Chapter 47 Digger Graduate

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Chapter 47 Digger Graduate

“Ye Fan…please come in.”

Under the surprised looks of Lin Sangu and Lin Xiaoyan, Han Yue welcomed Ye Fan into the office on the eighth floor.

The office is more than 100 square meters and is luxuriously decorated. Not only are the furniture all brand-name, but the glass on the floor-to-ceiling windows is also bulletproof.

There is also a bookshelf on the inner wall, with dozens of antiques on it, including porcelain, snuff bottles, and jade ornaments.

There are also several paintings hanging on the wall behind the desk.

Han Yue said hello: “Would you like something to drink?”

I have to say that women in the company are more mature and dignified than at home. Although they are still pure and attractive, you can see signs of growth.

Ye Fan glanced at her and then shook his head:

“No, come here and give me a look. Get treatment as soon as possible. I have to go back to buy groceries.”

Han Yue almost grabbed the paper knife.

Then, she suppressed her anger, took off her small leather shoes, and took off her stockings in front of Mark, and finally walked to sit in front of Mark.

She raised her left foot, and a small foot as glittering and translucent as snow appeared in front of Ye Fan.

She is white and rosy, with perfect curves, and her nails are painted gold. When the sun shines, she is very tempting.

Han Yue raised the corners of her mouth: “Let’s get treatment.”

Ye Fan took a deep breath, suppressed his inner impulse, and then reached out to grab the woman’s feet.

There is a scar on the sole of the foot, more than an inch long, and the color is very dark, which is in sharp contrast to the white skin around it.

Apparently this was what Han Yue stabbed while skating.

Ye Fan raised his head and asked, “Did you eat a lot of seafood last night?”

“how do you know?”

Han Yue was slightly startled, then nodded:

“I was so happy yesterday that I had a big meal. I like hairy crabs, so I ate a few more. Does it matter?”

“You were stabbed and infected. Although you were treated, it was not completely eradicated. Some of the meridians were inflamed.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “So when it’s cold or you eat seafood, it will trigger the spread of inflammation, making your old injuries and even your left foot hurt.”

“Your headache is also a side effect of it.”

“With your situation, if you don’t undergo radical treatment, it will take up to three months. Not only will your leg be lost, but your internal organs will also fail.”

Han Yue was shocked when she heard this, and then she leaned forward, lying on the coffee table, and raised her waist at the same time.

An extremely tantalizing arc unfolds in an instant.

“Stop talking nonsense and treat it quickly.”

Han Yue shouted with a cry: “I don’t want to have my leg amputated. I would rather die than have my leg amputated.”

Ye Fan was confused: “What are you doing?”

“Aren’t you going to treat me?”

Han Yue opened her mouth slightly:

“Didn’t I take the initiative to put on a good posture? You can hit me, but as long as it can heal my foot, I will bear the blow no matter how severe it is.”


Mark slapped her in the back: “Who told you that I want to be treated like this?”

“Last time it was to soothe the muscles and relieve your headache.”

He couldn’t laugh or cry: “Today I’m treating your feet. I want to remove the inflammation and force out the toxins. I’m going to use acupuncture.”

Han Yue’s pretty face turned red instantly, and she quickly retracted her tall waist.

Next, Ye Fan used the Four Elephants detoxification acupuncture method to detoxify Han Yue.

After the three strands of pus and blood on the sole of his foot were released, Han Yue suddenly felt that his whole leg was relaxed. Not only was it no longer painful, it was also full of energy.

At this moment, she felt that she could kick ten people like Ye Fan…

Half a day later, three rounds of acupuncture were completed, and Ye Fan was able to clean, disinfect and apply medicine with ease.

That serious look made Han Yue feel dazed for a moment, and for the first time she found that Mark was a bit handsome.

“The inflammation has gone away and the tendons have been repaired. I’ll give you a prescription.”

Ye Fan picked up the pen and paper and wrote a prescription:

“Take one pair every day for half a month, and then you will be completely fine.”

“Thank you Master, thank you Master.”

Han Yue happily took the prescription and for the first time she was willing to call out the owner.

Then, she ran back to the desk, opened the drawer directly, took out a box and threw it to Mark.

“I heard from Sister Song that you are already married and this thing is for you.”

Han Yue smiled like a flower: “You give it to your wife, she will definitely like it, and it’s a little bit of my appreciation.”


Ye Fan looked wary: “Don’t play tricks on me.”

What if there was something inside that was only for adults? Wouldn’t he be strangled to death by Tang Ruoxue?

Han Yue slammed the table and said angrily: “I have a bottom line, okay?”

Ye Fan looked doubtful, but in the end he did not open the box. He changed the subject:

“Lend me a car. I’ll have something to do later.”

He found that it was already 5:30, and it was the time for the taxi to take over. It was difficult to hail a taxi, so he borrowed a taxi and rushed to the Aegean Restaurant.

“Hehe, will you beg me too?”

“Seeing that you performed well today, I will reward you with a car.”

Han Yue took out a car key and threw it to Ye Fan:

“The limited edition Lamborghini costs 12 million. It landed a week ago. It’s downstairs. Take it.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

Ye Fan grabbed the key: “Would you like to help the queen give birth to a dragon son?”

This bastard was driving and she had no proof!

Han Yue was about to slash Ye Fan frantically when she heard someone knocking on the door hurriedly.

“Dong dong dong——”

Han Yue stepped forward to open it, and a young couple appeared.

The man is wearing Armani and the woman is wearing Chanel. They are full of jewels and wealth.

The man’s face was full of anxiety: “Han Yue, you said a miracle doctor will treat you today? Where is the miracle doctor?”

The beautiful woman also asked aloud: “Yes, how is your treatment?”

“Mr. Qian, Mrs. Qian, don’t worry.”

Han Yue smiled heartily: “I have finished the treatment, and the effect is very good. It turned me from half-dead to full of strength.”

She also raised her leg and kicked it a few times: “Look, it’s done.”

“Han Yue, congratulations. By the way, tell me where the miracle doctor is? Let him take a look at us quickly.”

Mr. Qian was so anxious that he jumped:

“We, as a couple, are also rushing to have children. If we don’t have another baby within two years, my father will donate all his wealth to a charity fund.”

Mrs. Qian also echoed: “Han Yue, if the matter is done, you will not be short of benefits. In the future, my sister-in-law will introduce you to a good partner…”

“The miracle doctor is right here.”

Han Yue hurriedly introduced to Ye Fan: “Ye Fan, this is Qian Shenghuo, Mr. Qian, Mrs. Qian, Shen Yan, Shaodong of Baihua Bank.”

“They are also troubled by hidden diseases and have been seeking medical treatment for many years to no avail. They happen to know that the Han family has met a miracle doctor, so they want to treat a dead horse as a living horse.”

“I saw that they were eager to seek medical treatment, so I asked them to come over and give it a try.”

She also expressed a rare apology: “I know it will bother you, but money is always my big brother. I really can’t bear it…”

Ye Fan nodded lightly: “It’s okay, I understand.”

Then, he took another look at the other party, and Ye Fan remembered that Tang Ruoxue’s financial difficulties were caused by Baihua Bank.

Han Yue enthusiastically introduced to the Qian couple: “Mr. Qian, Mrs. Qian, this is the miracle doctor Ye who cured me, Ye Fan.”


Ye Fan politely extended his hand.

Qian Shenghuo and the two frowned and shook hands.

Instantly separate.

“Is this the miracle doctor?”

Qian Shenghuo was stunned. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in Chinese medicine, but he just felt that at this age, how could he have high standards?

A young man in his twenties may not have even finished studying medicine.

Shen Yan also looked suspicious.

Qian Shenghuo looked at Mark rudely: “Are you a miracle doctor?”

Ye Fan was not polite: “I’m not a miracle doctor. It’s just a hobby. I don’t even have a medical qualification certificate.”

Qian Shenghuo was immediately unhappy, thinking that Han Yue was really crazy. How dare someone without a medical qualification certificate claim to be a miracle doctor?

The magic stick is pretty much the same.

Shen Yan also asked: “Are you a student at a medical university?”

Ye Fan casually said: “No, I didn’t go to a medical university either. I graduated from Lan Xiang excavator.”

“What a mess.”

Before Han Yue could say anything, Qian Shenghuo looked angry:

“Do you know that practicing medicine indiscriminately is equivalent to seeking money and killing people?”

Han Yue’s expression changed and she secretly told Qian Shenghuo to do something bad:

“Brother Qian, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you still believe me?”

Although Han Yue usually had a lot of business dealings with Qian Shenghuo, compared to Ye Fan’s value, she did not hesitate to side with Ye Fan.

“What do you think? A young boy who has never studied medicine, how can you believe it?”

Qian Shenghuo scolded Han Yue:

“What a waste of time. We didn’t even hold a shareholders’ meeting, and you let me see this thing.”

Shen Yan also said in a reproachful tone: “Han Yue, you are sloppy.”

In the past, the two of them would not have looked like this, but Han Yue had no choice but to impress Ye Fan so much that they revived their despairing hearts.

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment and the greater the anger.

“It’s always money, right?”

Ye Fan stopped Han Yue from talking, stared at Qian Shenghuo and sneered:

“You usually have a loss of appetite, lack of energy, and feel tired. You need to drink a lot of coffee every day to refresh yourself.”

“And I have night sweats in the middle of the night, insomnia and dreams, and cold limbs.”

“In addition, your right shoulder is slightly heavy when you walk, and your left leg is shaking slightly. Your spine must have been injured. Kidney deficiency and old injuries make it difficult for you to sit for long periods of time.”

Han Yue was stunned.

Qian Shenghuo and his wife were stunned when they heard this: “You…how did you know?”

Ye Fan did not stop, looked at Shen Yan and said:

“Mrs. Qian, you should have intermittent coughing, accompanied by thick sputum and blood in the sputum, and often feel chest tightness and dull pain. You have lung disease.”

“Also, your Ren pulse is stagnant and has poor self-repair ability, which makes you often suffer from bleeding or metrorrhagia during menstruation.”

Qian Shenghuo and his wife opened their mouths so wide that they could hardly close their jaws. Ye Fan just stated the symptoms without even diagnosing his pulse.

This is like personal experience. Is he really that amazing?

“If my guess is correct, you go to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor says that you are infertile because your uterus is too cold.”

“Actually, this is just a problem with the Ren vessel, which governs fertility.”

“If the blockage in your Ren channel is cleared, you can still have children.”

Ye Fan finished speaking in one breath, then ignored everyone, turned and left the office.

“Miracle doctor, miraculous doctor…”

Qian Shenghuo came to his senses, howled, and ran after Mark.

Shen Yan also chased out as if waking up from a dream.

But when they rushed to the corridor, Ye Fan had already entered the elevator and went down. If they continued to chase, Ye Fan had disappeared in the Lamborghini.

Qian Shenghuo and his wife were in a hurry. They quickly started the Maserati and were about to give chase, but Han Yue held down the steering wheel:

“Don’t chase.”

She reminded: “Mark is angry, there’s no point in chasing him.”

“Han Yue, it’s my fault, it’s my blindness that doesn’t recognize Mount Tai.”

Qian Shenghuo was sweating profusely:

“Hurry up and give me a call and put in a good word. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. Please ask Ye Shen for help.”

“Yes, please help me to have a baby.”

Shen Yan also had a face filled with regret: “Han Yue, give me your address and we’ll beg him.”

“Slow down for a moment, chasing after him at this time will only be counterproductive.”

Han Yue said calmly: “I will have a phone call with him later. It won’t be too late for you to go find him then.”

Half an hour later, Han Yue called, only to find that Ye Fan’s phone was turned off…

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