Chapter 57 Invincible

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Chapter 57 Invincible

He is the famous ruthless bandit Xiong Yong, and he is also an awesome Huang Realm warrior.

Today, when I led the team to perform a mission and were about to win, they were hit by someone from a height of 100 meters.

Although Xiong Yong did not die immediately, he knew that most of his muscles and bones were broken and he would be paralyzed if he did not die, so he felt extremely sad and unwilling.

Ye Fan thought he would die cruelly, but he didn’t expect that there was no damage to his body.

Beneath him was a middle-aged man who was injured.

“Thank God.”

Ye Fan felt a sense of joy, and then glanced around.

The scene was in a mess, with broken limbs, more than 30 corpses, and traces of explosions, which showed that there had been a fierce battle here.

Then, he looked at the middle of the corpses. There were three cars standing there. The front and back of the cars were blood red, and the car bodies were also full of sword marks and bullet holes.

In front of the Lincoln, half-kneeling, an old man in gray clothes held a blood-stained ax in his hand.

Panting, bruised all over, and at the end of his strength.

Beside him, two women in green clothes were lying dying.

Behind the Lincoln, Song Hongyan was sitting. She was not as unruly as before. On the contrary, she was unusually silent.

It was this silence that allowed her to take control of the last bit of initiative.

She held Browning tightly in her hands, and at her feet lay the three shot killers.

There is no doubt that she killed them all.

Surrounding the Lincoln were six cold-blooded killers, each with a murderous intent and preparing for the final attack.😉/

But at this moment, both sides were staring at Ye Fan, the guy who fell from the sky.

When Song Hongyan discovered that it was Ye Fan, she was stunned for a moment, and her cold eyes gained a touch of tenderness.

She never thought that Mark would rescue her regardless of danger.

At this time, seeing Ye Fan’s weird expression, Xiong Yong, who had recovered his breath, raised the military thorn with difficulty:

“Asshole, I’ll kill you…”


Frightened by Xiong Yong whose face was covered with blood, Ye Fan shook his wrist and hit half of the stone on the other person’s forehead.


Xiong Yong’s skull cracked and he lay back straight, his life a little less alive. He was very sad and angry: “You…you…”

“sorry Sorry……”

Seeing that he had smashed the opponent’s head to pieces, Ye Fan was very embarrassed and hurriedly tried to get off Xiong Yong.


There was another crisp sound, and Ye Fan accidentally pressed the opponent’s ribs. The broken ribs were completely broken and pierced into the opponent’s chest.


Xiong Yong’s body shook, his face turned pale, and a stream of blood spurted out.

“Oops, I’m sorry!”

Seeing that he was in trouble again, Ye Fan hurriedly pulled out the ribs that had been pressed down.


Xiong Yong instantly let out a scream, as sharp as killing a pig, his eyes were blood red, and he wanted to strangle Ye Fan to death.

The hands that were raised into the air soon fell back weakly.

The vitality is extinguished, and the dead will not rest in peace.

Xiong Yong never thought that he would fall short when he was sure of victory, let alone that he would be beaten to death in a majestic state.

He didn’t even see Mark’s face clearly.


Ye Fan looked at the stone in his hand and couldn’t help but be stunned. He died so soon?

He stood up quickly, only to see six killers rushing towards him with a crash.

They held scimitars in their hands, carried crossbows, and firearms, and their whole bodies exuded a violent aura.

Song Hongyan ran up from behind the car: “Ye Fan, be careful.”

She pulled the trigger on an enemy, only to hear the gun click and run out of bullets.

“Second brother!”

Seeing that Xiong Yong was silent, the six killers were stunned for a moment, and then yelled in grief and anger: “Asshole! You killed the second brother! You killed the second brother!”

“We’re going to kill you, kill you!”

A man with leopard eyes was even more furious: “Brothers, kill him, kill him, and avenge the second brother.”


Ye Fan felt the danger, roared, pressed the stone with both hands, and the stone broke into more than a dozen pieces, and then swished out.

The gravel instantly shot up like dense rain.

“Pah, pah, pah—”

The six killers who were about to kill Ye Fan fell to the ground screaming and bleeding.

The crossbows and firearms were also raised and fired towards the sky.

Then, Ye Fan flashed his body and was in front of a killer, waving his sword.

The killer’s face changed drastically, and he instinctively raised his spur to block the attack.


With a crisp sound, the fish intestines cut off the spines and then sank into the killer’s neck.



The leopard-eyed man didn’t care, endured the pain and grabbed the gun.

He blasted Ye Fan.


Hundreds of iron beads sprayed out.

Song Hongyan subconsciously shouted: “Be careful!”

Ye Fan could have easily dodged, but as soon as he dodged, Song Hongyan behind him would definitely be shot.

So he could only throw Song Hongyan down, and then rolled sideways.

Ye Fan avoided the fatal bombardment, but three or four iron beads hit his back.

A splash of blood burst out.

Song Hongyan clearly saw that Ye Fan was in pain, and her heart suddenly trembled:

“Ye Fan…”

If Ye Fan brought Qian Qian back to life twice, Song Hongyan was just grateful to Ye Fan, then today, Ye Fan moved Song Hongyan.

From a young age, her consciousness has been telling her to be independent, to be strong, and to work hard in her career like a man.

Over the years, she has been very outstanding, but only one person knows the pain in her heart.

Now, Song Hongyan feels safe.

Ye Fan’s embrace made her unable to stop being intoxicated. It seemed that with Ye Fan here, she would never have to fear the cold or danger.

Compared with Song Hongyan’s nymphomaniac, Ye Fan tensed up his nerves. After stuffing Song Hongyan under the car, his body rolled violently.

He was in front of the leopard-eyed man in an instant.


The leopard-eyed man quickly pulled the bolt of his gun and fired the second shot.

Ye Fan waved his right hand.

The opponent’s throat was immediately covered with blood, and his body staggered and fell to the ground.


Ye Fan kicked his body away and knocked over several killers who were about to shoot behind him.

The man fell on his back and his horse fell over.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ye Fan rushed over.

The bodies of the four killers were shaken violently, and they instinctively took two steps back.

In the surprise of Song Hongyan and the old man in gray, Ye Fan raised his sword without mercy.

The sword is as bright as lightning!

Streams of blood rose into the sky!

Three killers were killed one after another.

The last killer collapsed, threw away his weapon, raised his hands and shouted: “I surrender, surrender.”

He had a chance to shoot, but lost the courage to pull the trigger.

Ye Fan backhanded his sword and pierced his throat directly.

“Little brother…surrender without killing!”

The old man in gray clothes shouted to Ye Fan: “This is the rule of the world.”

The two women in green also frowned slightly.

Ye Fan only glanced at him, and then gave the leopard-eyed killer a blow. Then, the old man in gray and the others heard Ye Fan’s indifferent response:

“Surrender and not kill, that’s your rule!”

“My rule…cutting the weed must eliminate the root!”

He raised his hand again, and the fish intestines were nailed into Xiong Yong’s throat.

Kill them all!

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