Chapter 29 Director Zhang wants to sit here

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Chapter 29 Director Zhang wants to sit here

Black Dog took Ye Hao and his gang and fled in embarrassment.

Ye Fan received cheers and applause from the entire market.

The black dog gang made it difficult for them to breathe. Now that Ye Fan helped to vent their anger and waived the management fee, the vendor was immediately grateful.

So everyone came over one after another and not only bought all the herbal tea, but also gave away their own things.

Chicken, duck, goose, fish, as well as various vegetables and fruits, instantly filled the herbal tea shop.

Ye Fan wanted to return it, but his uncle and aunt scolded him for being ignorant.

Ye Fan and Shen Biqin had no choice but to accept it.

I don’t have to buy groceries for half a month.

Shen Biqin was in a good mood, radiant as never before, and then took Ye Fan and Tang Ruoxue home with a smile on her face.

At noon, six dishes and one soup were placed on the dinner table, which were all delicious and delicious, allowing Ye Fan and Tang Ruoxue to enjoy them.

Ye Fan and Tang Ruoxue waited until after five o’clock before getting up and returning to Tang’s house.

Just when she arrived downstairs at the rental house, Tang Ruoxue answered a phone call and then pulled Ye Fan into the BMW.

While the car was driving, Tang Ruoxue told her brother-in-law and his family that they were going to treat him tonight.

Brother-in-law Han Jianfeng’s business has soared and he has just contracted a big project. His sister Han Sisi has also been promoted to department director. It can be said to be a double blessing.

So the Han family invited Lin Qiuling and the others to have dinner at the rich man’s house.

Lin Qiuling and Tang Sanguo had something to deal with, so she asked Tang Ruoxue and Ye Fan to act as representatives.

Hearing the news, Mark was very resistant: “Can I not go?”

The Rolex incident caused Han Jianfeng and his wife to lose face. Ye Fan was worried that he would be severely targeted by them in the past.

Tang Ruoxue joked: “Brother-in-law and eldest sister have called upon you to be present. If you don’t go, they will say that the Tang family is rude.”

“Besides, if you don’t show up to attract fire, won’t you let me be laughed at by them?”

Ye Fan took advantage of the situation and patted Tang Ruoxue’s thigh: “You are a dead fellow Taoist but not a poor Taoist.”

When the palms touch the stockings, they feel extremely good, with a touch of warmth.

Tang Ruoxue’s body trembled obviously, and she obviously resisted the man touching her, but it was rare that she didn’t throw away Mark’s hand.

She didn’t scream or get angry, she just pretended not to notice, staring ahead and turning the steering wheel.

Unknowingly, she recognized this man more.

Ye Fan took the opportunity to rub it…

Tang Ruoxue didn’t respond.

Ye Fan rubbed it upward…

Tang Ruoxue’s eyelids twitched, but she didn’t make a sound.

Ye Fan rubbed it up again.

“Is it over yet?”

Tang Ruoxue yelled at Mark.

Ye Fan was startled and retracted his hand…

At seven o’clock in the evening, Ye Fan and Tang Ruoxue appeared in the No. C wing of the tycoon.

The wing room is luxuriously decorated, with three large round tables, enough to accommodate thirty people. The minimum price per table is 8,000, which shows that the Han family has spent a lot of money.

The round table was already full, and people were chatting with joyful faces.

Tang Ruoxue took Ye Fan to greet them one by one, but the Han family relatives ignored them. They were not only indifferent, but also impatient, which made Tang Ruoxue very melancholy.

Although Han Jianfeng’s parents were the owners, they were neither salty nor salty. Then they pointed at the seats at the door.

Tang Fenghua and Han Sisi didn’t even look at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan didn’t pay attention and pulled Tang Ruoxue to sit down by the door.

Tang Ruoxue rolled her eyes at him: “Are you really big-hearted? Can you bear all this? Can’t you just have some backbone and leave?”

Ye Fan smiled faintly: “I gave you a gift, why should I have a meal?”

Tang Ruoxue almost muttered the word “waste” again…

Seeing everyone gathered, Mother Han stood up in a graceful and luxurious dress, with pride and pride on her face:

“Today Jianfeng signed a contract for a 30 million yuan project from the Zhang Chamber of Commerce, and Sisi also became the administrative director of the Wuhu Group branch.”

“They cannot be where they are today without the encouragement of their elders, brothers and sisters.”

“Lao Han and I set up these tables just to thank everyone for taking care of us.”

Father Han laughed and stood up: “Everyone has a good meal and a drink tonight. If you need anything, just ask.”

“Mom, Dad, elders, brothers and sisters.”

Han Jianfeng also stood up with a wine glass in hand: “No more nonsense, I’ll do it first as a courtesy.”

He drank it all in one gulp.

“Jianfeng and Sisi are so capable and will take off soon. Don’t forget us poor relatives when the time comes.”

“Tsk, tsk, it’s amazing to have such achievements at such a young age.”

“A big engineering boss, a top executive of a Fortune 500 company, the Han family is really full of talents.”

The relatives of the Han family toasted enthusiastically and expressed their approval.

The ninth uncle, who was the most senior, even slapped the table: “This is how you should give birth to a child, this is how you should give birth to a child.”

Han Jianfeng breathed out the smell of alcohol: “Uncle, uncle, uncle, aunt, you guys are serious.”

“No matter how my sister and I prosper, we are still a family with the same flesh and blood.”

Han Sisi also raised a delicate and pretty face:

“From now on, if you have anything to do, just say it, we brothers and sisters will never let go.”

The Han brothers and sisters spoke very grandly, and the relatives present were very satisfied, and then they praised them again.

Father Han and Mother Han’s faces were glowing red, and they were indescribably proud.


Tang Fenghua suddenly looked at Ye Fan who was engrossed in eating:

“Ruoxue, it’s not your sister’s fault, it’s time for you to encourage your family, Ye Fan.”

“Jianfeng is only three years older than Ye Fan. Although he is not a Forbes billionaire, he still owns a car, a house and a company.”

“And your Ye Fan has accomplished nothing and still needs to be supported by the Tang family.”

She wanted to vent her anger on Rolex for causing trouble: “If you don’t feel embarrassed, I will be embarrassed for the Tang family.”

“You can’t blame Ye Fan, he worked very hard.”

Han Jianfeng smiled but said: “It’s just that my ability is really limited, otherwise I wouldn’t be a son-in-law.”

Tang Ruoxue’s expression changed slightly, and she wanted to say something, but Mark shook his head to stop her.

Not full yet…

Father and Mother Han looked over, with deep disdain in their eyes.

He is also someone’s son-in-law and his own son’s big boss, but Ye Fan relies on charity from the Tang family. How can we not look down upon him?

“Ah, is this the Tang family’s son-in-law?”

“How can a normal person be so brainless?”

“You’re so smart, but you can still tear up Jianfeng’s antique calligraphy and paintings?”

“I heard that he bought ginseng fruit sold at a street stall as a birthday gift for his mother-in-law. Fortunately, Jianfeng found out early and stopped him in time, otherwise something big would have happened…”

“And in order to appear in front of his relatives and friends, he specially bought a fake Rolex packaging.”


The birthday banquet turmoil and the Rolex conflict were deliberately manipulated by Han Jianfeng, which had long confused right and wrong among the Han family relatives.

Tang Fenghua didn’t explain aloud.

Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face was sullen: “That’s not the case…”

“If you don’t have much ability, just settle down and don’t let the Tang family wipe your ass all the time.”

The ninth uncle of the Han family relied on his old age and reprimanded Ye Fan: “Be down-to-earth and don’t be too ambitious.”

Ye Fan gnawed on the chicken leg and nodded repeatedly: “Yes, yes, yes.”

Han Sisi glanced at Ye Fan, her pretty face full of arrogance and disdain.

“Sisi, you are the supervisor now. Let’s see if Wuhu Company needs any handymen. Let Ye Fan go in and do some odd jobs so that we can earn a living.”

Tang Fenghua offered advice, but it was just a joke: “We are relatives, please help if you can.”

“Fenghua, what are you talking about?”

Mother Han’s attitude was arrogant: “Sisi is in the Wuhu Group, a Fortune 500 company. How could it be possible to use the back door?”

“Yes, mom is right.”

“Wuhu is a large group. Although I am the administrative director and am in charge of more than a dozen people, I can’t just stuff people in.”

Han Sisi looked at Ye Fan with disdain: “In our company, everyone who sweeps the floor must have a bachelor’s degree. There’s really no way for someone like Ye Fan to fit in.”

In her eyes, Ye Fan is like mud and will never be able to hold himself up against the wall.

“Fuck with me.”

Han Jianfeng waved his hand: “I am cooperating with Zhang and will soon participate in the Disney project. The project is huge and I need a lot of people there.”

“Ye Fan, go to Disneyland to find me tomorrow and move bricks. I’ll give you five thousand a month.”

Tang Fenghua smiled playfully: “Ye Fan, why don’t you thank your brother-in-law quickly?”


Ye Fan put down his chopsticks with a slightly surprised expression:

“I’m sorry, I was just thinking about something. I don’t know, what did you say?”

Han Jianfeng: “…”

Relatives of the Han family: “…”

“What’s the matter with you? Your brother-in-law kindly arranged a decent job for you, but you didn’t hear the whole process?”

The ninth uncle of the Han family relied on his old age and yelled: “Are you deaf?”

Tang Ruoxue’s cheeks were hot and she wanted to say something, but was held down by Mark.

Ye Fan still ignored it and continued to eat and drink. He had packed two thousand yuan in red envelopes, so it would be a loss if he didn’t eat more.

“I just know how to eat, eat, eat, and the elders won’t respond even if they say so much.”

“Don’t blame him. I don’t usually have the chance to eat in a big hotel. I finally came here, so of course I tried my best to eat.”

The relatives of the Han family reprimanded Mark for being ignorant.

Han Sisi also raised her slender stocking legs to look down on Ye Fan.

Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face was also ugly. If Mark hadn’t held her down, she would have flipped the table and left.


At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open.

Ye Fan, who was sitting in the corner, was touched on his arm, and the chicken leg he was chewing fell to the ground with a whoosh.

Then, several unruly men in black broke into the private room. One of them, a long-haired young man with a red panda in his mouth, shouted to Han Jianfeng and his family:

“Everyone, get out, we want this private room.”

Han Jianfeng slammed the table and shouted: “We haven’t finished eating yet.”

“Chairman Zhang Shizhang wants to sit here, so I have to give him face.”

The arrogant young man smoking a cigarette casually looked down on Han Jianfeng:

“You won’t give it?”

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