Chapter 55 It’s your own fault

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Chapter 55 It’s your own fault


Liu Yong and the others looked at Ye Fan dumbfounded.

Xue Yan, who fell down, stared at Ye Fan in disbelief, forgetting even the pain.

No one thought that Mark would dare to take action in this situation.

This is simply reckless.

Chen Xiaoyue thought the same way and was so angry that her chest hurt.

Doesn’t this bastard know that he has to bow his head and submit at this time?

The result of such a fight would be that he would be maimed, and Tang Ruoxue and himself would be implicated, and he might even be gang-raped.

It’s really harmful to others and yourself.

Chen Xiaoyue shouted in her heart.

“You dare to hit me?”

Xue Yan covered her pretty face and reacted: “You dare to hit me?”

Ye Fan didn’t talk nonsense, stepped forward and slapped him again.


Xue Yan couldn’t dodge and was slapped away by Mark again.


Xue Yan screamed, staggered and fell into Liu Yong’s arms.

Liu Yong was furious.

Tang Ruoxue and Chen Xiaoyue were completely confused. Mark was too domineering.

I’m afraid there is no room for maneuver.

At this time, Xue Yan covered her face with grief and anger:

“Asshole! If you dare to bully me again and again, I will kill you with all your body intact.”

“Brother Liu, Brother Liu, kill him for me.”

He pointed at Ye Fan: “Kill him.”

“Boy, that’s too much!”

Liu Yong shouted sharply: “Go ahead, destroy him.”

A dozen gangsters rushed forward.

Ye Fan sneered, instead of retreating, he advanced directly and rushed into the crowd of gangsters.

After a clanging sound, more than a dozen gangsters all fell to the ground, their arms and legs severed.

Liu Yong and Xue Yan’s expressions changed dramatically. They had no idea that this waste was so powerful that more than a dozen people could not defeat him.

Seeing Ye Fan coming over, Liu Yong shouted: “You…don’t you want to come over?”


At this moment, Ye Fan’s figure flashed.

Before Liu Yong could see clearly, he felt his neck tighten.

Ye Fan grabbed Liu Yong’s neck and threw him directly towards the windshield.


With a shocking impact, the windshield exploded instantly, and Liu Yong fell into it.

The strength is terrifying.


Ye Fan smiled coldly: “If you dare to take Ruoxue’s idea, you are all tired of living.”

“You…who are you?”

Liu Yong opened his mouth wide and looked at Mark with shock.

This is simply Bruce Lee.

He didn’t think that Ye Fan was just a door-to-door son-in-law, he must have other awesome identities.

Xue Yan was also a little flustered and took her cell phone to send a message.

“You don’t have to worry about who I am. Just remember that I’m someone you can’t afford to offend.”

Ye Fan walked up to Xue Yan and kicked her away.

Xue Yan screamed again, so scared that Chen Xiaoyue covered her mouth.


At this moment, several more dump trucks came over.

The car stopped, the back door opened, and dozens of strong men wearing safety helmets got out of the car carrying shovels and hammers.

All of them have bronzed skin and are filled with murderous aura.

“Boy, you’re done.”

Liu Yong’s eyes widened: “The one who did it just now was just a little gangster I hired with money, and his fighting ability is scumbag.”

“Now that my strong brother is here, you just wait to die.”

“Brother Qiang is a master who has killed and let go of blood. I will kill you later and drag you to the Disney playground and bury you.”

Liu Yong became excited again.

Xue Yan also covered his face and shouted: “You are finished.”

Chen Xiaoyue’s pretty face changed, Brother Qiang? It seems that Ye Fan is really going to die, he is a big shot.

“Brother Qiang?”

Ye Fan sneered.

He looked at a middle-aged man behind dozens of strong men.

“Zhang Daqiang, get up here!”

he shouted to the crowd.

Liu Yong and the others were stunned for a moment, then sneered.

You are really ignorant and fearless. Calling Banzhang Daqiang like this will cost you your life.

Xue Yan curled his lips, he really didn’t know whether to live or die.

At this time, Zhang Daqiang, who was wearing a safety helmet behind the crowd, was almost frightened by these words.

Could he not recognize Mark’s voice?

He almost rolled up and ran up.

Then, he really saw Mark.

“Brother Qiang, kill this kid for me.”

Upon seeing this, Liu Yong shouted happily: “I will give you 10 million.”

“Brother Qiang, kill him.”

Xue Yan also echoed: “I’ll sleep with you.”

Zhang Daqiang almost fell down when he heard this and rushed towards the two of them.

“Papa -”

Zhang Daqiang fired his bow from left to right and knocked Liu Yong and Xue Yan to the ground.

“If you mess with your uncle, you will fucking kill me.”

Zhang Daqiang ignored the miserable two people, walked to Mark and bent down quickly:

“Brother Ye, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Brother Ye?

Liu Yong and Xue Yan swallowed, completely shocked.

What kind of big shot was this Ye Fan? Not only did Qian Shenghuo respect him, but Zhang Daqiang also feared him.

Chen Xiaoyue’s mind went blank, she was so shocked that she didn’t know how to express it.

“They’re going to kill me.”

Ye Fan looked at Zhang Daqiang and said calmly: “You also brought someone here.”

Zhang Daqiang immediately cried and said: “Brother Ye, I didn’t know it was you…”

“Liu Yong is an old cousin of mine. I just happened to come back from an inspection at the construction site and received a message from them to deal with people who are not discerning.”

“I thought I was passing by, so I came over to take a look and show my appreciation. I really don’t want to go against you.”

He is a brother-in-law with Huang Zhendong, can kill the Xiong Yi brothers and sisters, and has the ability to control his own life and death. Even if he is ten brave, he would not dare to challenge him.

Ye Fan said again: “If it were anyone else, would you help kill him?”

Zhang Daqiang was sweating profusely: “Brother Ye, I…”


Ye Fan waved his hand and slapped Zhang Daqiang on the face.

“If it had been anyone else, another innocent person would have died at your hands?”

Zhang Daqiang waved his hand quickly: “I was wrong, I was wrong, I won’t dare to do it again.”


Ye Fan slapped you again: “If you do anything else in the future, I will stab you first.”

Zhang Daqiang nodded repeatedly: “I understand, I understand.”

Only then did Ye Fan stop: “I won’t do this next time.”

Chen Xiaoyue was confused!

Xue Yan and Liu Yong were also shocked.

Zhang Daqiang, who was fearless, was as cowardly as a little sheep to Ye Fan.

They find it unacceptable.

“Yes Yes Yes!”

Zhang Daqiang nodded repeatedly and breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that his life was saved.

“The finishing touches should be clean…”

Ye Fan said a word, then turned and left…

“Damn, who is this bastard?”

After Ye Fan left, Liu Yong endured the pain and stared at the red BMW in the distance:

“It’s so arrogant, okay, I’ll admit defeat today.”

“Who cares? When I recover from my injury, I will go to Mr. Wang to borrow some experts who are not useless. I don’t believe I can’t kill him.”

“And his woman, Tang Ruoxue, I had to leave her on the bed for three days and three nights, and I also tied her up and watched her.”

He vented his anger and was also dissatisfied with Zhang Daqiang. He didn’t even let go of anything when he came, and stood obediently like a grandson while being beaten.

Where can Ye Fan go if he has another identity?

With Mr. Wang’s support, he no longer looks down on Zhonghai.

Xue Yan’s eyes also shone: “Tell Mr. Wang and give me a chance to kill Ye Fan.”

“Director Liu, President Xue…”

Zhang Daqiang lit a cigarette: “You have no chance.”

After the words fell, two shovels were slapped on the heads of Liu Yong and Xue Yan.

Two streams of blood spurted out.

Xue Yan fell straight down, and the back of his head was shattered.

Liu Yong blocked the fatal blow with his arm, but fell to the ground with a scream.

He waved his hands to protect his head and shouted hysterically:

“Brother Qiang, I was wrong, I was wrong…”

Zhang Daqiang turned around and walked towards the engineering vehicle without even looking.

Liu Yong’s face was full of despair: “I have a message, I want to live.”

“I heard from Mr. Wang that he is coming back…”

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