Chapter 43 Qianbao Group calls

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Chapter 43 Qianbao Group calls

Lin Sangu was so angry, what time had it been, and Mark was still here to cause trouble?

Lin Qiuling also glanced at Ye Fan, and then waved Ye Fan away:

“Okay, if you don’t have any skills, don’t come here. Don’t you think our hair will turn gray in a hurry?”

“Remember to make an extra Sixi meatball when cooking. Your third aunt likes to eat it.”

Ye Fan had no choice but to shut up.

“Qiu Ling, Three Kingdoms, you still have to handle this matter.”

“Among our relatives, you are the most promising. If you don’t help, Xiaoyan will really have no way to survive.”

Seeing the embarrassment of Tang Sanguo and his wife, Lin Sangu’s face turned evil:

“You can’t bear to see Xiaoyan without a job, staying at home all day and living a life of old age?”

Lin Xiaoyan also said bitterly: “Aunt, uncle, at this critical moment, you must not let your guard down…”

Ye Fan shook his head, no wonder no hospital wants this child.

At this time, Tang Ruoxue, who had changed her shoes, came over: “Third aunt, Xiaoyan wants to join Qianbao Group?”

“Oh, I almost forgot Ruoxue. Ruoxue is the CEO and she knows a lot of people.”

Lin Sangu slapped her head hard, her anger turned into a spring breeze smile, then she stood up and pulled Tang Ruoxue to sit down:

“Ruoxue, come on, come on, do your sister a little favor.”

Then, she briefly described the matter, and then Lin Xiaoyan said:

“If you don’t help Xiaoyan, her life will be ruined.”

Lin Sangu’s eyes were bright: “Ruoxue, you shouldn’t be this kind of person, right?”

After listening, Tang Ruoxue explained helplessly: “Third aunt, Xiaoyan, my parents and I really can’t help with this.”

“Although Mr. Han is approachable, we only have an acquaintance with him and have no friendship at all.”

“And every year, there are not even one thousand but eight hundred people who want to join the Qianbao Group. Many of them have very good backgrounds, but Mr. Han doesn’t give them face.”

“What are we going to use to go through the back door?”

“Of course, I can try to call later…”

Tang Ruoxue did not swollen her face and pretended to be fat, so that Lin Sangu could be mentally prepared. However, Lin Sangu’s face instantly darkened when she heard this.

They are here to solve things, not to cause any problems.

“What’s the point of no friendship?”

“We usually brag a lot as a family, but at the critical moment there is no friendship?”

Lin Sangu said, “You don’t want to help, do you?”

Lin Xiaoyan fanned the flames:

“Mom, I told you not to come here anymore. You have no money and no power. Who will recognize you as a relative?”

Lin Qiuling also looked down: “Sister, Xiaoyan, what are you talking about? Do we not want to help? We really can’t help!”

Tang Sanguo nodded in agreement: “Qianbao Group is really strict. They are either powerful or have a strong background.”

“Why can’t I help? Did you go to help? Did you ask for help, or did you pay for gifts? You didn’t do anything, so you just said you couldn’t help?”

Lin Sangu said plausibly: “Is this an attitude of helping others?”

“If I didn’t see that you were relatives, I wouldn’t want you to help.”

She scolded her with all her face: “I lowered my face and begged you. I already gave you enough face, but you are here to do this.”

Lin Qiuling was angry: “Is this still our honor?”


Seeing that a quarrel was about to start, Tang Ruoxue suddenly stared at Mark: “Mark can really help.”

She was very reluctant to let Ye Fan use Song Hongyan’s connections, but seeing Lin Sangu like this, she had to let Ye Fan owe her a favor.

“Ye Fan?”

Lin Sangu became even more angry: “Ruoxue, stop joking, who doesn’t know that your Ye Fan is a waste…”

“If you don’t want to help, just say so?”

“One moment you say someone is talking lightly, and the next moment you use Mark as a shield. What’s the point? We are not stupid!”

When she said these words, Sangu Lin was completely angry.

In her opinion, the Tang family was deliberately prevaricating.

Even she knew that Ye Fan, the son-in-law who came to the house, was a loser. The Tang family thought that Ye Fan could help, but they completely regarded their mother and daughter as idiots.

At this time, Lin Qiuling also reacted: “Ruoxue didn’t mean that…”

Lin Sangu scolded angrily: “The Tang family is so prosperous that they look down on us poor relatives. If they don’t want to help, just go ahead and have fun. What’s the big deal?”

If Ye Fan can help, the pigs will go to heaven.

“Daughter, you are right, you have no money, no power, no relatives.”

Lin Sangu snorted: “In order to kill us, even Ye Fan moved out.”

Lin Xiaoyan pulled her mother’s sleeve: “Mom, let’s go. They will disinfect the sofa we sat on later, so don’t disturb them…”

Her vitriol was even more extreme than Lin Qiuling’s, making Tang Sanguo and his wife half-dead angry.

“Third aunt, I’m not fooling you.”

“But we suddenly remembered that Ye Fan happened to know someone who had a good relationship with Song Hongyan.”

Tang Ruoxue hurriedly explained: “Song Hongyan has a good relationship with Mr. Han. With her intervening, the matter will definitely be resolved…”

Lin Qiuling also suppressed her anger and nodded: “Yes, Ye Fan knows Song Hongyan.”

She also remembered that Ye Fan saved Song Hongyan’s daughter’s life.

The other party was even willing to give Mark three million ginseng fruits, so it shouldn’t be difficult to say hello to Han Nanhua.

“Come on, are you still bragging? Is it interesting?”

Lin Sangu laughed angrily when she heard this: “Ye Fan knows Song Hongyan? I also know Du Tianhu.”

“You said that your Tang family has become more prosperous in the past few years, so why have you become such a cold-blooded person?”

“Not only did he not help, he also gave a bunch of ridiculous excuses to excuse me. It really disappointed me.”

“If you really despise it, just say so. We won’t come here anymore…”

Sangu Lin packed up the things on the table and prepared to leave with her daughter.

Lin Qiuling was so angry that her lungs were about to explode.

Tang Ruoxue saw her mother’s face flushed and hurriedly went over to advise her not to be angry.

Lin Qiuling grabbed Ye Fan’s sleeve:

“Ye Fan, call Song Hongyan and ask her to help.”

She must vent her anger today, otherwise she won’t have to sleep tonight.

“There is no need for Song Hongyan to do this little thing.”

Ye Fan took out his phone and smiled lightly: “I’ll just ask my maid… no, just a friend can help.”

Then, he took out his mobile phone and called Han Yue.

Not long after, he hung up the phone and said to Sangu Lin and the others: “The matter is settled.”

“Pretend, keep pretending, how long will your family keep pretending?”

Lin Sangu packed the box with a bang and looked at Ye Fan and the others with disdain:

“What kind of bullshit relatives? In today’s society, family ties are really weak.”

“Xiaoyan, let’s go, let’s go, this is not a place for us to come.”

Lin Sangu held the box under her arm and called her daughter to leave: “I can’t afford to be in a wealthy family…”


At this moment, Lin Xiaoyan’s phone vibrated.

When she saw it, she lost her voice in surprise:

“Mom, the phone number of Qianbao Group…”

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