Chapter 31 Rescue

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Chapter 31 Rescue

Mr. Ye?

The respectful voice was neither high nor low, but to Han Sisi’s parents, it was like a thunderbolt from the blue.

Han Sisi’s expression suddenly changed, looking as ugly as possible.

The relatives of the Han family also looked at Mark in shock.

Mr. Ye, when did you come?

Han Sisi shouted in disbelief: “Mr. Lin, do you know Mark?”

Lin Baishun ignored her and just smiled warmly at Mark:

“Hello, Mr. Ye, hello, sister-in-law.”

“I never thought it would be an honor to meet you here.”

After confirming that the two knew each other, Lin Baishun was still so respectful to Ye Fan, and Han Jianfeng’s family was completely stiff.

Han Sisi’s little mouth also opened silently.

Never thought that Ye Fan would know his immediate boss, Lin Baishun.

Tang Ruoxue had a bad impression of Lin Baishun, but out of politeness, she nodded slightly: “Mr. Lin, hello.”

Ye Fan showed no respect and threw the shrimp shells on the table: “Is something wrong?”

For those who want to be frivolous to Tang Ruoxue, Ye Fan will not forgive him just because he has a broken hand.

“Master Ye, it was my fault last time. I always wanted to find a chance to apologize, but I never got the chance.”

Feeling Ye Fan’s hostility, Lin Baishun’s heart trembled and he bent down:

“Tonight, I wonder if Mr. Ye can reward Lin Baishun with a meal?”

He had already found out clearly that Ye Fan was the savior of Song Hongyan’s daughter, and Song Hongyan even knelt down to thank him.

Thinking of his behavior towards Tang Ruoxue in the western restaurant, Lin Baishun really wanted to beat himself to death, so when he saw Mark, he wanted to make up for it.

At the same time, hug your thighs.

If he really builds a good relationship with Ye Fan, he will have the opportunity to enter the core level and transform from the Eighteen Arhats to the Eight Great Vajras.

Ye Fan originally wanted to refuse directly, but Tang Ruoxue gently pulled him and signaled him to give him some face.

“Let’s go some other time. I’m full tonight.”

Ye Fan stopped telling him to get out, wiped his hands with a tissue and stood up:

“You leave a business card. One day when I am free, I remember and ask you to treat me to this meal.”

“Thank you, Master Ye, thank you, Master Ye.”

Lin Baishun quickly took out a business card and handed it to Ye Fan respectfully:

“I sincerely hope that Mr. Ye can give me a chance to make amends.”

Ye Fan hummed and put it in his pocket.

Han Sisi’s family almost vomited blood when they saw this.

Lin Baishun, whom they tried every means to please, was like an ant in Ye Fan’s eyes.

This gap is really huge.

Han Sisi felt even more uncomfortable.

Diaosi should be diaosi, why should they counterattack? Or counterattack again and again?

She was about to cry.

“I won’t disturb you all from eating. I won’t disturb you from eating.”

Lin Baishun straightened up and smiled at Han Sisi:

“Sisi, why didn’t you tell me earlier that Mr. Ye is your relative?”

It looked like she was complaining, but actually there was a mystery behind it. Han Sisi’s eyes lit up.

Ye Fan calmly extinguished Han Sisi’s thoughts: “We are not familiar with each other.”

“Ruoxue, go home.”

Then, he pulled Tang Ruoxue out of the wing.


Lin Baishun nodded repeatedly, and then respectfully sent Mark off.

Han Sisi looked very gloomy, and then looked at everyone in embarrassment. This was entirely what she asked for.

She thought she was doing well enough. Two years after graduation, she became a supervisor with a monthly salary of 50,000, so she was qualified to look down on Ye Fan, a loser.

But compared with others now, it’s nothing!

Moreover, his humiliation of Ye Fan will probably get him kicked out by Lin Baishun…

Uncle Jiu slapped the table again:

“This is how you should be when you give birth to a child. This is how you should be when you give birth to a child.”

After coming out of Monopoly, Tang Ruoxue threw away her reserve and happily hugged Mark.

Over the past year, she had been ridiculed in front of all her relatives. Only tonight she received envious and jealous looks.

So she was also very affectionate with Mark.

But she quickly reacted and hurriedly left Mark.

Ye Fan didn’t let her leave and grabbed the woman’s hand. Tang Ruoxue wanted to break away, but was held tightly by Ye Fan.

In the end, Tang Ruoxue could only let Mark hold it.

The relationship between the two has undergone a qualitative change.

The two of them were about to get into the car and leave, but they heard a noise in front of them:

“Oops, someone fainted!”

Tang Ruoxue and Ye Fan were stunned and ran towards the crowd not far away.

Soon, the two came to the center of the incident and saw an old man with white hair lying on the ground. He looked about sixty years old and was very skinny.

Especially his facial features, which look like a skeleton, giving people the feeling of seeing a ghost at night.

At this moment, his eyes were closed tightly, his body was curled up, and he was trembling slightly.

A girl with a pretty face and a delicate face wearing a Givenchy shirt squatted anxiously next to him.

The woman took her mobile phone to call an ambulance, screaming and telling her the address, asking them to come and save her.

Then, she shouted to the onlookers around her:

“Is there a doctor here? Is there a doctor who can give my grandpa first aid?”

The old man’s face was slowly darkening, and his heaving chest was getting weaker.

Everyone can see that the situation is not optimistic. Maybe the person will be gone before the ambulance arrives.

When the onlookers heard the girl’s shouting, they subconsciously stopped taking pictures with their mobile phones and scanned the inspection team to see if there were any medical staff.

Several people looked hesitant, but ultimately did not step forward to help.

These days, we don’t seek merit, but we seek no faults.


Suddenly, the old man hugged his shoulders, shivering, and his expression became more and more painful.

The Givenchy girl became even more anxious when she saw this, looked around the crowd and shouted:

“Who can help my grandpa? I will give him one hundred thousand, no, one million.”

The crowd exclaimed, this girl is really rich.

“I gonna go see!”

Seeing that the old man was in critical condition, Ye Fan was ready to step forward.

Tang Ruoxue’s eyes were sharp and her hands were quick to hold on: “What are you going to do? Want to get one million?”

Ye Fan whispered: “No, I want to save people.”

Tang Ruoxue scolded angrily: “You just watched a few health programs, and you were lucky enough to save Sissy. You really think of yourself as a miracle doctor.”

Ye Fan explained aloud: “No, Ruoxue, the patient’s condition is not good, I will see if I can help…”

“How can you help? Luck will not favor you again and again.”

Tang Ruoxue grabbed Ye Fan and said, “And if you look at the patient’s clothes, they are either rich or noble.”

“Treat this kind of person, and if he is cured, the reward is not small, but if something goes wrong, it is not as simple as being sorry.”

“You might get killed.”

“So I don’t want you to wade into muddy waters.”

Tang Ruoxue finally changed her view on Ye Fan, so she hoped that he would live a down-to-earth life. Only in this way would the two of them have the possibility of moving on.

“Ruoxue, don’t worry, I won’t save people carelessly.”

Ye Fan knew what she was worried about: “I just went to take a look.”

Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face was frosty: “You are not allowed to go.”

If Ye Fan was a serious doctor, Tang Ruoxue would not stop him like this.

But Ye Fan is just a person who has attended a lecture on traditional Chinese medicine. He has not even obtained a medical qualification certificate. It is too risky for him to join in the fun.

If you’re not careful, you could be accused of murder.


At this time, the old man groaned in pain, and the Givenchy girl wiped her tears and shouted:

“Is there a doctor?”

“Ruoxue, I’ll explain to you later, now we have to save people.”

Ye Fan broke free from Tang Ruoxue’s hand, then shouted through the crowd: “Let me take a look.”

Tang Ruoxue was so angry that she stamped her feet: “Ye Fan…”

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