Chapter 6 Humiliation at the Family Banquet

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Chapter 6 Humiliation at the Family Banquet

Fake painting?

Everyone looked at Han Jianfeng in surprise.


“I spent more than 300,000 yuan to get this painting from a prodigal.”

“Look at the sun, how big and round it is, and look at the sea, how blue and deep it is.”

“I also asked several experts, including the famous Ghost Eye Master, and they all said it was true.”

Seeing a group of relatives questioning him, Han Jianfeng felt his scalp explode: “They all said it was worth more than three million.”

“How come it’s fake when it comes to your mouth?”

“Ye Fan, I want you to apologize, apologize immediately.”

He looked stern but said, “Otherwise it won’t be over.”

“That’s right, you can eat randomly, but you can’t talk nonsense.”

Tang Fenghua also looked contemptuous: “You are a househusband, what do you know about calligraphy and painting?”

The relatives who were shocked just now were shocked to realize that they had been deceived by Mark after hearing these words.

How could he, a loser who was supported by the Tang family, understand these profound calligraphy and paintings?

If you are really capable, you don’t need to be a door-to-door son-in-law to celebrate your wedding.

“Ye Fan, if you don’t understand, just shut up and don’t slander Jianfeng.”

“Yeah, you don’t even know what kind of person you are or pretend to be a professional. Can you tell the difference between good and bad?”

“A person who can’t even find a job has the nerve to say that calligraphy and painting are fake?”

“Master Ghost Eye is the first person to appraise treasures. He said it is true, so it must be true.”

Dozens of relatives all became agitated and ridiculed Ye Fan mercilessly, their voices particularly harsh.

Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face was very ugly, and she didn’t even have the strength to scold her.

When will Mark stop being so useless?

She was exhausted.

Ye Fan remained calm on his face: “Dad is an antique collector and has screened countless digital paintings.”

“Let dad take a look at it later, and then he will know whether it is true or false.”

Han Jianfeng’s heart trembled slightly, and he hesitated for no reason.

In addition to Ye Fan’s calmness, there is also the fact that he did not spend more than 300,000 yuan to buy this painting, but spent 30,000 yuan to get it.

Although the other party repeatedly assured that it was true, he always felt that it was a bit unreal.

After all, it’s so easy to pick up cheap stuff.

Now I feel a little more uneasy.

Is there really something wrong with this painting?

“What’s the fuss about?”

At this time, a majestic woman shouted at the door:

“What do you mean when it’s a great day and it’s as noisy as a wet market?”

Lin Qiuling walked in with her husband Tang Sanguo.

For a woman in her forties, time has not left many traces on her face and body.

She has a beautiful appearance, snow-white skin, and her feminine charm is still there. If you don’t mention your age, you can easily be mistaken for being in your early thirties when you go out.

Rumor has it that Lin Qiuling was also a great beauty from Zhonghai when she was young, and she had countless suitors on both hands and feet.
r> The looks of the three Tang Ruoxue sisters were inherited from her.

However, her style is aggressive and domineering, and she is the owner of a large clinic, so she has a strong style both internally and externally.

Even Tang Sanguo obeyed her.

Therefore, as soon as Lin Qiuling came in, the whole place fell silent.

Han Jianfeng pointed at Ye Fan and complained:

“Mom, it’s not me who wants to argue, it’s that idiot Mark Ye Fan who said the painting I bought for dad was fake.”

“Isn’t this slandering my reputation?”

He looked aggrieved.

Ye Fan said calmly: “It was originally a lie.”

“Shut up, what do you know?”

Tang Ruoxue pulled Ye Fan’s sleeve angrily: “Don’t be embarrassed, okay?”

Although she wanted Ye Fan to save some face for her, as Han Jianfeng said, how could Ye Fan know antique calligraphy and painting?

Lin Qiuling glanced at Ye Fan with disgust, led Tang Sanguo to the main seat and sat down:

“Bring the painting here.”

Lin Qiuling pointed her finger at Han Jianfeng and said, “Let your father and I take a look.”

Tang Sanguo liked to collect antiques, and Lin Qiuling also learned a little bit about it.

Han Jianfeng hurriedly handed over “Moon on the Sea”.

Tang Sanguo and Lin Qiuling took the calligraphy and painting and examined them carefully.

Three minutes later, Tang Sanguo whispered in Lin Qiuling’s ear.

Lin Qiuling raised her head and glanced at Han Jianfeng.

Displeased eyes.

Han Jianfeng wanted to die. This was clearly a fake calligraphy and painting.

Tang Ruoxue also caught this look and felt happy. Could it be that Mark’s fortune really changed?

But Lin Qiuling’s next words directly poured cold water on Tang Ruoxue.

“This calligraphy and painting is real, a real work of Wu Daozi.”

Lin Qiuling looked directly at Ye Fan and asked with a straight face:

“Ye Fan, you have little knowledge and have accomplished nothing, so don’t point fingers at antiques and make people laugh.”

“You have slandered your brother-in-law’s reputation. Bring him a cup of tea and apologize properly.”

“Otherwise, don’t go back to the Tang family.”

Ye Fan was stunned. There was obviously something wrong with this calligraphy and painting. With the attainments of Tang Sanguo and Lin Qiuling, they would definitely be able to see it.

Han Jianfeng was also stunned for a moment, and then he was happy, he understood.

“Dad, Mom, take a closer look, this painting is definitely fake…”

Ye Fan still wanted to explain, but Lin Qiuling interrupted sharply:

“What’s fake?”

“You mean, your father and I are too old to use our eyesight, and we can’t even tell the truth from the lie?”

“I say it’s true and it’s true.”

She ordered: “Immediately apologize to your brother-in-law.”

Tang Fenghua arrogantly shouted to Ye Fan:

“Ye Fan, mom said it’s true, why are you talking nonsense?”

“Mom, don’t be angry. Ye Fan is a waste. He pretends to be a good person in front of you and dad. He doesn’t know what to do.”

“That’s right, there’s no need to care about someone who knocks on the door upside down.”

“Let me tell you, what does a househusband know about calligraphy and painting? He must be slandering Jianfeng.”

All the relatives laughed at Ye Fan again.

Han Jianfeng was high-spirited: “Ye Fan, come here and apologize to me.”

Ye Fan looked at Lin Qiuling sharply, and a hint of joking suddenly appeared on his face.

It’s not that she didn’t see it, it’s just that she didn’t want to expose Han Jianfeng.

To her, Ye Fan was a door-to-door son-in-law, while Han Jianfeng was the promising son-in-law of the owner of a construction company.

How could Lin Qiuling hurt Han Jianfeng’s face because of him?

Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face was sad: “Ye Fan, please apologize.”

Tang Fenghua snorted: “You still haven’t apologized? Are you going to make your parents angry?”

Ye Fan smiled brightly. With so many people bullying him, it is true that the weak are not guilty.

In the past, Ye Fan would have bowed his head and slapped himself twice to apologize, but he didn’t want to give in anymore tonight.

Giving in will only allow the other party to gain more ground, and will also cause harm to those around you.


Mark took a step forward, raised his fingers, and pinched.

The material of the painting is cloth. With this pinch, a thread suddenly appeared, and then Ye Fan pulled it sharply.


The painting that was said to be three million dollars was instantly destroyed by Ye Fan, and Tang Ruoxue and the others’ expressions changed drastically.

Han Jianfeng was furious: “Ye Fan, what are you doing?”

Ye Fan ignored everyone’s gaze and directly pulled out a thin string and threw it on the table.

“nylon thread!”

“Synthetic fibers!”

“Born in 1938!”

“Wu Daozi, who was more than seven hundred years old, traveled through time and painted this?”

The whole place was dead silent.

Everyone was dumbfounded for a moment.

Tang Fenghua also let out a loud ah, her mouth opened wide, with a look of disbelief on her face.

They originally wanted to see Ye Fan’s joke, but they were simply and roughly slapped in the face by Ye Fan.

Modern nylon thread appears in paintings from seven hundred years ago. Even a fool knows that it is impossible.

Seal the throat with one sword!

Han Jianfeng’s cheeks were burning with pain.

Lin Qiuling’s face was also gloomy and ugly.

“Even if this painting is fake, it’s still a hundred times better than your ginseng fruit.”

Seeing all the relatives despising her husband, Tang Fenghua couldn’t help herself and took out Ye Fan’s box.


She poured out the ginseng fruit and slapped it on the table.😓/

“We were deceived when we bought the fake painting. It would be disrespectful to use it to celebrate my dad’s birthday at best.”

“But what about you?”

“If you give ginseng fruit as a gift to dad, it’s still a street vendor. You’ll eat it to death.”

Tang Fenghua pointed at Ye Fan and cursed: “Compared to your gift, we are a hundred times better.”

Han Jianfeng also directly criticized it: “The ginseng fruit is so ugly, do you want to poison dad to death?”

Everyone looked at the ugly red ginseng fruit and accused Ye Fan of having bad intentions.

Tang Ruoxue frowned and pulled Ye Fan’s sleeve: “Ye Fan, please apologize to mom.”

Ye Fan did not apologize, but pointed at the ginseng fruit: “Mom and Dad, do you also think this is a street stall product?”

Tang Sanguo stared and examined, and suddenly his eyelids twitched, showing shock.

He was about to stand up and shout, but Lin Qiuling held him back.

“It looks ugly, is red in color, and smells pungent.”

Lin Qiuling stared at Ye Fan and shouted: “What is this if it’s not a street stall product?”

“You gave this to your father on his birthday, because you think he has a long life?”

Lin Qiuling scolded her sternly: “Your brother-in-law is right, no matter how bad the fake painting is, it is still better than your vicious heart.”

She defended Han Jianfeng.

The firepower instantly turned to Ye Fan.

Tang Ruoxue looked at Mark angrily, was this bastard going to make a big fuss and make herself even more embarrassed?

“Did you hear me?”

Han Jianfeng laughed ferociously: “You idiot, if you want me to make a fool of myself, I won’t be the only one to be embarrassed in the end.”

Ye Fan looked at Lin Qiuling and Tang Sanguo and asked, “Is my gift really rubbish?”

“What is it if it’s not trash?”

Tang Fenghua’s pretty face turned cold: “In my opinion, it’s worse than trash.”

Ye Fan was disappointed and disappointed with the Tang family, so he stopped giving face.

He picked up the ginseng fruit and cracked it open. While chewing it, he turned on his phone and threw a piece of news on the screen:

“Today at noon, the annual auction of rare treasures ended successfully in the Fugui Hall of China Overseas Continental Hotel.”

“A leading ginseng fruit from the Kunlun Mountains that has never been seen in a century sold for a sky-high price.”

“Ms. Song Hongyan from Wuhu Group bought it for three million…”

On the screen, the host was impassioned and not only played the scene of the auction house, but also displayed the ginseng fruit.

Ugly, red, shaped like a dragon’s head, just like what Ye Fan eats in his mouth.

Even the code on the box on the table is exactly the same as the one on the TV, 9981…

Ginseng fruit?

Kunlun Mountains?

Hard to see in a hundred years?

three million?

Everyone was completely stunned.

Lin Qiuling clutched her clothes tightly.

A strong feeling of regret rushed into my mind…

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