Chapter 46 Not Recruited

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Chapter 46 Not Recruited

Seeing them, Ye Fan was stunned for a moment. Wasn’t Lin Xiaoyan sent for training? Why are you still here?

He took a few steps forward.

At this time, Sangu Lin was holding her mobile phone and shouting carelessly:

“Secretary Qian, I am Lin Xiaoyan’s mother, Sangu Lin.”

“Yes, yes, Lin Xiaoyan, Lin Xiaoyan is coming to report today.”

“I’m really sorry. I was so happy yesterday, so the whole family celebrated and made a fuss, and ended up oversleeping.”

Ye Fan was speechless. After finally getting the opportunity to join the company, Lin Xiaoyan overslept.

He really regretted making that call.

“But you don’t have to worry. If Xiaoyan decides to come to Qianbao Group, I won’t let you go. You can rest assured.”

Lin Sangu didn’t see Ye Fan, she held her cell phone and said arrogantly:

“Yes, we are here. We are in the lobby. Come down and pick us up.”

“There is no need to be too extravagant at noon, just a few middle and high-level people can gather together.”

“Okay, okay, we’ll wait.”

Lin Sangu hung up the phone proudly, then turned to look at Lin Xiaoyan and said:

“Don’t worry, I’m just three hours late. It’s nothing.”

“You are a rare talent. They don’t dare to let you go. Otherwise, if you go to a competitor company, Qianbao will go bankrupt.”

“Secretary Qian will be down soon.”

The front desk and the security guard looked at each other with confusion on their faces, as if they were wondering when did the Han family have such relatives?

Lin Xiaoyan nodded slightly: “I will see Secretary Qian later and ask him to increase his salary appropriately. Eight thousand yuan is a bit too little.”

Lin Sangu gave a thumbs up: “As I thought, you have such great potential, it’s normal to ask for more salary.”

Ye Fan shook his head when he heard this, thinking about asking Han Yue to open Lin Xiaoyan.

Just seeing the fish intestine sword on his wrist, Ye Fan hesitated again.

Seeing someone shaking their head, Lin Xiaoyan subconsciously looked over and was shocked when she saw Ye Fan’s face:

“Ye Fan?”

“Lin Xiaoyan, why did you mention that loser’s name?”

Lin Sangu shouted impatiently, but after her eyes glanced at Mark, her eyes suddenly widened:

“Ye Fan?”

“Damn it, why did he follow you here?”

The next second, her expression changed drastically: “You bastard, you must want to get ahead of us and then find a job in Qianbao through us.”

“You shouldn’t have said in public yesterday that you were admitted to Qianbao Group.”

“Xiaoyan, sit down and I’ll drive this loser away.”

Lin Sangu stood up, walked to Mark and shouted:

“Ye Fan, why are you here? Did your mother-in-law ask you to follow?”

“I’m telling you, your family is so evil-minded. You just want to take advantage of our pretty face.”

She hated Lin Qiuling so much that she refused to help the Tang family when she asked her to. Seeing that her daughter had a bright future, she asked her son-in-law to take advantage of it.

“Get out, get out, get out of here.”

Sangu Lin almost shouted: “We will not find a job for you here.”

Ye Fan did not respond.

Lin Xiaoyan also stood up and raised her pretty face: “Ye Fan, do you hear that this is not a place for you to come?”

While speaking, she reached out to push Mark.

Lin Xiaoyan hates sharing good things with others.

Ye Fan stretched out his hand to block it, with an unharmed look on his face. For him now, there were some old things and some humiliations, so he laughed them off calmly.

Seeing Ye Fan blocking her, Lin Xiaoyan became furious and shouted at the front desk and security guard:

“Why don’t you throw the rest of the people out?”

Ye Fan didn’t even look at Aunt Lin and her daughter. He walked directly to the front desk and said calmly:

“I’m looking for Han Yue!”

The beauty at the front desk was startled: “Are you looking for Mr. Han?”

Lin Sangu sneered: “That’s awesome. You come here to see Mr. Han. Do you really think you are a figure?”

“We can’t even see Miss Han. You’re such a loser, how can you still see Miss Han?”

Lin Xiaoyan also sneered again and again: “It’s really ridiculous.”

At this time, the front desk also looked at Ye Fan with a joking look on his face: “Sir, Mr. Han is not someone you can meet whenever you want. Have you made an appointment?”

“Tell Han Yue, my name is Ye Fan.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “Give her five minutes. If she doesn’t come down, I will leave.”

The beauty at the front desk smiled disapprovingly: “Sir, please don’t cause trouble, okay?”

Several security guards came over and watched eagerly.

Ye Fan said calmly: “There are still four minutes…”

Lin Xiaoyan sarcastically said: “Order Miss Han to come down, who do you think you are?”

“Okay, Mark, stop pretending.”

Lin Sangu said with disdain as if she had seen through Ye Fan:

“I know you want to be in front of us, but Miss Han is really not something you can touch.”

“Leave quickly, don’t be embarrassed.”

“And if you leave a bad impression on Miss Han, it will probably implicate us!”

“Our big event was ruined because of you, what are you responsible for?”

She was sure that Ye Fan had followed them here, and after being discovered, she used Han Yue to cover up her embarrassment.

Ye Fan looked at the front desk and said faintly:

“There are three minutes left…”

Feeling Ye Fan’s strong aura, the receptionist was slightly startled, hesitant, and finally made the call.

“Ye Fan, that’s enough. Is this fun? It’s embarrassing.”

Lin Sangu was angry: “I order you now to leave here quickly…”


As soon as he was halfway through speaking, he heard a clear bell, the elevator door opened, and the sound of leather shoes hitting the ground came quickly.

Then, several men and women appeared. The one walking in front was Han Yue, wearing Givenchy, fashionable and capable.

But at this moment, he looked nervous and panicked.

Lin Sangu and Lin Xiaoyan greeted them with smiles on their faces:

“Mr. Han…”

Han Yue ignored everyone’s greetings and just looked around the hall anxiously, then locked eyes on Ye Fan and rushed over:

“Ye Fan, I’m sorry, I’m late…”

Lin Sangu and Lin Xiaoyan were completely stunned.

Does Ye Fan really know Han Yue?

How can this be?

Ye Fan looked at Han Yue and smiled lightly: “Yes, my temper has changed a lot. I thought you wouldn’t come down.”

Han Yue almost kicked Ye Fan, then looked at Lin Xiaoyan and said with a smile:

“Ye Fan, is this your sister-in-law Lin Xiaoyan? The one you asked me to arrange work for?”

Lin Sangu groaned again, not expecting that Mark really used the back door.

Lin Xiaoyan shouted anxiously without giving up: “Mr. Han, didn’t you recruit me because of my appearance and ability?”

From the bottom of her heart, she didn’t want Mark to help.

Several receptionists looked at Lin Xiaoyan awkwardly, wondering if she had some misunderstanding about appearance.

Ye Fan said lightly: “Han Yue, she needs to rely on her ability, so give her a chance to rely on her ability.”

After saying that, he walked straight into the elevator.

Han Yue was startled for a moment, then smiled at the secretary next to her:

“Secretary Qian, Miss Lin is young, beautiful and upright. Please arrange for her according to the rules.”

Secretary Qian stepped forward directly:

“Ms. Lin, Qianbao Group only recruits talents with master’s and doctorate degrees. You are a college graduate and do not meet our recruitment requirements.”

“I declare that your application failed and you will not be hired!”

Lin Sangu and Lin Xiaoyan instantly turned pale…

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