Chapter 58 She is a traitor

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Chapter 58 She is a traitor

The old man in gray and the others were all silent.

Not only because of Mark’s cruelty, but also because of the indifference shown in Mark’s tone.

Even though they had been on the battlefield and killed countless enemies for a long time, they all felt that their throats were extremely thirsty for a while and they were speechless.

The old man in gray clothes looked embarrassed, then forced out a smile:

“Little hero, my name is Song Dazhong.”

“Thank you for saving me and my lady. I will remember this kindness in my heart.”

“I don’t know what to call the little hero?”

He enthusiastically attracted Ye Fan, firstly to thank him for saving his life, and secondly because he felt that he could kill Xiong Yong, a master of the Yellow Realm, and his future was promising.

“Uncle Zhong, he is Ye Fan, he is my friend.”

Song Hongyan walked up to Ye Fan and felt something strange in her heart: “Brother Fan, Uncle Zhong is my secret guard.”

When he heard that Ye Fan was Song Hongyan’s friend, Song Dazhong’s expression instantly became respectful.

Ye Fan was not surprised, because he had been in contact with Song Hongyan so many times, but this was the first time he saw Song Dazhong, who was obviously the person he was secretly protecting.

Then he felt a little moved. Song Hongyan even told such a life-related secret, which showed that she had unreserved trust in him.

Ye Fan was stunned, and Song Hongyan asked again: “Brother Fan, why are you here?”

Ye Fan wiped off the blood from the fish intestines and put it on again as a bracelet:

“I heard the explosion on the phone and was worried that something might happen to you, so I rushed over.”

“I didn’t expect that I actually saved your life.”

Ye Fan teased: “Remember to repay him well in the future.”

Song Hongyan puffed out her big breasts and said proudly: “Do you want to pledge yourself to me?”

Ye Fan’s face turned red inexplicably.


Song Hongyan rolled her eyes at Ye Fan, and then asked curiously: “I thought you were just good at medical skills, but I didn’t expect your skills to be so terrifying.”

“You hide it very well.”

Song Hongyan was really surprised at this moment. She racked her brains and imagination, but could not connect Mark with the Tang family’s son-in-law.

At the same time, she thought about it. If she only liked teasing and watching Ye Fan’s embarrassment before, now she wanted to take him home.

“I’ll explain it another time.”

Ye Fan waved his hand: “Hurry up and call someone to deal with the scene.”

With so many people dead, Ye Fan felt that his head was heavy. If the police found him, ten lives would probably not be enough.

Song Hongyan looked at her phone: “The signal is blocked, let’s go out first.”

Ye Fan paused for a moment and landed on the left wrists of Xiong Yong and others, which had a black ribbon on them.


Before Ye Fan could respond, several off-road vehicles roared into the mountain road.

The car door opened, and a woman in blue and eight uniformed bodyguards emerged.

The woman in blue is very beautiful, with wavy hair hanging on her shoulders. A blue shirt and shorts set off her exquisite figure.

Especially the exposed legs, which are slender and fair, giving people endless temptation.

There was also an indescribable pride at the time.

A relative of the Song family, Song Hongyan’s cousin, Zhao Ruoshuang.

“Hongyan, are you okay?”

Zhao Ruoshuang rushed over with eight companions: “What on earth is going on?”

“Cousin, I’m fine.”

Song Hongyan said calmly: “A group of killers assassinated us here. Six sisters died in the battle, and Uncle Zhong was also seriously injured.”

Song Dazhong also nodded:

“These killers are very powerful, equipped with weapons and weapons. Judging from their skin color, they are foreign gangsters and masters from the Yellow Realm.”

“Overseas gangsters?”

Zhao Ruoshuang said in surprise: “Why did they come to Zhonghai to kill Hongyan?”

Song Dazhong looked confused:

“I don’t know, I’m just curious, how did they know the lady’s route? And they were fully prepared for the attack.”

Zhao Ruoshuang narrowed his eyes and then returned to indifference.

Song Hongyan looked at Ye Fan with a doting look on her face: “I was indeed careless today. Fortunately, I have the right man.”

“Meeting Ye Fan is doomed for them to be unlucky.”

“Ye Fan?”

Hearing this sentence, Zhao Ruoshuang’s eyes suddenly became sharp, staring at Ye Fan who sent a message to Liu Fugui:

“He saved you?”

Song Hongyan nodded: “That’s right.”

“Take it!”

Zhao Ruoshuang gave an order: “If you dare to resist, you will be killed without mercy.”

Song Hongyan’s expression changed: “Cousin, what are you doing?”

Zhao Ruoshuang stared at Ye Fan and sneered: “At this age, how can it be possible to kill a Huang Realm master? They must be in the same group.”

The eight men followed her instructions and surrounded Ye Fan with a roar, and flashed black firearms.

Ye Fan put the phone in his arms, then glanced at Zhao Ruoshuang and the others:

“Shoot to kill?”

Before Song Hongyan could say anything, Zhao Ruoshuang shouted fiercely:

“You and the killer must be on the same team, using human life to act as a way to get close to Song Hongyan.”

“You can fool others, but you can’t fool me.”

Ye Fan stared at her wrist: “Evidence?”

“No evidence.”

Zhao Ruoshuang is extremely arrogant:

“Even if you really saved Song Hongyan, extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. We would rather kill a thousand people by mistake than let one person go.”

Ye Fan was silent for a moment, then nodded: “Very good!”

Zhao Ruoshuang’s tone was filled with contempt: “It’s a bit moral to be so calm at this time.”

“It’s a pity, you still have to die.”

She raised the corners of her mouth: “Just accept your fate!”

Song Hongyan’s pretty face turned cold: “Cousin, don’t mess around. He is Ye Fan, he saved…”

“Shut up!”

Zhao Ruoshuang is very strong:

“Although you are Miss Song, I am your cousin, and I have the obligation to identify bad guys for you.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “You really want to provoke me?”

“Provoke you?”

A bald bodyguard laughed ferociously: “Boy, who do you think you are…”

The bald bodyguard’s voice suddenly stopped because the fish intestine sword was pressed against his throat at some point.

The whole place suddenly fell silent.

No one saw how Ye Fan took action.

Zhao Ruoshuang’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, flashing an undisguised cold light.

The bald man roared: “Boy, how dare you hold your sword against me…”


Ye Fan struck back with his sword, and the bald man’s body shook and he fell seven or eight meters away.

There is an extra hole in the throat.

Everyone felt a chill in their hearts.

Zhao Ruoshuang shouted sharply: “Who are you?”

Ye Fan didn’t respond. He shook his right hand and the sword light poured out.


Seven screams were superimposed together, and the seven bodyguards surrounding Ye Fan fell backwards and flew out at the same time, and all the corpses were separated.

Although Ye Fan’s martial arts skills are not yet strong, his speed and strength are extremely terrifying, and he is more than enough to kill these thugs.

Seeing the violent deaths of seven people, Song Dazhong and the others’ expressions changed again, and Zhao Ruoshuang even shouted angrily:

“Who are you anyway?”

There was no response, just a sword.

Zhao Ruoshuang retreated quickly.

At the same time, the gun was raised and directed towards Ye Fan.

But before he could pull the trigger, he was cut down by the light of a knife. The next second, a knife was pressed against Zhao Ruoshuang’s throat.

Ye Fan stood quietly: “Provoke me?”

Song Dazhong subconsciously said: “Little brother, please be merciful, she is from the Song family…”

Zhao Ruoshuang shouted: “I am a Song family member, a beautiful cousin. If you dare to kill me, can you afford the consequences?”


With a sharp sound, the tip of the sword pierced Zhao Ruoshuang’s throat.

Zhao Ruoshuang’s body suddenly stiffened and she couldn’t believe it: “You…you…”

She couldn’t believe that Mark really killed her.

The cold light flashed again, Zhao Ruoshuang looked up to the sky and spurted blood, and fell in front of Song Hongyan with eyes open.

The mountain road suddenly became quiet!

Song Dazhong and the others all looked at Ye Fan in shock. They didn’t expect that he was so cruel and ruthless that even Zhao Ruoshuang dared to kill him with one sword.

How can I explain this to the Zhao family?

But even though he was dissatisfied, he didn’t dare to provoke Mark at this time, lest he kill himself too.

Only Song Hongyan was so calm from beginning to end, with no waves on her pretty face.

Ye Fan didn’t even look at Zhao Ruoshuang. He raised his hand and retracted the fish intestine sword. Then he came to Song Hongyan and said lightly:

“Is it your fault that I killed her?”

If there was any estrangement in Song Hongyan’s heart, Ye Fan would cut off the friendship between the two and never communicate with each other again.

Song Hongyan smiled faintly: “Ten cousins can’t compare to your value in my heart.”

Is this a confession?

Ye Fan’s eyelids jumped, then he pointed his finger and changed the subject:

“You don’t need to regret it. Look at the left wrists of Zhao Ruoshuang and the killer.”

Song Dazhong and the others were slightly startled. They all looked at Zhao Ruoshuang’s left hands and were surprised to find that they were all wrapped with a bunch of black ribbons.

Song Dazhong blurted out:

“She is a traitor…”

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