Chapter 27 Unreasonable

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Chapter 27 Unreasonable

The next morning, Ye Fan got up early. After serving Tang Sanguo and his wife after breakfast and going to work, he was ready to go back to the village in the city.

He wanted to see how Shen Biqin was doing.

The stomach tumor is cured and the foreign debt is cleared. The adoptive mother’s life should be better, but Ye Fan is still used to visiting her every now and then.

The adoptive mother’s family has raised Ye Fan for eighteen years, and Ye Fan has long regarded them as his biological parents.

When Tang Ruoxue heard that Ye Fan was going to see Shen Biqin, she took the initiative to go with Ye Fan for the first time.

Ye Fan was a little surprised, but mostly happy, which meant that Tang Ruoxue was slowly recognizing him.

You know, she almost never saw her mother before.

Twenty minutes later, Old Audi arrived at Baishizhou Urban Village.

It’s just that Shen Biqin is not in the rental house.

Ye Fan called Shen Biqin and found out that she was at the nearby Chaoyang vegetable market.

So Ye Fan took Tang Ruoxue and walked over.

Along the way, countless eyes looked at the two of them, as if they were a beauty and a beast.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the vegetable market, where people were coming and going, shouting, and full of life.

Ye Fan took Tang Ruoxue around and soon saw his mother in the east corner.

She rented a stall, and there was a table at the door with six large aluminum pots on it, all filled with various herbal teas she brewed.

Three yuan a cup.

The herbal tea was very effective and many people lined up to buy it.

Shen Biqin is very busy

“Mom, you are not in good health, why are you here setting up a stall?”

Seeing this, Ye Fan hurriedly ran over: “If you collapse from exhaustion, it will be worth the loss.”

He also picked up a large aluminum pot to help.

“I’m fine. It’s too boring to stay in the house, and I’ve spent a lot of medical expenses this year.”

Shen Biqin smiled kindly: “I’m just thinking about making some herbal tea to earn some food money.”

Ye Fan was helpless: “How many times have I told you, I can take care of the medical expenses.”

“It’s not easy for you either. Besides, you are the son-in-law who comes here. If you always take money from the Tang family, people will gossip.”

Shen Biqin understood the righteousness well: “And I feel sorry for the Tang family.”

“Mom, Mark didn’t take any money from the Tang family. The money he gave you was earned by himself. Mark can make all the decisions.”

At this time, Tang Ruoxue squeezed up from the crowd with a smile: “You can use it without worry.”
She also put on a mask and helped shout.

“Tang…Ruoxue, are you here?”

When Shen Biqin saw Tang Ruoxue, she was slightly startled, as if she didn’t expect her to appear.

Then she pulled up another stool: “Ruoxue, sit down, sit down, you can’t do this rough work.”

“Mom, it’s okay.”

Tang Ruoxue smiled calmly: “I can handle this job, but you, on the other hand, are not in good health. You should sit down and rest.”

“Let me and Ye Fan sell this herbal tea.”

She pushed Shen Biqin down on the stool.

“Ruoxue, you are such a good girl.”

Shen Biqin sat helplessly on the stool, and then kicked Ye Fan:

“Ruoxue didn’t even say a word if she wanted to come. Mom will prepare a meal at home and wait for you.”

“Bringing Ruoxue here to suffer, are you worthy of Ruoxue?”

Shen Biqin is as kind as ever.

Ye Fan smiled bitterly: “How did I know that you were selling herbal tea just when you were sick?”

Tang Ruoxue smiled: “Okay, stop complaining, hurry up and sell the herbal tea, and finish the work as soon as possible to send mom back home.”

Afterwards, the three of them got busy quickly. Tang Ruoxue greeted the guests, Ye Fan was responsible for pouring herbal tea, and Shen Biqin was responsible for collecting money.

The appearance of Tang Ruoxue, a great beauty, brought many times more customers than usual, almost an endless stream.

Seeing this scene, Ye Fan felt warm in his heart. This was the life he dreamed of, and it was also a life worth guarding for his whole life.

It’s a pity that he has never been able to win into a woman’s heart.

“Brother Black Dog is here.”

At this moment, a loud shout resounded through the eardrums, and the entire vegetable market fell into silence.

Ye Fan looked up and saw seven or eight young people walking in at the entrance of the market.


The leader, Black Dog Brother, was chewing betel nuts while looking down on everyone present, as if the Chaoyang Market was difficult for him to discern.

Then, a young man with a crew cut took out a printed QR code and waved it arrogantly in front of each stall he passed.

Ye Fan recognized the other party at a glance. The young man who collected the money was his uncle’s youngest son, Ye Hao.

He was not surprised. Ye Hao was a scumbag before and beat up countless classmates.

There are forty-seven students in a class, forty-five of whom have been beaten by Ye Hao. The only classmate who dares not bully him is his father, the principal.

Ye Fan has been bullied by him since he was a child.

So seeing Ye Hao like this, Ye Fan was completely used to it.

When each stall owner saw Black Dog and the others appearing, they hurriedly scanned over with their mobile phones and entered the amount they had set.

A family of five hundred will be given one thousand or two thousand if the business is good.

There are a total of 120 stalls in Chaoyang Market. This gang of gangsters walked around and pocketed 70,000 to 80,000 yuan.

Tang Ruoxue asked: “Mom, who is this?”

Shen Biqin hesitated: “They charge management fees.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “The management fee is just a group of scum, extorting money.”

He could tell the opponent’s approach at a glance.

Tang Ruoxue’s lips were moved: “Protection money?”

“Ah, no, no, son, it’s the management fee.”

Shen Biqin waved her hands repeatedly: “Fan’er, Ruoxue, don’t worry about these things, let mom handle it.”

Then, she opened her purse, took out a few red bills, and then added three fifty bills, making up five hundred.

“Mom, you can only make a hundred yuan by selling this herbal tea in half a day.”

Ye Fan frowned: “The protection fee is five hundred? And the black dog follower is Ye Hao, and he still charges your money?”

In Ye Fan’s view, no matter how bad a person is, he should have some bottom line.

At this time, a fat boss of a pork stall argued with Heigou and the others, but was kicked to the ground by Ye Hao and slapped four times.

The pork was overturned and trampled beyond recognition.

In the end, the boss’s daughter gave up after taking out a pile of banknotes.

“If you dare to challenge our Four Seas Chamber of Commerce, you will never die, right?”

Ye Hao roared loudly, and took advantage of the opportunity to touch the young and beautiful boss’s daughter.

Extremely arrogant.

Tang Ruoxue narrowed her eyes slightly: “They are so lawless.”

Ye Fan also had a sharp look in his eyes.

Brother Black Dog, who was taking the lead, saw Ye Fan’s unruly expression from a distance and felt that his authority was being challenged, so he led others over.

He glared at Ye Fan: “Boy, what are you looking at? If you look at it again, your eyes will explode. Do you believe it?”

Ye Fan suppressed his anger, lowered his eyelids, poured a cup of herbal tea and drank it.

“You know what you’re interested in.”

“Old immortal, the herbal tea business is good today. The management fee is one thousand yuan. Please pay it quickly.”

The black dog kicked down the shop sign: “Don’t make me angry by chirping.”

A few gangsters also poured a few cups of herbal tea. After a few sips, they vomited on the ground: “What the hell…”

Ye Hao also walked up and stood beside the black dog, pretending to be powerful:

“Second Aunt, are you setting up a stall here? It’s hard to sell herbal tea on such a hot day, isn’t it?”

“You are in poor health and have just been discharged from the hospital. You should rest more at home, otherwise you will be exhausted and my brother will feel sorry for you.”

His smile was very warm, and he didn’t look like a gangster at all, but a nice young man who asked for help.

The corners of Shen Biqin’s mouth twitched, not knowing how to answer.

Ye Fan’s face turned cold: “Ye Hao, don’t go too far.”

“Hey, my college student brother is back too?”

Ye Hao affectionately shouted to Ye Fan:

“You should have told me in advance. My brother can chop a few kilograms of cooked food, warm a pot of wine, and we can’t get back together until we get drunk.”

“You are looking down on me, my brother.”

“Okay, let’s all be friends, and I’ll make the decision for Brother Dog.”

“I’ll charge you two thousand today.”

The smile on Ye Hao’s face became more honest, as if he was a brother to Ye Fan:

“Brother Dog, this is my second aunt. I want you to give me some face. Can you accept two thousand?”

Hei Gou laughed loudly when he heard this: “Okay, Ye Hao, I’ll give you face and I’ll take two thousand.”

“Brother Dog, Ye Hao, please wait a moment.”

“I’ll get you the money right away.”

Shen Biqin didn’t want Ye Fan to conflict with Black Dog and the others, lest Tang Ruoxue would be implicated.

“I’ll give you these two thousand.”

Ye Fan took out a check and handed it over.

“You’re awesome, give me a check, you’re a rich man, Ye Hao, you brother, you’re doing well…”

Black Dog took the check and swiped it, laughing out loud and suddenly froze.

Ten million, Huang Zhendong!

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