Chapter 45 Enemies meet on a narrow road

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Chapter 45 Enemies meet on a narrow road

Not many people may know what the fish intestine sword is.

It is one of the top ten famous swords in ancient times. The assassin Zhu Zhu hid the sword in the belly of the fish to assassinate Wang Liao. The protagonist in this allusion is the fish intestine sword.

It is said that it was cast by the master swordsmith Ou Yezi. On the day the sword came out of the furnace, the sky and the earth changed color, the mountains shook, and the stars twinkled.

Perhaps this is an exaggeration, but it can also be seen from this how colorful the Fish Intestine Sword is in history.

Ye Fan exerted a little force, the sword straightened instantly, and he slashed at the kitchen knife.

With a clang, the kitchen knife broke.

Cut iron like clay!

By looking through the books, Ye Fan repeatedly confirmed that the sword he accidentally obtained was the Fish Intestine Sword.

This is a top-notch famous sword. If you sell it for one billion or eighty million, it’s just a play.

Of course, Ye Fan also knew that he would not be able to wait for the auction opportunity if he really took it out.

It will soon be exchanged for five hundred yuan and a certificate.

So Ye Fan didn’t publicize the news. After appreciating it, he made a scabbard for it and folded it into a circle.

So Ye Fan soon got a bracelet on his left wrist.

At four o’clock in the morning the next day, Ye Fan was in a good mood and got up early to practice Qigong.

Not only did he play around with the “Tai Chi Sutra”, but he also found a sword technique in the sea of ​​consciousness to practice.

He didn’t practice Tai Chi Sword or Yue Nv Sword. Since his strength was not strong enough, he pursued speed and effect.

Kill in ten steps.

Ye Fan practiced this fastest killing sword technique seriously until dawn.

Just like that, two hours later, Ye Fan, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, suddenly disappeared.

The next second, ten steps away, a ray of sword light suddenly swayed through the woods.

Immediately afterwards, the Fish Gut Sword froze in the morning wind.

The tip of the sword stabbed a falling dead leaf.

After making some small achievements, Ye Fan immediately put away the fish intestine sword, wiped off the sweat and went back to take a shower.

Then he cooked breakfast for a family of four as quickly as possible.

Almost as soon as the dishes and chopsticks were placed, Tang Sanguo, his wife and Tang Ruoxue went downstairs.

Lin Sangu was still blocking Tang Sanguo and his wife, so both of them looked unhappy.

As soon as Ye Fan, who was busy until the end, sat down at the dining table, Lin Qiuling crossed her legs, stretched out her right hand and knocked on the table.

“Ye Fan, where’s the Rolex?”

Ye Fan was slightly startled, but he still took it out and handed it over: “Here it is.”

“Well, it’s good. It’s not broken yet.”

Lin Qiuling grabbed the Rolex and stuffed it into Tang Sanguo’s hands.

Tang Ruoxue was stunned: “Mom, what are you doing?”

“Your dad and I have decided…”

Lin Qiuling didn’t even raise her eyebrows: “From today on, your dad will wear this watch.”

Tang Ruoxue was dumbfounded: “Mom, no, this watch belongs to Mark. What decision do you make…”

Before Tang Ruoxue could finish her words, Lin Qiuling interrupted unceremoniously:

“What about Mark, do you think we don’t know the situation?”

Ye Fan was confused: “What’s going on?”

“Although you are the owner of the watch, your father and I both know that this watch was bought with Ruoxue’s private money.”😅/

Lin Qiuling glared at her daughter: “So we have the right to make the decision.”

“How can I have any private money?”

Tang Ruoxue couldn’t laugh or cry: “Besides, am I out of my mind to buy a Rolex for Mark?”

“I have analyzed it with your father. This watch is hundreds of thousands. Mark can’t afford it, and it’s impossible for anyone to give it to him.”

Lin Qiuling saw through her attitude at a glance: “As long as you saved your own money to buy it, there will be no second possibility.”

“Although I hold your salary card, I give you 100,000 yuan for expenses every month.”

“If you save the first half of the year, it will be enough to buy this watch.”

“You bought a Rolex for Ye Fan because you wanted him to look more glamorous, so that he wouldn’t be too embarrassed outside, and even give you a reputation.”

Tang Sanguo agreed with a straight face: “Ignorance!”

Tang Ruoxue’s head was numb: “Mom, your imagination is too rich, this watch is yellow…”

“Stop making excuses. Besides, this is your father. Shouldn’t you let him enjoy the blessings?”

Lin Qiuling glanced at Ye Fan: “Besides, a Rolex worth hundreds of thousands will cost a lot of money just to touch it. Does Ye Fan have the money to repair it?”

Tang Sanguo coughed: “Actually, we are not greedy for this watch. We mainly want to keep it for you, young couple.”

He grabbed Ye Fan’s finger and replaced the fingerprint.

Tang Ruoxue protested: “Mom, Dad, you are too domineering. I’ll say it again, this expression…”

“Okay, okay, stop talking.”

Lin Qiuling waved her hands impatiently:

“I know you want to package him, but a man can’t make a fortune just by wearing a Rolex.”

She also showed sarcasm: “Look, he helped yesterday, but what happened? Aunt Lin and her daughter were not grateful at all, and they humiliated him wantonly.”

“And he has never seen such an expensive watch. What if he can’t resist the temptation and sells it one day?”

“Here, give him this plum blossom watch.”

Lin Qiuling threw out a plum blossom watch from the 1980s. After eating half a bowl of porridge, she took her handbag and went to work with Tang Sanguo.

Tang Ruoxue stood up and wanted to stop her, but Mark held her back with a smile:

“Forget it, give her a watch and give it to me.”

“And this plum blossom watch is good.”

Ye Fan put on the old and mottled plum blossom watch: “Look, it’s still running pretty accurately.”

He knew that Lin Qiuling was venting her grievances yesterday, but she couldn’t find Aunt Lin and her daughter, so she could only turn to him.

Tang Ruoxue was so angry that she almost scolded Ye Fan again, then kicked Ye Fan in the calf and left:

“I put the Chanel stockings on the sink. Remember to wash them by hand. They will be useless as soon as the washing machine is turned on…”

“Also, remember to find a job.”

Ye Fan shouted: “Would you like to wash your little panties for you?”


Tang Ruoxue grabbed a shoe and threw it over.

Ye Fan quickly smiled and ran away…

Tang Ruoxue remembered something and reminded her, “By the way, at six o’clock in the evening, you go to the Aegean Restaurant.”

Ye Fan asked curiously: “Please treat me to a candlelight dinner?”

“Remember to arrive on time, otherwise I won’t be done with you.”

Tang Ruoxue said angrily and left…

Ye Fan’s eyes were soft, and he finally felt the woman’s fireworks, and then he quickly finished the housework.

When he was about to go out to buy groceries, a call came in. Ye Fan put on his earplugs, and soon Han Yue’s lazy voice came:

“Dead pervert…”

Ye Fan’s voice sank: “It’s itchy again, isn’t it?”

Han Yue was silent subconsciously, and then hummed: “Are you free now?”

Ye Fan replied unceremoniously: “I don’t have time, I want to go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables.”

“Your uncle!”

Han Yue was almost speechless: “You have more than 100 million in your hands. Are you telling me to buy vegetables at the wet market?”

Ye Fan said calmly: “If you have something to say, I will hang up if nothing happens.”

Damn, you bastard, when a beautiful woman calls you, you are not only not flattered, but also look impatient? And I helped you yesterday.

Han Yue was really angry. She wanted to get angry but touched her back, and then she became gentle:

“Master, are you free? I want to see your feet.”

“I don’t know why, but it went on strike from time to time today. It lost power four times in total. I almost rolled down the stairs.”

“I also noticed that it was a little swollen and I was worried that it was getting worse.”

“I don’t want to have my leg amputated so young. Can you help me treat it?”

She pretended to be sobbing sadly.

Ye Fan shuddered. Han Yue’s gentleness always made him feel like there was a knife hidden in his smile, so he frowned slightly and asked:

“Don’t come here to find me. I’ll go to Han’s Garden.”

“By the way, I want to review your grandfather’s condition.”

Ye Fan was somewhat embarrassed about Lin Xiaoyan’s incident yesterday, so he stopped making trouble with Han Yue.

“I’m not in Hanjia Garden. I’m in Qianbao Building. I came to work today.”

Han Yue took over the topic: “We discovered a jade mine overseas, and the pile of things is higher than my head.”

“Okay, give me your address and I’ll find you at Qianbao Building.”

After Ye Fan received Han Yue’s address, he stopped a taxi and drove forward.

Fifteen minutes later, the taxi stopped in front of a building in the city center.

There are more than thirty floors, and the exterior walls are all made of jade, which sparkles when the sun shines.

The interior is also luxuriously decorated, and the hall is filled with various jewelry and accessories, each of which is valuable.

And the beauties at the front desk are all so attractive.

Qianbao Group is really rich.

Ye Fan was about to go to the front desk to contact Han Yue, but at a glance he noticed two familiar people sitting in the hall.

Lin Sangu and Lin Xiaoyan.

The road between enemies is narrow.

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