Chapter 37 Calling Master

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Chapter 37 Calling Master

After setting the bet, Ye Fan didn’t waste any more nonsense and directly gave instructions to Han Yue:

“Go and bring back ten crickets, ten scarabs, ten summer cicadas, ten dragonflies, and ten wasps.”

Han Yue’s skin got goosebumps: “What do you want these for?”

Ye Fan frowned slightly: “Just go and do it, do you want your grandpa?”

“Also, after you get them back, fry them into a dish for me yourself. Don’t add chili pepper, but sprinkle some salt.”

“Then seal it and put it in the refrigerator to cool down.”

He reminded: “Remember, you must seal the fragrance.”

“Dead pervert.”

Han Yue almost vomited when she heard this, glared at Ye Fan fiercely, and then took her bodyguards to complete the arduous task.

An hour later, Han Yue appeared in front of Ye Fan wearing a mask, holding a large plate of fried wasps and other things in her hand.

Golden and crispy.

Although it has been frozen, the aroma is still very attractive. If you didn’t know that it was an insect, you would probably want to taste it.

Han Yue breathed quickly: “You pervert, what you want is here, what do you want to do?”

She had vomited three or four times because of this plate of food. If Ye Fan was just playing with her, she would chop him into pieces and stir-fry them.

“Do not talk.”

Ye Fan signaled Han Yue and the others to be silent, and also asked the bodyguards and others to be on guard around so as not to disturb him with noise.

Then, he took out two silver needles and said with a smile: “Mr. Han, open your mouth.”

Want to feed yourself insects?

Han Nanhua’s scalp went numb looking at the plate of things, but he still opened his mouth in obedience.

Song Hongyan and Sun Shengshou watched this scene with interest.

Although they didn’t know what Ye Fan was doing, they believed that Ye Fan would not let them down.


As soon as Han Nanhua opened his mouth to the maximum, Ye Fan inserted two needles into the acupuncture points on his face to keep his mouth as wide as possible.

Han Yue was shocked when she saw this: “Asshole, what are you doing?”

“Shut up!”

Ye Fan scolded Han Yue unceremoniously, and then poured a plate of fried insects into a transparent jar.

The next second, he blocked the jar in Han Nanhua’s mouth.

Han Yue was anxious and was about to shout, but was taken back by Mark’s eyes.

The whole place was so silent that you could almost hear the drop of a pin.

Song Hongyan and Sun Shengshou stared at Han Nanhua and the glass jar.

Five minutes passed quickly, but nothing happened, which made Han Yue’s pretty face turn cold.

She was about to accuse Ye Fan of being a liar, but she saw Sun Shengshou’s eyes widening: “Something crawled out.”

“Huh? Something crawled out of your mouth?”

Song Hongyan and the others’ eyelids twitched and they looked over from a different angle.

The next second, everyone took a deep breath.

I saw a pale living creature about an inch in size slowly moving out of Han Nanhua’s mouth.

Song Hongyan and the others shouted in low voices.

Han Yue even turned around and vomited.

She couldn’t believe such a strange and terrifying scene before her.

Ye Fan waved his hand to stop everyone from speaking: “Quiet!”

Han Yue and the others quickly covered their mouths.

The white living creature moved very slowly and was very small, as if it had just been born.

It lingered on the edge of the mouth, as if it didn’t want to leave the warm environment, but it couldn’t resist the temptation of fried insects.

Finally, it slid into the glass jar with a pop and bit into the fragrant insects.

Song Hongyan and the others were all horrified.

After a minute, when he saw that nothing else came out of his mouth, Ye Fan snapped the glass jar and closed it.

“Oh my god, it’s a centipede, it’s a centipede!”

“There is a centipede in Old Han’s stomach? How did it crawl in?”

“It’s strange that I have to drink hot water and can only eat cold food. It turns out that I have to take care of the centipede’s eating habits.”

A dozen or so people present were whispering and staring at the living things in the jar in disbelief.


Ye Fan took out the two silver needles with his backhand, and then asked someone to rinse Han Nanhua’s mouth with white wine.

Han Nanhua rushed to the door and vomited.

When he was supported by Han Yue and walked back, Ye Fan patted the glass jar and said, “This is the source of the poison.”

Han Yue’s pretty face was extremely embarrassed.

Song Hongyan asked with a sweet smile: “Uncle Hua, how are you feeling now?”

Ye Fan handed Han Nanhua a glass of warm water.


Han Nanhua’s eyelids jumped and he took the glass with trembling hands.

In the past, every time he ate something hot, his stomach would churn and he would be in agony, so now that he was holding the cup, the old man felt some instinctive fear.

But he finally gritted his teeth and drank.

After a while, the cup was empty, and my stomach felt warm, but there was no longer the cramping pain of the past.

The overwhelming torture was completely eliminated.

He was ecstatic: “Okay, okay, it really doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Han Yue and the others can also feel that Han Nanhua’s energy has improved a lot.

“Brother Ye, what on earth is going on?”

Sun Shengshou’s eyes flashed with passion: “How could there be a centipede in Old Han’s belly?”

Ye Fan smiled: “If I estimate correctly, Mr. Han likes to eat cold food…”

“Yes, I pursue original flavor and texture, so I especially like to eat cold food.”

Han Nanhua nodded honestly: “Lettuce, raw beef, sashimi, raw seafood… I eat them all.”

Ye Fan smiled and nodded: “When Mr. Han was eating these things, he accidentally ate centipede eggs.”

“Under normal circumstances, gastric juice is enough to digest these things, but Mr. Han often eats raw and cold food, which provides a survival environment for centipede eggs.”

He pointed at the centipede and explained: “So this centipede finally hatched and grew with the raw and cold food that Mr. Han kept eating.”

Sun Sheng shook his hand and his eyes lit up:

“Centipedes are carnivores and they also like moist and dark places. So when Old Han eats hot food or boiled water, centipedes start making noises in his stomach?”

“Moreover, centipedes, regardless of size, will detoxify every half a month. Once the toxins are discharged, they will circulate in Mr. Han’s stomach.”

“Because there weren’t many toxins at the beginning, Old Han didn’t have much reaction, but his internal organs were slowly failing.”

He completely figured out the cause of the disease: “And last night, when the toxins accumulated to the limit of the human body, Mr. Han’s fragile body couldn’t bear it and he fell into a coma?”

“What Mr. Sun said is absolutely correct.”

Ye Fan nodded:

“I met Mr. Han last night and saw that he was poisoned. I gave him acupuncture to help him dissolve the poison and force the poison out.”

“As a result, Han Yue made trouble when the ninth injection was about to be administered, so in the end he just pulled out the toxin, but did not force the source of the poison out of the body.”

Han Yue’s pretty face turned red and she was very ashamed: “It was your relatives who said you don’t have medical skills…”

Sun Shengshou asked curiously:

“Then why did Brother Ye not use the magic needle to force it out today?”

Ye Fan explained with a smile: “I alerted the snake last night, and I’m going to use the acupuncture to force it. I guess it will be alert as soon as I do it.”

“When the time comes, it will hide around or bite, and it will harm Mr. Han accidentally.”

“So today I will no longer threaten you, but use food to seduce you.”

Ye Fan pointed at the glass jar: “Didn’t you climb out by yourself?”

When Sun Shengshou heard this, he sighed with emotion: “Brother Ye, your skills are simply amazing. I admire you, I admire you.”

Han Yue asked hesitantly: “Then is my grandpa okay?”

“The poison has been found, but Mr. Han is in poor health and needs to take medicine for another month.”

Ye Fan looked at Han Nanhua and smiled: “I will write a prescription for you later. Just take the medicine and decoct it according to the above.”

Han Nanhua quickly saluted:

“Thank you for your hard work, brother Ye. If you have any conditions, feel free to ask for them.”

Ye Fan slapped Han Yue:

“Call Master…”

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