Chapter 38 Can I hit you a few more times?

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Chapter 38 Can I hit you a few more times?

Ye Fan wrote a prescription and asked the Han family to take the medicine according to what was written on it.

Afterwards, he stayed in the kitchen to brew the medicine himself.

Ye Fan discovered that the white light of the Life and Death Jade finally turned into three pieces.

“I wonder if three slices can directly save people?”

While Ye Fan was muttering in his heart, Sun Shengshou walked over, looking very embarrassed.

Ye Fan looked over and said with a smile: “Mr. Sun, what’s wrong? Is Mr. Han in good health?”

“No, no, he is very well. I checked his body and his pulse and heartbeat are normal.”

Sun Shengshou smiled kindly: “He fell asleep after eating the hot porridge. He was snoring so hard that he couldn’t even wake him up.”

“This is the first time in half a month that he has slept so soundly.”

Mark nodded gently: “It’s good if he can sleep. As long as he takes a few more doses of my medicine, he will be completely fine.”

“Brother Ye has rejuvenated himself with a wonderful trick.”

Sun Shengshou praised Ye Fan fiercely: “At this age, this level is unprecedented.”

Ye Fan laughed when he heard this: “Old Sun, if you have anything to say, just tell me.”

Sun Shengshou was startled and smiled sheepishly: “It seems that flattery is also a skill, otherwise it will be seen through at any time.”

“Brother Ye, it’s like this. I have a merciless request.”

Sun Shengshou was like a child making an unreasonable request: “Can you teach me your “Nine Palaces Returning Yang” acupuncture technique?”

“No, no, I’ll pay for it, no matter how much it is!”

His head was completely lowered: “Can you give me a price?”

Ye Fan was slightly stunned. This old man wanted to learn the “Nine Palaces Returning Yang” acupuncture?

Although “Nine Palaces Returning Yang” only has nine needles, each needle has nine changes and can be combined into 81 kinds of acupuncture methods. This acupuncture method is insignificant to Ye Fan.

But he was surprised that this acupuncture method could still be sold for money.

In silence, Sun Shengshou looked at Ye Fan nervously.

This ancient acupuncture technique is a priceless treasure. Who is willing to take advantage of it easily?

But if he can learn it, not only will his medical skills improve a lot, but the Sun family will also have an important inheritance, even surpassing that of Bald Long Duhua.

So although he thought it was unlikely, he still wanted to ask Mark.

“If it doesn’t work, forget it. It’s my presumption.”

Sun Shengshou’s face was red, and he apologized unspeakably: “Brother Ye, please forgive me.”

“What kind of money is it? Sun Shengshou is out of touch.”

Ye Fan laughed loudly: “I will teach you for free.”


This time Sun Shengshou was stunned: “Teach it to me for free?”

He couldn’t believe it. This was the Jiugong Huan Yang Needle. It could bring the dead back to life. It would be absolutely no problem to sell it or open a school for three to five hundred million.

If Ye Fan is willing to trade, he can exchange Huichuntang with Ye Fan.

But for such a priceless acupuncture technique, Ye Fan said it was free.

Sun Shengshou was a little unable to react.

“Of course it’s free. Medical skills are used to save people, there’s no point in hiding them.”

Ye Fan said generously: “Come on, while I still have some strength, I will teach you the first shot…”

Sun Sheng shook his body and said, “Are you really willing to teach it to me?”

Ye Fan nodded: “If one more person knows it, it is possible to save ten hundred more patients, which can be regarded as a good deed.”

Sun Sheng plopped his hands and knelt down:

“Master, please accept the hand of disciple Sun to bow to you.”

Han Yue, who came back from taking medicine, was stunned when she saw this scene…

“You must have bowed your head to Grandpa Sun.”

When Sun Shengshou happily took the essentials written by Ye Fan and went back to practice, Han Yue looked at Ye Fan, the magic stick, with a look of despair.

“Otherwise, how could this old man do such a stupid thing?”

“He is a well-known national player in China, and he actually calls you a master.”

In Han Yue’s view, Ye Fan has some moral skills, but at such a young age, no matter how powerful he is, he cannot reach the height of Sun Shengshou.

She also couldn’t accept the idol’s respect for the magic stick.

“Without me as a magic stick, your grandpa would have died last night.”

Ye Fan took the medicinal materials bought by Han Yue and began to process them: “You will become an orphan.”


Han Yue was so angry that she said harshly: “You are just a blind cat meeting a dead mouse.”

“No matter what, you lose. I am your master for the next year.”

Ye Fan bluntly attacked: “You’d better be more respectful, otherwise you will suffer.”

Hearing the word “master”, Han Yue’s pretty face turned red, and then she took a step forward:

“In addition to grandpa’s 100 million, I will give you another 50 million to end our bet.”

Han Yue’s pretty face threw out the temptation with a cold expression: “How?”

Ye Fan didn’t respond and started brewing the medicine slowly.

“Too little?”

Seeing that Ye Fan was silent, Han Yue thought he was greedy, so she snorted disdainfully:

“Okay, how about I give you 100 million?”

“Not at all…”

Ye Fan didn’t look back: “One hundred million is not difficult for me to earn, but making Miss Han a maid is extremely difficult.”

Han Yue shouted: “Two hundred million.”

She didn’t believe that there were still things that money couldn’t solve.

“Your grandfather has just recovered from illness and needs to recuperate for a month.”

Ye Fan said lazily: “This month, you will serve your grandfather well. Next month, I will ask you to fulfill your promise.”

“Remember, I’ll be here when you call me.”

“Ye Fan, don’t be too arrogant.”

Han Yue put her hands on her hips: “Can you bear to let me be a maid?”


Ye Fan slapped her on the side of the leg again: “What’s your attitude?”

Damn it!

Han Yue greets Ye Fan, the eighteenth generation of his ancestors. Today, he was not only slapped in the face but also in the thigh by Ye Fan. He took all his twenty years of innocence.

“Follow your promises well.”

Ye Fan reminded leisurely: “Otherwise, one day your grandfather’s condition will relapse, how can you come to beg me?”

Han Yue’s anger dissipated instantly. Although Mark was hateful, she had to admit that he was still of great value.

At least she couldn’t fall out with Mark until she found another doctor to replace him.

“You’ll be struck by lightning.”

Seeing Ye Fan turn around, Han Yue rolled her eyes and kicked Ye Fan in the lower back.


Ye Fan dodged and escaped the attack, then pulled Han Yue over and pressed him on the table.


When Han Yue was about to scream, a palm wind had already hit her body——


The slap from behind made Han Yue scream in shock.

She was so panicked that she forgot to resist, and was more in disbelief.

This bastard is too violent and arrogant.

Do you understand what it means to pity the fragrance and cherish the jade? Do you know what it means to be considerate and gentle?

Han Yue shouted: “Asshole, let me go, let me go.”

“Bah bang bang!”

Ye Fan hit him eighteen times in one breath, and then let go of the angry Han Yue: “Remember, this is the punishment for offending the master.”

Han Yue covered her back with her left hand, pointed at Mark with her right hand and shouted: “Asshole.”

But although her pretty face looked aggrieved and angry, there was something indescribable in her heart, as if she couldn’t hate Mark.

“What’s it called?”

Ye Fan’s eyes widened: “Are you going to fight again?”

Han Yue hurriedly took a few steps back and away from Mark: “Asshole! Asshole!”

Her pretty face was so red that it was almost dripping with water: “Just wait and see how I deal with you…”

Ye Fan smiled and said: “Okay, I’ll wait! I’ll wait for you to take care of me! My favorite beauty is here to take care of me!”

Han Yue raised her eyebrows and was about to get angry again, but she saw Mark’s shining eyes staring at her.

She felt guilty for a while, and her eyes subconsciously dodge away.

But he soon became angry again.

I am Han Yue, I am the daughter of the Han family, I am the future heir of Qianbao Group, why do I dare not fight back, dare not fight back…

“I’m going to chop you to death.”

Han Yue was so angry that she ran around grabbing people.

Soon, she had two more kitchen knives in her hand.

The sword flashed.


Han Yue was in high spirits:

Tremble, mortal.

Ye Fan said lightly: “Now that you are so angry, does the back of your head still hurt?”

Han Yue was startled, threw away the kitchen knife, touched his head, and was surprised to find that the back of his head, which used to hurt violently when he was angry, now only had a dull pain.

She was overjoyed. You should know that this headache made her miserable when it happened.

“In those few strokes just now, I wasn’t taking advantage of you, but I was helping you clear your meridians and relieve your brain nerves, so that you no longer have headaches when you are angry.”

Ye Fan looked at her and said, “Drink more twenty-four flavors in the past two days to suppress your anger, and your menstruation will return to normal.”

“As for your foot injury, it depends on your performance.”

After saying that, Ye Fan turned on the stove and boiled the medicine and walked out of the kitchen with his hands behind his back.

After walking a few steps, he heard Han Yue’s shy and frightened voice:

“You…can you hit me a few more times…”

Ye Fan fell down with a clang…

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