Chapter 44 Fish Intestine Sword

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Chapter 44 Fish Intestine Sword

“Hurry up, hurry up.”

When she heard the call from Qianbao Group, Lin Sangu was shocked and hurriedly urged her daughter to answer it quickly.

Lin Xiaoyan quickly picked it up and connected it. After a moment, she hung up the phone with a surprised look on her face.

Lin Sangu hurriedly asked: “Xiaoyan, whose phone number is it? What did you say?”

Tang Sanguo and Lin Qiuling also came over.

“Mom, Qianbao Group called me just now.”

Lin Xiaoyan said happily: “Secretary Qian said that he has seen my resume and asked me to prepare the materials and go to Qianbao Group for training tomorrow.”

“They will also pay me a salary of 8,000 yuan a month. If I perform well, I will start an internship in three months.”

“If you don’t make mistakes during the internship, you can successfully become a full-time employee and enjoy a basic salary of 20,000 yuan and bonuses.”

Thinking that she could become a member of the Qianbao Group and have so much money, Lin Xiaoyan became excited and spoke even more domineeringly.


Lin Sangu looked at her daughter in confusion: “Is this really Qianbao Group’s phone number?”

“Well, I checked. The phone number is indeed from Qianbao Group, and I know Secretary Qian’s voice.”

Lin Xiaoyan nodded seriously: “She once came to my school to give lectures.”

Tang Ruoxue glanced at Ye Fan with complicated eyes. She was both surprised at Ye Fan’s efficiency and unhappy with Song Hongyan’s obedience to Ye Fan’s words.

Ye Fan understood the woman’s meaning, but he could only smile bitterly and couldn’t explain it. Han Yue worshiped him as his teacher.

After receiving the confirmation, Lin Sangu was very excited:

“That’s great. My daughter can join Qianbao Group. God is really wise.”

In this way, not only will her daughter have a bright future, but she can also have a good time.

“It’s not God who has eyes.”

Lin Qiuling hummed: “It was Mark who helped a lot.”

Tang Ruoxue and Ye Fan looked at each other and smiled. It was rare that Lin Qiuling affirmed Ye Fan for once.

“Ye Fan?”

Lin Sangu came back to her senses and sneered: “Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear Xiaoyan say, did Qianbao Group read her resume?”

“Obviously my Xiaoyan is outstanding. Qianbao Group took a fancy to her potential, so they picked Xiaoyan out of a thousand.”

“What does it have to do with your Ye Fan?”

“Do you really think I will believe that Xiaoyan can join Qianbao Group because he made the call just now?”

She looked contemptuously: “That’s just a coincidence.”

Lin Xiaoyan also looked sarcastic: “Auntie, let’s not talk about Mark’s inability. Even if he has connections, Qianbao Group cannot enter through connections.”

“They probably took a fancy to my looks and personality, so they recruited me to be their new blood.”

She momentarily forgot that she came here asking for the back door.

Tang Ruoxue looked stunned: “Xiaoyan…”

“Okay, stop talking.”

Lin Sangu interrupted Tang Ruoxue impatiently:

“If you want to make your man look good, just say so. Don’t describe Xiaoyan’s own excellence as Mark’s ability.”

“How can a door-to-door son-in-law who relies on your Tang family for support and pocket money have the ability to help my little Yan join the Qianbao Group?”

“You all can’t give Han Nanhua face. How can Ye Fan make him give him face? Go ahead and lie.”

She didn’t believe that Mark had played a role.

Lin Qiuling couldn’t help but stand up: “Ye Fan is really incompetent, but he knows Song Hongyan…”

“Ye Fan, tell her, was it you who helped?”

She was really pissed off.

She knew in her heart that with Lin Xiaoyan’s ability, she couldn’t even work as a nurse in Chunfeng Clinic. How could she be favored by Qianbao Group and pay back 8,000 yuan?

It must be Ye Fan who touched Song Hongyan’s relationship.

She didn’t like Mark, but she couldn’t let Sangu Lin forget the Tang family’s contribution.

“Third aunt…”

Ye Fan was about to explain, but was interrupted by Lin Sangu arbitrarily:

“What kind of girl are you? Can you call me?”

“Okay, let’s stop talking about it. The more we talk about it, the more we talk about it. If I keep talking about it, Du Tianhu will come out.”

“Xiaoyan joined the Qianbao Group today. I’m happy and won’t argue with snobs like you.”

“As long as you are happy, and you say it was Mark who helped, then it is Mark who helped. You will be happy as long as you are happy, okay?”

“It’s just that I will never visit this door again. I will leave the gift box to you as a farewell gift.”

“Just take care of yourself.”

After saying that, she raised her head and pulled Lin Xiaoyan away.

When Lin Xiaoyan went out, she wondered in her mind: Did I submit my resume to Qianbao Group?

Then, she dismissed these thoughts. In any case, she has now joined the Qianbao Group and will soon reach the pinnacle of her life.

She quickly posted a circle of friends with the message “A resume can lead to thousands of treasures”.

The figures of Aunt Lin and her daughter disappeared quickly, but Lin Qiuling and Tang Sanguo had ugly expressions on their faces, and they were obviously filled with a sigh of relief.

Ye Fan smiled bitterly because he had caused trouble for Han Yue, and Xunsi must treat her well.

Tang Ruoxue comforted her parents: “Dad, Mom, forget it, there is no need to argue with Third Aunt…”

“Useless things.”

Lin Qiuling slapped the coffee table and scolded Ye Fan: “I can’t do even the smallest thing well.”

Then she went upstairs sullenly.

“Ye Fan, you helped me, this is a gift from my third aunt, please keep it.”

Tang Sanguo threw the gift box at Ye Fan, and then left sadly.

Ye Fan was stunned for a moment, then shook his head: “Dad, you should stay, I don’t do this.”

“Just accept it if I ask you to accept it. How can there be so many things?”

Tang Sanguo waved his hand impatiently, not allowing Mark to say anything more.

Tang Ruoxue gently tugged on Ye Fan’s sleeve. Her parents were furious, so it was better to just go along with it.

“I’m going to change clothes and cook with you later.”

Tang Ruoxue let go of Ye Fan and went upstairs with her handbag.

Ye Fan opened the gift box. It was a ceramic of a Yue girl dancing with a sword. No matter the color or workmanship, it was not even a handicraft, it could only be called a souvenir.

And it doesn’t look new or old. It looks like it has only been in embarrassing condition for a few decades. It is probably a defective product during production.

Ye Fan believed that if this thing were placed in the antique city, it would not be sold for even 200 yuan.


When Ye Fan was thinking about how to deal with it, the Tai Chi diagram on his left hand moved slightly.

Ye Fan felt a powerful evil intention.

But when Ye Fan picked up the ceramic and checked it, he found nothing suspicious.

This Yue girl dancing with a sword is produced by a copycat factory and has no historical flavor at all.

But the Stone of Life and Death is becoming more and more active, as if something is attracting it.


Ye Fan ran to the kitchen, found a secluded corner, and smashed the ceramics directly.

Porcelain pieces were scattered everywhere, but there was nothing inside, and the legendary fault was not found.

Ye Fan didn’t give up and stepped on it a few more times. Just when he was about to be disappointed, he heard a click.

The small sword in Yue Nu’s hand had several long and narrow lines cracked.

Ye Fan picked it up and shook it, and the small sword fell into pieces.

A ray of light shone brightly for an instant.

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes subconsciously.


A soft sword of about five inches appeared in front of him.

It’s as thin as a cicada’s wing, as soft as running water, and shaped like a small intestine, but it looks extremely sharp.

Ye Fan was ecstatic:

“Fish Gut Sword!”

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