasure.

“Ruoxue, this is really an evil thing, you must throw it away immediately.”

Ye Fan stared at Tang Ruoxue and advised: “Otherwise, you and the people around you will be affected, and if it is serious, your life will be in danger…”

He found that the black energy of the Buddha’s amulet began to become stronger again.

“go out!”

Tang Ruoxue interrupted coldly…

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