Chapter 39 The check is fake

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Chapter 39 The check is fake

Although Ye Fan only wanted Han Yue to be a maid for one year, Han Nanhua still gave Ye Fan 100 million as a reward.

Qianbao Group has achieved today’s achievements, and Han Nanhua has at least eight achievements.

His palm skills not only prevented the inflow of counterfeit goods, but also improved the reputation of the group. His life and death were crucial to Qianbao Group.

Ye Fan saved him, which was equivalent to saving Qianbao Group, so Han Nanhua had to reward Ye Fan no matter what.

Ye Fan couldn’t resist, so he had to accept the check.

Then, Sun Shengshou also gave 50 million, saying it was the apprenticeship fee. If Ye Fan didn’t accept it, he would kneel down and couldn’t afford it.

Ye Fan could only laugh and cry as he accepted the money again, and then followed Song Hongyan and left the Han Family Garden.

Ye Fan asked Song Hongyan to take him to Baohai Bank, where he wanted to exchange checks and pay off the loan sharks he owed.

On the way, Ye Fan looked at the woman in the driver’s seat with gratitude:

“Sister Yan, thank you today.”

“In half a day, I made 150 million yuan. If I hadn’t slapped myself twice, I would have thought it was a dream.”

“I’ll give you half of the consultation fee, which counts as today’s introduction fee.”

Ye Fan took out a check for 50 million.

“You’re slapping my sister in the face.”

Song Hongyan directly knocked off Ye Fan’s hand: “I should be the one thanking you for your help. Uncle Hua’s survival is very important to me.”

“I can’t take these 50 million. Besides, I owe you another favor.”

The woman smiled brightly and said with a hint of provocation: “You can put forward any conditions, including committing yourself to me.”

“Forget it, let’s not be so open-minded. We won’t mention any checks or favors.”

Ye Fan felt that his whole body was burning hot, and he quickly changed the subject: “Anyway, if you have anything to do in the future, please let me know, and I will do my best to help if I can.”

Song Hongyan traced her fingers across Ye Fan’s chin: “This is a good brother.”

“By the way, Sister Yan, I’m going to find a job. What do you think I’m suitable for?”

Ye Fan quickly changed the subject: “You can give me some advice.”


Song Hongyan’s pretty face was slightly surprised:

“You have a net worth of over 100 million, and you can find young models in clubs every day, so why do you work in the sea?”

“And with your medical skills, if you can treat just a few people a year, you will be able to work for several lifetimes.”

“Don’t you waste time looking for a job?”

Ye Fan coughed: “I mainly want to find something to do to enrich myself.”

“Your family asked for it, right? I hope you can find a job with less burden, right?”

Song Hongyan reacted and said angrily: “You are really a strict henpecker.”

Ye Fan didn’t dare to answer.

While waiting for the red light, Song Hongyan climbed onto Ye Fan’s neck, exhaled like orchid, and smiled in Ye Fan’s ear:

“How about you come and be my sister’s personal doctor, and you can pay whatever you want?”

Ye Fan held his forehead again and said: “The main reason is to explain to my mother. After all, she has been worried about not having a serious job for a year after graduation.”

Song Hongyan no longer exposed Ye Fan’s lame reasons:

“It’s easy to get to work. There are dozens of companies in the Wuhu Group. You can enter at any time, but I don’t think you need to waste your time.”

“Your medical skills are even better than Sun Shengshou’s. Your energy should be focused on practicing medicine.”

“I suggest you just open a medical clinic.”

“This will not only allow you to have a serious career, but also give full play to your strengths, accumulate medical experience, and earn huge amounts of money.”

“Achieve four goals with one stone.”

Ye Fan was stunned for a moment, then slapped his thigh: “Yes, I can open a medical clinic. This is also a serious job.”

“But… no, Ruoxue doesn’t like me practicing medicine. She knows she won’t be happy.”

Ye Fan murmured: “And I don’t have a medical qualification certificate.”

“have to–”

Song Hongyan tapped Ye Fan on the forehead and said angrily:

“With your level and connections, the medical qualification certificate is at your fingertips.”

“As for Tang Ruoxue…please, you can decide your own life. Why do you care about Tang Ruoxue?”

“If you listen to her so much, then if she wants you to die, will you die?”

“I’m telling you, my sister has the final say on this matter. Her job is to open a medical clinic, get the medical qualification certificate and the medical clinic. I’ll help you get it done.”

Song Hongyan decisively made up her mind for Ye Fan: “If Tang Ruoxue breaks up with you because of this, just divorce her.”

“At the worst, my sister will support you.”

After finishing speaking, she stepped on the brakes and stopped at the door of Baohai Bank:

“The bank is here, get out.”

After leaving Mark behind, she left with a straight face…

Ye Fan looked at Song Hongyan’s back and smiled helplessly. For the first time, he felt a woman’s domineering care, which made his heart feel warm.

It’s a pity that he likes Tang Ruoxue.

Then, he looked back and took out the check from his pocket.

He now has a total of three checks, a total of 160 million. Ye Fan feels that it is not safe to carry them on his body, fearing that they will be washed out by accident.

Ye Fan also plans to pay off the debt after exchanging money, buy a house for his mother, keep some spare cash, and then use the remaining money to start a small business.

With his thoughts in mind, Ye Fan walked into the bank and asked a lobby clerk:

“Hello, where can I cash the check?”

“Hey, isn’t this Ye Fan?”

At this moment, a gust of fragrance came, and then a tall and beautiful woman appeared in front of Ye Fan.

It was Tang Ruoxue’s cousin, the woman in the video last night, Zhao Xiaoyue.

“It’s so majestic to come to the bank to cash a check. You’re just a weakling, but have you ever seen a check?”

Zhao Xiaoyue’s pretty face was sarcastic, and she unceremoniously pointed out Mark’s background in front of everyone.

She regarded Tang Ruoxue as her sister-in-law, so she was full of disgust for Ye Fan, a loser. She felt that Ye Fan had tarnished Tang Ruoxue’s innocence and ruined her life.

Zhao Xiaoyue’s voice was very loud, which instantly attracted many people to look over. After learning that Ye Fan was the son-in-law, they immediately started pointing.

“Ms. Zhao, please be careful what you say.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “I am a bank customer. I am here to cash the check, not to be humiliated by you.”

“Are you a freeloader also a client?”

Zhao Xiaoyue folded her hands and looked disdainfully: “The check is the pocket money Ruoxue gave you, right?”

“You are really embarrassing.”

“It’s not enough for the Tang family to give you food and shelter. They also squander Ruoxue’s hard-earned money. Are you still not a man?”

Her pretty face was full of disgust, feeling that Ye Fan was worse than a beggar.

Bank employees and customers also shook their heads. What Ye Fan did really broke the bottom line of being a human being.

“Are you finished?”

Ye Fan’s eyes turned cold: “After that, give way and don’t stop me from cashing the check.”

If the other party was a man, Mark would have slapped him in the face.

“I’m warning you, it’s best to leave Ruoxue as soon as possible. She is not a woman you can get involved with.”

Zhao Xiaoyue gave orders: “Besides, my brother will be back soon. If he sees you having an affair with Ruoxue, your life will be in danger.”

Ye Fan didn’t even look at her and handed the check to a window:

“Hello, cash the check for me…”


Zhao Xiaoyue grabbed it and said, “I am the lobby manager. Let me take a look at your check first.”

“Ah? Ten million?”

Zhao Xiaoyue took it over and looked at the number, and was shocked:

“Tang Ruoxue gave you so much money? Impossible, impossible, she would not give you so much money.”

“This check is fake.”

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