Chapter 41 Uninvited Guest

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Chapter 41 Uninvited Guest

Before Zhao Xiaoyue could react, Ye Fan got into Tang Ruoxue’s car, but after driving a few kilometers, Tang Ruoxue stopped on the roadside again.

She received a call from Zhao Xiaoyue.

After a moment, Tang Ruoxue looked surprised. She hung up the phone and looked at Mark:

“How did you get the bank to fire Zhao Xiaoyue?”

She left early and didn’t see the next two checks. Zhao Xiaoyue was only too proud and didn’t see the two checks being signed.

Ye Fan explained casually: “She has a bad attitude and is not professional. It is normal for her to be fired.”

Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face sank: “Don’t fool me, tell me the truth.”

“I know Han Nanhua from Qianbao Group.”

Ye Fan smiled bitterly: “Qianbao Group is a major customer of Baohai Bank, with tens of billions of funds flowing in every year.”

“I told President Jia that if I don’t fire Zhao Xiaoyue, I will let Qianbao Group withdraw the funds and transfer them to our competitor Baihua Bank.”

He told honestly: “President Jia was afraid and finally fired Zhao Xiaoyue.”

“Do you know Han Nanhua of Qianbao Group?”

Tang Ruoxue sneered when she heard this: “I even had dinner with Du Tianhu.”

“Even if you know Han Nanhua, will he quarrel with Baohai Bank for you?”

“who do you think You Are?”

Tang Ruoxue saw through Ye Fan’s attitude at a glance: “Tell me the truth, did you ask Song Hongyan to come forward again?”

Ye Fan opened his mouth slightly, not knowing how to answer. After a long time, he gave a thumbs up: “My wife is wise.”


Tang Ruoxue scolded angrily: “You are really a child. In order to fight against Zhao Xiaoyue, you go to trouble Song Hongyan again.”

“You, please stop it in moderation.”

She earnestly advised: “No matter how great the kindness is, it cannot withstand your demands like this.”

“Okay, I’ll correct it…”

Ye Fan patted Tang Ruoxue’s thigh: “Try not to trouble Song Hongyan in the future.”

He rubbed it, and the stockings felt extremely good.

Tang Ruoxue settled the old and new accounts together: “Also, you promised me not to cash Huang Zhendong’s check?”

“I don’t want to exchange it either.”

Ye Fan gave a reason: “But the loan shark debt I owe is getting bigger and bigger. I must pay it back quickly, otherwise I worry about them looking for my mother.”

Tang Ruoxue’s voice was cold: “If you want money, you can come to me…”

“If I didn’t know about your plight, maybe I would ask you for money, but now you are short of 50 million, how can I ask you again?”

Ye Fan tried his best to dispel the woman’s worries:

“Besides, I saved Huang Zhendong’s life. Ten million is what I can afford.”

“After paying off the loan shark, you can use the remaining money to recycle…”

After saying that, Ye Fan quickly paid off all the remaining loan sharks and online loans.

Thinking of 50 million, Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face became more sad, and she no longer scolded Ye Fan for cashing the check:

“You can keep this money yourself. I will take care of my affairs myself. After paying off the debt, I will buy your mother a house and get social security.”

“You and Huang Zhendong, try to keep your distance.”

She really wanted Ye Fan to return the money, but she also knew that Ye Fan was in trouble and she couldn’t help, so she had to settle for the next best thing.

“By the way, I know a friend who has extra money and can lend you 50 million.”

Ye Fan touched the bank card in his pocket: “And the interest rate is lower than that of the bank. Do you want me to help you match up…”

“Your friend? Borrow 50 million?”

Tang Ruoxue suddenly sneered: “Song Hongyan, right?”

Ye Fan shook his head hurriedly: “No…”

Tang Ruoxue snorted: “Don’t deny it. Who else but her would dare to lend me such a large sum of money at this time?”

Ye Fan smiled bitterly and said: “It’s really not…”

“Still lying?”

Tang Ruoxue pinched Ye Fan’s waist hard, and then pinched out a piece of hair from Ye Fan’s shoulder:

“This hair, thirty centimeters, shawl length, burgundy red.”

“You still smell like Chanel Qiujing.”

“I remember that Song Hongyan had exactly this kind of hair and wore exactly this kind of perfume.”

“Have you met Song Hongyan today?”

She added: “50 million yuan is not hers?”

Ye Fan looked at the long hair on her fingertips in disbelief. He didn’t expect that Tang Ruoxue’s eyes were so sharp that she could detect even a hair and the smell of perfume.

In order to avoid bringing up more things, he had no choice but to nod and admit:

“That’s right, I went to see Sissi today and asked her to borrow money by the way.”

“Ruoxue, whoever it is, can you help me?”

He advised the woman: “This favor, it’s not too late to get through the difficulties.”

“I tell you……”

Tang Ruoxue tossed her hair:

“Even if I, Tang Ruoxue, die poor, exhausted, or bankrupt, I will not ask for a penny from Song Hongyan.”

After saying that, she stepped on the accelerator and rushed forward.

Why does this woman have such a big opinion against Song Hongyan?

Ye Fan opened his mouth and wanted to say something but finally shook his head. He put the bank card back in his pocket.


At this moment, Ye Fan’s phone vibrated. He glanced at it and found that it was Huang Zhendong calling.

He put on his earphones to answer, and Huang Zhendong’s voice soon came: “Brother Ye, things are not going well.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “What’s the matter?”

Huang Zhendong directly scolded Zhang Daqiang:

“That bastard Zhang Daqiang did things too carelessly.”

“That night, after leaving the Sihai Chamber of Commerce, he had people control Lin Ruowan and Zhang Xiaogang, and then went to the hospital for testing.”

“After confirming that he was infertile, he prepared to kill the two of them, and he even chose tomorrow, which was their wedding anniversary, to do it.”

“I didn’t expect that the place where Lin Ruowan and Zhang Xiaogang were placed under house arrest would be taken away today.”

“Lin Ruowan and Zhang Xiaogang are also missing…”

His tone was solemn: “I’m worried that she will settle a score with you…”

Ye Fan’s expression changed slightly: “Trash.”

Tang Ruoxue next to her was startled, and was very surprised that Ye Fan called others trash. You know, others always scolded him.

Just as the red BMW was about to enter the service road, a black business car roared over.

The black tires rubbed violently against the road, making a sizzling sound and emitting a burning smell.

The incident happened suddenly and Tang Ruoxue was unable to react in time.


Ye Fan threw away his cell phone and yelled, turned the steering wheel with his right hand, and swerved the front of the car with all his strength to avoid it.

Almost as soon as he turned the steering wheel, he heard a bang and the red BMW was hit by a commercial vehicle.

The right front of the car was dented by the commercial vehicle, and the right rear mirror flew off and fell more than ten meters away.

Tang Ruoxue also shook violently and knocked a small bag on the steering wheel.


Ye Fan raised his left hand and hit Tang Ruoxue on the back of the head with his knife, causing her to faint temporarily.

Then, Ye Fan got out of the car with the car keys and locked the BMW immediately.


At almost the same moment, the door of the business car opened and a man and a woman got out.

The man is 1.9 meters tall, muscular like an iron tower, and holds a dagger in his hand.

The woman was wearing shorts and shorts, revealing her strong long legs and her light copper-colored skin, indicating that she was also a practitioner.

Both have a bear painted on them.

The Iron Tower man looked at Ye Fan and sneered: “Ye Fan?”

The woman in shorts glanced at Ye Fan arrogantly, showing more or less disdain.

Ye Fan said calmly: “Who are you?”

“very good.”

A chill flashed in the Iron Tower man’s eyes: “Check the names to avoid killing the wrong person.”

Ye Fan smiled: “You want to kill me?”

“My name is Xiong Yi, this is my adopted sister Xiong Jiao, Lin Ruowan is my woman, and Zhang Xiaogang is my son.”

The tower man puffed out hot air and said, “If you ruin our good deeds, you must die.”

Xiong Yi? Xiong Jiao? The Four Evils of the Xiong Family?

Ye Fan tensed up when he heard this. This was a wanted criminal with a million-dollar reward.

They often committed crimes at home and abroad, killing dozens of people at home and abroad. The most heinous thing was the massacre of the entire family of the richest man in Xiang Country.

Several female relatives were tortured by them for three days and three nights.

Ye Fan didn’t expect that they were related to Lin Ruowan, let alone that he would encounter them.

“Killing is against the law. I’m sorry about Lin Ruowan’s matter. Is there any other way to solve it?”

Ye Fan really wanted to settle the matter and save himself and his family from constant trouble.

“I’m sorry, Wan’er and Xiaogang both just want you to die.”

“As for killing people, we have dozens of lives on our hands and we don’t care if you have one more.”

Xiong Yi showed a cruel smile: “Don’t worry, you won’t be alone.”

“After I kill you, I will ask your mother-in-law’s family and Zhang Daqiang’s family to accompany you.”

“Of course, your woman will die later because Xiaogang is very interested in her.”

Ye Fan’s hesitant eyes turned cold instantly.

He had murderous intentions.

Xiong Yi gave an order: “Xiong Jiao, kill him, quickly.”

Xiong Jiao threw a betel nut into her mouth and leaned towards Mark with a look of contempt.

“Don’t feel wronged. Weakness is the original sin. If you don’t accept it, just fight back.”

She grabbed a claw at Mark and wanted to squeeze him to death.


Ye Fan didn’t talk nonsense and ran directly into Xiong Jiao.

Lean close.

“court death……”

Xiong Jiao’s eyebrows stood up, it was unreasonable that Ye Fan dared to attack her first.

She punched out.

She wants to break Mark’s bones.

“not good……”

Just as soon as her fist touched Ye Fan’s body, Xiong Jiao felt a destructive aura.

All the defenses around her fell apart, and the fist she blasted out broke with a snap.


The next second, Xiong Jiao hit the commercial car.


The car body collapsed instantly.

The car’s glass shattered and turned into debris.


Under Xiong Yi’s unbelievable gaze, Xiong Jiao slipped to the ground, covered in blood and bruises.

Seeing this scene, Xiong Yi took a breath and was extremely shocked by Mark.

No one thought that Ye Fan’s casual collision could be so lethal.

“Boy, if you hurt my adopted sister, think about the consequences…”

Xiong Yi raised his dagger and shouted, but in the middle of his words, he heard a click.

His neck was turned 180 degrees, and the last view was of Mark’s cold face…

“Too much nonsense.”

Ye Fan let go of his hand, and Xiong Yi fell straight down, his face full of shock, unwillingness, and disbelief.

He never expected that he would be killed before he even made a move.

When Xiong Jiao saw this, she spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted.

Ye Fan took out his mobile phone:

“Zhang Daqiang, wipe the floor…”

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