Chapter 30 Three cups of self-punishment

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Chapter 30 Three cups of self-punishment

Chairman Zhang Shizhang?

Zhang Daqiang?

Han Jianfeng and the others all knew who Zhang Daqiang was, and their anger instantly dissipated without a trace.

All the relatives who felt offended were also scared. Everyone knew that they could not afford to offend Zhang Daqiang.


Han Jianfeng turned away in embarrassment, looked around at dozens of relatives and said:

“Everyone should have almost eaten. Let’s pack up and go out after eating.”

“After all, Mr. Zhang also gave me 30 million yuan for the project. We still have to give him this face.”

“It’s convenient for others, and it’s convenient for yourself.”

He found the steps for himself.

Mother Han also nodded repeatedly:

“You must give it, you must give it. Mr. Zhang does all the big things. Our meal is dispensable.”

Dozens of relatives of the Han family hurriedly got up.

The group of arrogant young people standing at the door of the wing were very proud.

“Brother-in-law, the desserts haven’t been served yet, why are we leaving?”

At this moment, Ye Fan looked up and looked at the people at the door: “We will not let this wing out.”

“Also, let Zhang Daqiang come over and apologize.”

Ye Fan pointed at the chicken drumstick on the ground: “He ruined a drumstick for me.”

Several aggressive men thought they heard wrongly and looked at Ye Fan like a fool.

Han Jianfeng and the others were also shocked.

“Ye Fan, what are you talking about?”

Han Jianfeng scolded with a straight face: “When will it be your turn to make the decision here? This is the Han family’s banquet. I’ll leave as soon as I say.”

“Also, if you want to die, then die. Don’t involve us.”

He hurriedly said to the arrogant young man: “Brother, this is the son-in-law of my mother-in-law’s family. He speaks without thinking. Don’t take it to heart.”

Han Sisi also shouted:

“Ye Fan, I order you to apologize quickly, otherwise you will never want to move bricks at my brother’s construction site.”

Ye Fan ignored Han Jianfeng and just looked at the arrogant young man and said:

“In three minutes, let Zhang Daqiang come over and punish himself with three cups. Just say what I, Ye Fan, said.”

Han Jianfeng and the others were so scared that their faces turned pale.

“Boy, who the hell do you think you are, you dare to make Mr. Zhang drink as a fine?”

The arrogant young man stared at Ye Fan sharply: “Have you had enough?”

He was about to step forward to teach Ye Fan a lesson when a man wrapped in gauze walked up behind him. He was the young man in a trench coat who had had a conflict at the Xia Feng Club.

When he saw Ye Fan’s face clearly, he was instantly startled, with unspeakable fear in his eyes.

He was busy whispering to the arrogant young man.
He kicked himself away, broke Zhang Xiaogang’s five fingers, and became brothers with Huang Zhendong. A series of messages were intertwined, producing an unexpected effect.

The arrogant young man’s face was gloomy and uncertain, and he led others out of the private room slowly.

“Ye Fan, you are in big trouble.”

Han Jianfeng pointed at Ye Fan and said, “If something happens later, you can handle it alone. Don’t involve us.”

A group of relatives of the Han family also looked at Ye Fan angrily.

Tang Ruoxue frowned slightly, wanting to scold Mark as usual, but in the end she chose to remain silent.

“Mr. Zhang, here.”

Soon, there was another sound of footsteps at the door, and a haggard-looking Zhang Daqiang appeared with a dozen people.

The Han family subconsciously stood up, their hearts in their throats.

Han Jianfeng even clarified: “Mr. Zhang, we are not familiar with Mark. We are not familiar with each other.”

“Brother Ye, Brother Ye, I’m sorry, I offended you.”

The next scene shocked Han Jianfeng and the others. Zhang Daqiang rushed to Ye Fan to shake hands and apologized sincerely:

“The people below are ignorant and have offended many people. I apologize on their behalf and punish myself with three drinks. I hope all the unpleasantness can be wiped out.”

He asked for a bottle of Moutai, and then filled three large glasses himself.

“It’s really time for you to have a long memory.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “The dignified boss has no structure at all.”

Han Jianfeng’s family was stunned. They didn’t expect that Ye Fan would dare to teach Zhang Daqiang like this.

What made them collapse even more was that Zhang Daqiang nodded like a primary school student:

“Brother Ye is right, my level is too low, I should remember it.”

“Please give Brother Ye more advice in the future.”

“I did it.”

Zhang Daqiang picked up the three-liang glass and drank three glasses of Maotai in one go.

The arrogant young man and others also poured wine and drank.

In the private room, there was silence

Han Sisi and the others looked ugly. After three glasses of high-concentration liquor, everyone could tell that Zhang Daqiang was really apologizing, not just perfunctory.

This makes them feel bad.


Ye Fan said calmly: “Okay, this matter is over.”

“Thank you, Mr. Ye, for your generosity.”

Zhang Daqiang smiled all over his face, and then spoke respectfully to Ye Fan:

“Brother Ye, can you leave me your number? I have something to ask you another day.”

Ye Fan knew what he was asking for without asking. He asked 100% if he could treat his seminiferous ducts. He immediately took a piece of tissue and wrote a number.

“thanks, thanks.”

Zhang Daqiang folded the tissue and put it in his arms as if he had found a treasure. Then he smiled and shouted to the Han family:

“I’m sorry for bothering you all. This meal will be charged to my account.”

Several key members of the Zhang family also nodded and bowed, showing indescribable respect and fear.

Ye Fan nodded slightly: “Well, let’s go out.”

The understatement, as if Zhang Daqiang was his son, was unacceptable to everyone in the Han family.

Tang Ruoxue’s waist straightened invisibly.

Feel proud.

“Brother Ye, we’ll meet again another day. Everyone, I’ll take my leave.”

Zhang Daqiang laughed, and then left with a group of backbones.

The whole place was quiet again.

Mother Han and the others all looked ugly and felt hot all over. Just now they called Ye Fan a waste and asked him to go to Zhang’s construction site to move bricks, but in the blink of an eye he became Zhang’s guest.

Zhang Daqiang punished himself with three drinks. The slap on his face really hurt.

Han Jianfeng felt even more uncomfortable. He had always suppressed Ye Fan, but today he was killed instantly by Ye Fan.

This is worse than Lin Qiuling making a fool of herself at her birthday party.

Zhang Daqiang and the others disappeared, but the room was still quiet. The atmosphere was a bit awkward. Mother Han and the others were not enjoying their food.

However, Tang Ruoxue had a huge appetite and drank two bowls of desserts in a row.

But she was a kind person and did not turn around and ridicule everyone.

“Ye Fan, how did you fool Zhang Daqiang?”

Tang Fenghua couldn’t hold it back: “Let me tell you, he is not easy to mess with. You’d better explain to him honestly what you deceived him.”

“Otherwise, you will not only harm yourself, but you may also harm innocent people like us.”

She warned Mark Ye: “His drinking is not so easy to punish.”

In her opinion, if Zhang Daqiang values Ye Fan so much, Ye Fan must have deceived him, otherwise this scene would not have happened.

How could Ye Fan be better than her husband?

While eating lobster, Ye Fan nodded repeatedly: “I understand, I understand.”

Han’s mother couldn’t bear to see Ye Fan overpowering her son: “I know what I am worth, but Zhang Daqiang can’t play with it.”

Ye Fan spit out the shrimp shell: “Yes, yes, yes.”

“Grow some food.”

Han Sisi curled her lips: “Don’t say that you and Zhang Daqiang have a good friendship. Even if you don’t have a good relationship, you have nothing to be proud of.”

“Zhang Daqiang is not clean. If you follow him as a brother, you won’t get any benefits, and half of your head will be missing.”

“This is no longer the case a few decades ago. Only by making money can you make money for a long time.”

“Zhang Daqiang can’t dance for long…”

She looked at Mark with contempt: “If you want to honor your ancestors, you still have to join a big company.”

Mother Han nodded: “Yes, times have changed. Evil ways will not last long, and big companies are the way to go.”

Although Han Jianfeng felt awkward, after all, he had also subcontracted Zhang’s project, but he would not say anything if it could dampen Ye Fan’s arrogance.

“Just take the high road.”

Han Sisi looked like she was lecturing Ye Fan: “If you achieve half as much as me one day, you will be considered as a face to Mr. Tang…”

Halfway through, she stopped talking because another group of men and women in colorful clothes appeared in her field of vision.

One of them is a familiar face.

Han Sisi left Ye Fan behind, walked to the door excitedly, and shouted to the man in Chinese clothes walking in front:

“Hello, Mr. Lin.”

Ye Fan turned his head and looked at Lin Baishun.

When dressing, pointy leather shoes, narrow pants, Armani upper body.

Feminine and wealthy, with a strong aura.

Only the gauze wrapped around his head and hands made him a bit funny.

When they heard Han Sisi calling Mr. Lin, Father and Mother Han subconsciously stood up to greet him.

“Mr. Lin, what a coincidence. I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Han Sisi made herself gentle and pleasant, and her arrogance turned into enthusiasm:

“I have always wanted to thank Mr. Lin for his cultivation, but I never had the chance.”

“I wonder if Mr. Lin can give me a chance today to treat you and your friends to a meal?”

The relatives of the Han family nodded secretly when they heard this. Han Sisi was indeed good at what he did.


Lin Baishun glanced at Han Sisi’s family casually, and then landed on the face of Ye Fan who was eating lobster. He was startled, as if he did not expect to meet Ye Fan here.

The cold and proud face suddenly felt spring breeze.

Seeing Lin Baishun striding in, Han Sisi was even more happy:

“Mr. Lin, thank you for the compliment…”

“Mom, this is the general manager of Zhonghai Branch of Wuhu Group, and also my noble person.”

Mother Han’s family is in high spirits.

Han Jianfeng also raised his pretty face, proud of his sister.

He also rolled up his sleeves and prepared to shake hands.

However, Lin Baishun ignored the Han family and walked straight past them, came to Mark and spoke respectfully:

“Master Ye.”

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