Chapter 42 Aunt Lin’s Visit

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Chapter 42 Aunt Lin’s Visit

Zhang Daqiang brought people to deal with the scene, and Ye Fan escorted Tang Ruoxue to a nearby hospital.

The injury doesn’t matter, it’s just that Mark wants her to calm down.

Tang Ruoxue woke up soon and briefly asked about the accident. Ye Fan told the other party that he was fully responsible. The car was sent to be repaired by insurance, and he also paid 50,000 in medical expenses.

Tang Ruoxue had no doubts. After taking a short rest to confirm that she was fine, she insisted on leaving the hospital and asked Ye Fan not to tell his parents about the car accident.

She didn’t want Lin Qiuling and the others to worry, after all, there were two accidents in half a month.

“You have been so unlucky recently. Not only are the company having problems, but you are also always in trouble. Don’t you suspect that it’s the Buddha amulet that’s the problem?”

Ye Fan seized every opportunity to solve the Buddha amulet: “I think you’d better throw it away.”

On the way here, Ye Fan thought about using the car accident to break the amulet, but in the end he gave up this crude idea.

The Buddha amulet was very hard. Tang Ruoxue’s chest was fine. How could the Buddha amulet be broken? It was easy for Tang Ruoxue to believe that it was him.

And even if Tang Ruoxue believed that the amulet was broken, she didn’t resist it in her heart, so she would probably ask for another amulet to come back and wear it.

When the time comes for a stronger and more fierce Buddha amulet, it will really be a waste of money.

After careful consideration, Ye Fan decided not to move it, and just drew a few talismans to eliminate the black energy so that Tang Ruoxue would not be too unlucky.

“It’s here again, isn’t it?”

Every time Ye Fan mentioned the Buddhist amulet, Tang Ruoxue became irritable: “It’s obvious that the other party was driving carelessly, what does the Buddhist amulet on me have to do with it?”

“It’s so evil. Why do I only get into accidents twice when I drive to work every day?”

“This can all be attributed to the Buddha amulet. I can also suspect you of causing me misfortune. After all, it was you who was riding in my car that caused the accident both times.”

She rolled her eyes at Mark, picked up her handbag and said, “Stop talking nonsense and go home.”

Suspicious all day long, Tang Ruoxue was worried that Ye Fan was going crazy.

Ye Fan anticipated this outcome and left with a helpless smile.

As soon as he arrived at the elevator, a text message flooded into Ye Fan’s phone, from Zhang Daqiang, saying that Xiong Yi and the others had finished the work.

Lin Ruowan and Zhang Xiaogang were also caught again.

Zhang Daqiang promised that Ye Fan would not be hurt again.

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes slightly and deleted the text message calmly.

Lin Ruowan’s trouble was finally solved.

Ye Fan didn’t want to get blood on his hands, but the other party not only wanted to kill him, but also touched Tang Ruoxue’s family, so Ye Fan could only give them a ride.

In emotion, Ye Fan and Tang Ruoxue returned to the villa and found that there were a few more guests at home.

Ye Fan took a closer look and saw that it was Lin Sangu and his daughter Lin Xiaoyan.

Tang Sanguo and Lin Qiuling sat across from each other, looking solemn and helpless.

Lin Sangu is Lin Qiuling’s cousin and an employee of a state-owned enterprise. She has a pretty good relationship with Lin Qiuling and they get to know each other during the holidays.

However, every time Lin Sangu came to the Tang family, she came empty-handed. She also brought her son and daughter with her, claiming to be a wealthy family.

Today, I rarely brought a gift box.

The box was placed on the coffee table. It looked rough and was tied with a red string. It looked like some kind of handicraft.

“Sangu, Xiaoyan, hello.”

Ye Fan and Tang Ruoxue greeted each other politely.

Lin Sangu just nodded slightly to Tang Ruoxue and didn’t even look at Mark. This son-in-law of the Tang family was not in her eyes at all.

Then, she frowned and said to Lin Qiuling:

“Qiu Ling, I really have no choice, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken the liberty to visit you.”

“Xiaoyan graduated from the archeology major and has been unable to find a job. The current unit and company are so ignorant.”

“I have told them that my Xiaoyan is a city child. She has been pampered since she was a child. She cannot do heavy work and has relatively high material requirements.”

“I asked them to arrange a position where Xiaoyan would have easy work and less work, and the internship salary would be around 18,000, but they all refused.”

“Either they are sent to the field, or they are paid 5,000 yuan. They are no different from rural children who have just graduated.”

“You said, isn’t this the identity of our Xiaoyan?”

Lin Sangu, dressed in red, beat her chest and stamped her feet, her former shrewdness turning into anger and unwillingness.

Lin Xiaoyan was playing with her mobile phone without raising her eyes, as if it had nothing to do with her.

Lin Qiuling comforted her softly: “Sister, I understand how you feel. How about Xiaoyan go to my clinic for a few months to gain some experience?”

“Chunfeng Clinic?”

Lin Xiaoyan looked disgusted: “Hey, forget about your clinic.”

“The patients coming and going are all from the lower classes, either truck drivers or street vendors, and there are even gangsters who get into fights.”

“There’s no class at all.”

“Besides, I am studying archeology, and I follow the elegant and noble route. Chunfeng Clinic is just like a vegetable market, and it also has to serve patients.”

She curled her lips and said, “I won’t go even if you give me 100,000 yuan.”

Lin Sangu also echoed: “That’s right, Xiaoyan goes to your place, don’t fail to learn something, and lower your level.”

Lin Qiuling’s face changed slightly, but she still managed to smile: “Chunfeng Clinic doesn’t like it, how do you want us to help?”

She despised Mark in every possible way, but she still cared deeply about her relatives.

“I’ve thought about it. Those small units look down on people, so we won’t go there.”

Lin Sangu’s eyes lit up: “I’ve thought about it, I’m going to let Xiaoyan go to Qianbao Group.”

“I’m watching the news. Qianbao Group has discovered another jade mine overseas. The business is booming. It will definitely be good for Xiaoyan to go in.”

She simply told her plan: “I don’t want her to be rich, just 1.8 million a year.”

“The idea of going to Qianbao Group is good, but it requires very high professional requirements.”

Tang Sanguo frowned and said, “The difficulty of entering Qianbao Group is even more difficult than the civil service examination.”

“The people recruited by Qianbao Group are either experienced treasure appraisers or talented young people.”

The implication is that the probability of Lin Xiaoyan going in is extremely slim.

“I know, I just know it’s difficult to get in, so we came to find you.”

Lin Sangu winked:

“Qiu Ling, you have been running a clinic for many years and have countless connections. You must have contacts with many wealthy families in the Three Kingdoms and antiques.”

“You must have a good relationship with Qianbao Group. Please say hello to me. Isn’t it as easy for Xiaoyan to go to Qianbao Group as to drink water?”

Lin Sangu put away her smile: “Unless you don’t want to help, or you are worried about paying or owing favors…”

Tang Sanguo and Lin Qiuling looked embarrassed. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to help, but that they were busy beyond their capabilities.

Han Nanhua makes billions a year, while the entire Tang family only makes a few million a year. There is a huge class gap between the two parties.

They admitted that they knew Han Nanhua, but they were just acquaintances. How could they have the ability to go through the back door?

Even if someone could pass the message on, it would still be a low-key job.

Ye Fan was about to go upstairs, but when he heard Han Nanhua, he hesitated:

“Mom, what happened? About Qianbao Group?”

Lin Sangu was already under great pressure. When asked by Ye Fan, Lin Qiuling immediately cursed impatiently:

“Why are you asking, and you can’t help me?”

She waved her hand to drive Ye Fan away: “Go and cook quickly. Third aunt and the others will have dinner at home later.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “I just heard you talking about Qianbao Group. I have some friendship with Mr. Han, maybe I can help…”

Unless he saw that the atmosphere was dull and worried about affecting Tang Ruoxue’s mood, Ye Fan would not bother to talk to them.

“Can you help? How can you help?”

Lin Sangu roared at Ye Fan:

“This matter can only be solved by at least the manager of Qianbao Group. Do you know him?”

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