Chapter 40 You are fired

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Chapter 40 You are fired

Zhao Xiaoyue knew that Tang Ruoxue gave Ye Fan pocket money every month, but every time it was 10,000.

Ten million is absolutely impossible, and Tang Ruoxue can’t afford it.

So Zhao Xiaoyue’s first reaction was that the check was fake.

But she lowered her head and scanned it, and found that the seal was complete, without any alteration, and the upper and lower case letters were consistent. Although the signature could not be seen clearly, it was done in one go.

Her professional instinct told her that the check was genuine.

When everyone heard that the check was fake, they all looked over and whispered.

Ye Fan said calmly: “This check is real.”

“Where did you get this check?”

Zhao Xiaoyue stuffed the check directly into her pocket and stared at Ye Fan fiercely: “Did you steal from the Tang family?”

“I’ll give you a chance. You answer honestly, otherwise I’ll call Ruoxue over and call the police to arrest you.”

Even if the check is genuine, it cannot be from Ye Fan.

Many people gathered around and heard that a son-in-law who knocked on the door was carrying a check worth ten million. They all clicked their tongues and ridiculed Ye Fan for his unclean hands and feet.

Which family would give so much money to their son-in-law?

Several female staff even raised their lips to show contempt. They were eating soft food and stealing money. Their moral character was too low.

Ye Fan’s voice sank: “This is my check.”

“Your check?”

Zhao Xiaoyue sneered: “How can you, a person who relies on Ruoxue to support you, get a check of 10 million?”

“You must have stolen the Tang family’s check.”

“I tell you, you committed a crime.”

Then, she picked up her mobile phone and called Tang Ruoxue: “Ruoxue, come to the bank quickly, something happened.”

“You are being unreasonable.”

Ye Fan was angry: “I want to see your president.”

“The president is not someone you can meet whenever you want.”

Zhao Xiaoyue became excited: “When Ruoxue comes over and finds out that you stole the Tang family’s check, let’s see how you explain it.”

There was a twinkle in her eyes. If Mark was caught stealing the check this time, Tang Ruoxue would definitely divorce Mark.

Once Ye Fan and Tang Ruoxue divorce, his brother can directly marry Tang Ruoxue.

“Xiaoyue, what’s going on?”

Not long after, a red BMW drove up to the door. The door opened, and Tang Ruoxue ran into the bank in a hurry.

Seeing Ye Fan, she was slightly startled: “Ye Fan, why are you here?”

At this time, several people came into the employee passage, and a middle-aged man shouted with a straight face: “What’s going on?”

Zhao Xiaoyue hurriedly explained: “President Jia, someone used stolen checks to exchange them.”

Manager Jia frowned. Someone stole the check?

“It’s this bastard who stole the Tang family’s check, and I caught him and made a profit.”


Zhao Xiaoyue pointed her finger at Ye Fan and shouted: “He refuses to admit it, but I found the owner.”

Then, she spoke to Tang Ruoxue: “Ruoxue, please call the police and arrest him quickly, and then you can get a divorce.”

Tang Ruoxue was also confused: “Check?”

“Yeah, here it is, ten million more.”

Zhao Xiaoyue took out the check: “I want to wipe out the Tang family. What a white-eyed wolf.”

Tang Ruoxue took it over and was stunned when she saw it: “This is not a check from the Tang family.”

“Not from the Tang family?”

Zhao Xiaoyue was speechless, and then stared at Ye Fan:

“He must have stolen it from somewhere else or picked it up on the road.”

“What a greedy man.”

She looked sarcastic: “You are also a stupid person. Do you think you can cash the check you picked up?”

Tang Ruoxue narrowed her eyes: “Ye Fan, what’s going on?”

“Yes, this check does not belong to the Tang family, nor was it stolen, nor was it picked up.”

Ye Fan met Tang Ruoxue’s gaze calmly:

“This is a cash check given to me by Huang Zhendong. I did him a favor and he gave me a reward of 10 million.”

“How can you, a loser, help?”

Zhao Xiaoyue sneered: “Who would give you 10 million with their brains in trouble? Only Huang Zhendong and Huang San are stupid…”

“What? Huang Zhendong?”

Halfway through, Zhao Xiaoyue’s pretty face changed: “President Huang?”

At this time, President Jia took the check and looked at it: “This is President Huang’s check. I can see his signature at a glance.”

Tang Ruoxue also testified with a calm expression: “Ye Fan and Chairman Huang do have a relationship.”

“You are brave enough.”

Zhao Xiaoyue was shocked: “You even dare to steal Mr. Huang’s check?”

“I said, this is the reward Huang Zhendong gave me.”

Ye Fan was very calm: “If you don’t believe it, please call and ask.”

President Jia hesitated for a moment, then finally picked up the phone and dialed. Not long after, he hung up the phone with an embarrassed expression.

“Mr. Ye, I’m sorry, we misunderstood.”

“Your Majesty, please bear with me.”

Manager Jia forced a smile and confirmed that the check was genuine.


At this time, Zhao Xiaoyue was shocked: “Mr. Huang really gave him 10 million? How is this possible?”

“How is it impossible?”

President Jia shouted with a straight face: “Mr. Ye is handsome and talented. He is also a close friend of Mr. Huang. A remuneration of 10 million is normal.”

“This is absolutely impossible.”

Zhao Xiaoyue looked anxiously: “How can he, a son-in-law who comes to live in the house and is supported by the Tang family, be friends with President Huang?”

“It’s wrong, it must be wrong.”

She couldn’t accept it: “President Jia, if you ask President Huang again, he must have made a mistake.”

Tang Ruoxue stood up and smiled bitterly: “Xiaoyue, Ye Fan does have a relationship with Chairman Huang…”

At the same time, she gave Ye Fan a hard look and promised her not to cash Huang Zhendong’s check, and now she came to the bank again.

You must take good care of Mark when you go back.

“Come on, Ruoxue, please stop favoring him. I still don’t know Mark’s background.”

Zhao Xiaoyue interrupted Tang Ruoxue, looked at President Jia again and said:

“President, please ask again.”

Seeing that Zhao Xiaoyue was so sure and Ye Fan was showing off his goods again, President Jia called Huang Zhendong again with hesitant expression.

Soon, his face turned ugly. There was no doubt that he was scolded.

After hanging up the phone, President Jia yelled at Zhao Xiaoyue:

“Manager Zhao, I now order you to apologize to Mr. Ye immediately.”

Zhao Xiaoyue was slightly in a daze: Huh? Is this true?

President Jia shouted: “Did you hear that? Apologize.”

Zhao Xiaoyue’s pretty face changed drastically. Ye Fan was a loser in her eyes. She felt very uncomfortable asking her to apologize to such a man.

But when she saw President Jia’s sharp gaze, she could only say angrily:


Ye Fan smiled: “You ridiculed me, slandered me, and even called Ruoxue over. Are you so reluctant to apologize?”

Zhao Xiaoyue raised her eyebrows and said, “Ye Fan, stop when enough is enough, don’t push too far.”

Tang Ruoxue also whispered: “Ye Fan, this is a misunderstanding, forget it…”

“Since you don’t admit your mistake, let’s fire him.”

Ye Fan looked at President Jia: “Keeping this kind of staff will only cause you trouble.”

“The tone is really loud.”

Zhao Xiaoyue curled her lips: “Fire me, who do you think you are?”

Tang Ruoxue rolled her eyes at Ye Fan. Huang Zhendong could give Ye Fan 10 million for his help, but he might not follow his advice to put pressure on the bank.

President Jia even disagreed. How could Huang Zhendong interrupt the cooperation between the two parties because of Ye Fan?

The most important point is that 90% of the funds of the Sihai Chamber of Commerce are in Baihua Bank, and only a negligible part is in Baohai Bank.

He can give Huang Zhendong a little face, but it is not enough to make him fire a manager.

Moreover, Zhao Xiaoyue is also a rich girl with a good background. The Zhao family’s financial transactions in Baohai Bank are not inferior to those of Huang Zhendong.

So he shrugged at Ye Fan and said with a smile: “Mr. Ye, enough is enough. I can’t do anything you ask for.”

“Do you think you can do whatever you want if you know Mr. Huang?”

Zhao Xiaoyue became even more proud when she heard this: “Ye Fan, you are too naive.”

“And let me tell you, my brother will be back in the next two days, and I will ask him to take care of you then.”

She suddenly became fierce and fierce: “I will let you know that I am an existence that you cannot mess with.”

Ye Fan smiled lightly: “I’m afraid it’s you who is naive.”

“Ye Fan, don’t make trouble with Xiaoyue. I’m going to drive and we’ll go home together later.”

Tang Ruoxue glared at Ye Fan, then turned around and went out to start the car.

She knew Zhao Xiaoyue’s connections, and Mark’s desire to fire her was completely out of whim.

Ye Fan looked at President Jia and smiled: “It seems President Huang doesn’t have enough face.”

President Jia smiled noncommittally and said, “It’s really not enough.”

Seeing Ye Fan being slapped in the face by the president, several female staff members curled their lips, or looked at each other and laughed, with expressions of contempt, as if they felt that Ye Fan was too self-righteous.

“Is this one enough?”

Ye Fan handed over the second check.

Huichun Hall, 50 million.

President Jia’s expression changed.

“If it’s not enough, then add one more.”

Ye Fan handed over the third check.

Qianbao Group, 100 million.

President Jia almost fell down.

He looked at Ye Fan in disbelief. He didn’t expect that he not only knew Huang Zhendong, but also had good friends with Sun Shengshou and Han Nanhua.

These are all big customers, with tens of billions of funds flowing through each year.

Ye Fan was able to get huge amounts of money from them, which shows that Ye Fan has an extremely significant influence on them.

The next second, he slapped Zhao Xiaoyue over:

“Go away, you are fired…”

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