Chapter 59 The downtrodden young man

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Chapter 59 The downtrodden young man

After rescuing Song Hongyan, Ye Fan did not continue to interfere. He left the scene with a few words and went to have dinner with Liu Fugui.

He originally wanted to go to the food stalls, but Liu Fugui insisted on treating Ye Fan to a good meal, so he ended up going to Wuhu Restaurant.

Ye Fan also called Tang Ruoxue and wanted her to come over for dinner, but Tang Ruoxue had to work overtime and couldn’t leave.

He had no choice but to spend time alone with Liu Fugui.

Liu Fugui looks like a nouveau riche, but he is actually a very smart man.

He saw the scene where Xiong Yong and the others died violently, but he didn’t say a word, let alone asked what happened to Ye Fan.

When he was approaching Wuhu Restaurant, Liu Fugui took out a bank card and gave it to Ye Fan:

“Brother Fan, there are 20 million in this card, which is all my wealth.”

“Please help me take it to my sister-in-law so that she can take care of her urgent needs first. I originally wanted to give it to her a few days earlier, but the money has only arrived in the past two days.”

“By the way, let me tell her that I am incompetent. She saved me back then, but I couldn’t help her much.”

Obviously Liu Fugui has been thinking about Tang Ruoxue’s financial difficulties.

Ye Fan was very surprised when he saw this. He didn’t expect that Liu Fugui would really sell everything to raise money. He was slightly moved and pushed his bank card back:

“You take this money back, and Ruoxue’s financial problem will be solved.”

In order to make Liu Fugui believe it, he also added: “I asked Huang Zhendong to help me and said hello to Baihua Bank, and the loan was settled.”

“nailed it?”

Liu Fugui was stunned at first, and then he was ecstatic:

“I knew that with Brother Fan here, Ruoxue would be able to overcome her difficulties.”

He saw with his own eyes Huang Zhendong’s awe of Mark that night, and believed that Tang Ruoxue’s problem was solved.

“But I’ll give the 20 million to my sister-in-law. Having more money will give me more peace of mind.”

Liu Fugui thought for a while and said, “It’s really not easy for her now.”

“You should take it. It’s not easy for her. At least I have to share the burden.”

Ye Fan shook his head: “And you also need capital to make a comeback.”

“A comeback?”

Liu Fugui smiled bitterly when he heard this:

“In the past, I felt that with 20 million in hand and my connections, it would be easy to make a comeback.”

“Even if I can’t reach the top of the Liu family, I can still return to the upper class society, but the reality cruelly shattered my ideas.”

“Those who have ridiculed me have never given me a chance to make a comeback.”

“They are worried about revenge after I rise, and they are also afraid that there will be less people to trample on, so they hope to trample me under their feet and look down on me.”

“Since the Liu family went bankrupt, I have done seven or eight businesses, but they all ended up being swindled and corrupted, resulting in a loss of more than 10 million.”

“The person who attacked me was not my snobbish stepmother, but someone who used to be my brother-in-law and my beloved girlfriend…”

“Would you say it’s sad or not?”

“So I don’t plan to do business anymore, and I don’t want to make a comeback. I’m going to take a taxi now.”

“They can rest assured, and so can I. I can earn an extra five to six thousand a month.”

Liu Fugui spoke very freely, but Ye Fan could see the sadness deep in his eyes. The little people could not compete with the sadness of the powerful.

“I have a lot of things going on lately, and I need help from someone I trust. Please come over and help me.”

Ye Fan patted Liu Fugui on the shoulder: “You will be my driver and assistant for the time being. When the time comes, I will give you a chance to make a comeback.”

“It depends on whether you believe me or not.”

Baihua Pharmaceutical, preparations for the construction of a medical clinic, and other social contacts, Ye Fan believed that there were opportunities suitable for Liu Fugui.

Liu Fugui was stunned for a moment, then smiled happily and said, “Okay, from now on, I am Brother Fan’s person.”

Ye Fan pushed open the car door: “I’m the son-in-law who comes to visit you, so you just don’t hesitate?”

Liu Fugui also got out of the car door: “On the night of the party, I knew that Brother Fan was not a thing in the pool…”

Before he finished speaking, he subconsciously stopped and his eyes became dull.

Ye Fan followed his gaze and saw six or seven women walking from the opposite side, smiling coquettishly, which was very eye-catching.

There are tall and slim ones, petite and exquisite ones, plump and voluptuous ones, slim and agile ones, short haired ones, long haired ones, it can be said that beauties gather together…

Coupled with the cool clothes, everything you look at is full of spring.

One of the women is even more eye-catching. She has a face with oval seeds, a pair of phoenix eyes, and slender legs, which makes her look a bit like an internet celebrity.

Ye Fan nodded to Liu Fugui: “Do you know him?”


Liu Fugui did not hide anything:

“My ex-girlfriend, Xu Xin, I have been with for four years. I love her very much and she likes to stick to me, but she is also the person who hurt me the most.”

“When the Liu family went bankrupt, she not only took away my 500,000 yuan deposit and mortgaged my car, but also cooperated with my stepmother to induce me to sign and bear a lot of debts.”

“Her double-crossing made her another million, and it just nearly sent me to jail.”

Speaking of these past events, Liu Fugui felt a little more emotional.

Ye Fan smiled: “Do you hate her?”

“I hated it before, but now I feel relieved.”

Liu Fugui smiled calmly and said: “Holding a grudge is the most incompetent sign. I’m really unhappy, so I just take revenge.”

“It’s just that I can only survive now, and I can’t take revenge for the time being. She is also a purchaser of Baihua Pharmaceutical, with an annual salary of one million plus bonuses.”

“And the new man she is looking for is medicine supplier Shen Yunfeng, who is no less important than Zhang Xiaogang.”

“The Shen family occupies most of the Zhonghai medicinal materials market, and they have a close relationship with Shen Yan, the boss of Baihua Pharmaceutical.”

He was very direct and honest: “Now I can’t afford to offend them.”

There was another thing he was embarrassed to say, that is, Shen Yunfeng and Xu Xin provoked him several times, but he had no choice but to swallow their anger.

“Is Baihua Pharmaceutical very powerful?”

Ye Fan smiled:

“Not only is a company with a market value of one billion, but it is insignificant compared to China Overseas, which has many pharmaceutical companies.”

“Don’t underestimate Baihua Pharmaceutical.”

Liu Fugui said seriously: “It may seem small in scale, but with the support of Qian Qian from Baihua Bank, sales and profits are astonishingly high.”

“It is rumored that this pharmaceutical company existed because Shen Yan wanted to take care of her body and wanted to find a group of people to search for medicinal materials.”

“One stock has turned into a billion-dollar enterprise. Do you think it’s awesome?”

“This is still the result of Shen Yan’s deliberate suppression. Otherwise, as long as the bank’s resources or traffic are used, the market value can reach tens of billions in minutes.”

Ye Fan nodded thoughtfully when he heard the words.

Baihua Pharmaceutical may seem inconspicuous, but in fact it has great potential. Especially with Baihua Bank as its backer, it has the opportunity to become one of the top pharmaceutical companies at any time.

At this time, Liu Fugui looked at Xu Xin again.

This glance happened to be seen by several women opposite, and they immediately gave them a few blank looks:

“Who is that fat man? He looks like a loser. Why is he always peeking at us?”

“What a pervert. You see, he is still looking at my breasts. Really, we are wearing so little and he sees us. How can we meet people!”

“That’s right, this kind of person is so shameless. She is still a young lady!”

“How disgusting!”

“Toad wants to eat!”

Several women were chattering among themselves, and Xu Xin, who had sent the message, immediately raised his head and looked up:

“Hey, isn’t this Liu Fugui, Young Master Liu?”

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