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Super door-to-door son-in-law

Super door-to-door son-in-law


The good-for-nothing son-in-law Ye Fan accidentally received the inheritance of the Tai Chi Sutra and the Stone of Life and Death. From then on, he started a different life. With his medical skills to save beauties and his martial arts to kill enemies, he not only overcame the contempt and ridicule of others, but also won the heart of his beloved wife. , and even stood at the pinnacle of this world, looking down on the world.
Three Kingdoms God of War Lu Bu

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An ordinary boy accidentally traveled to the Three Kingdoms. Let's see how he fights famous generals, picks up girls, plays with the Three Kingdoms, and becomes the myth of the God of War.
All Men Are Brothers

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"Water Margin" is a novel with the theme of ancient peasant uprising. It vividly depicts the entire process from the occurrence, development to failure of the peasant uprising, profoundly reveals the social roots of the uprising, enthusiastically praises the resistance struggle of the uprising heroes and their social ideals, and also specifically reveals the inner history of the failure of the uprising. reason.
A Mortal's Story of Cultivation into Immortality

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An ordinary poor boy from a mountain village accidentally entered the local martial arts sect and became a registered disciple. With such an identity, how did he gain a foothold in the sect and how did he enter the ranks of immortal cultivators with mediocre qualifications? He ranks alongside other giants, demons, immortal sects and immortal masters at home and abroad. I hope book friends will like this book.
Pastor's secret information

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During the ritual to summon the devil, Aiwass finally recalled the memories of his past life. This should be an online game published and operated by its own company for six years. Now his adoptive father is the latest version of the leader of the villain organization. And his identity will be exposed six years later, and he will jump back from the protagonist's side. In the end, because he decided to block a fatal blow for the player character, he was beaten to death by the eldest brother in the cutscene CG without even a chance to enter the book. ——But actually it’s not a big problem. Because Aiwass also knows many secret promotion routes exclusive to player characters, as well as the rules of each path as secret knowledge.
Fake eunuch living in the palace

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At first, Li Yi, who traveled through time and became a little eunuch, really didn't want to cuckold the emperor, but later, looking at the noble and graceful queen, Li Yi changed his mind and wanted to give someone a maternity leave! "Jiang Shan, you sit down, and I will take care of your beauty for you." Li Yi and the emperor had discussed it, but the emperor couldn't sit firmly on that chair! There are wolves in front, tigers in the back, and many traitorous officials. Seeing that the country is in ruins and the family is in ruins, Li Yi takes the butcher's knife...
When the stars tremble

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By chance, an 18th-tier starlet unexpectedly got an opportunity to make a movie, so he met Zongye, a popular figure in the industry. As the contacts increased, Jiang Chuyi discovered that Zongye was humble and gentle, and gradually developed a liking for him. However, there were too many people in the circle who were attracted to Zong Ye, so Jiang Chuyi could only bury this relationship carefully. Until the two participated in a reality show together again, and as the past events were revealed, Jiang Chuyi finally broke through the confinement in her heart, and despite the pressure of public opinion, she stayed with Zong Ye, obeyed her heart's original desire, and bravely pursued true love. The writing style of this article is delicate, light-hearted and funny, and full of pictures. The male protagonist is gentle and polite, but also full of sinister attributes. The contrast between the characters is novel, and the sweet interaction with the female protagonist makes people feel like a girl again, which is very vivid.
deep sea embers

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On that day, thick fog blocked everything. On that day, he became the captain of a ghost ship. On that day, he stepped through the thick fog and faced a world that was completely overturned and fragmented - the old order was gone, and strange phenomena dominated the endless sea outside civilized society, isolated island cities and challenges. The fleets of the sea have become the only remaining lights in the civilized world, but the shadows of the past are still stirring in the deep sea, waiting to continue to devour this dying world. But for the new captain of the Lost Home, there is only one problem that he must consider first - who knows how to sail the ship? !
Chaos God


What is a genius? I am a genius because I possess a peerless spiritual root that is rare throughout the ages! Bidanhai with me? There is no comparability at all, okay, because my alchemy sea is comparable to the sea of stars! If you are born like an ant, you should have great aspirations; if your life is as thin as paper, you should have an unyielding heart. Let’s see how a little beggar reaches the sky step by step, and finally holds the world in his hands and steps on the stars.
Monster cultivating in a mountain village

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The Chinese state has one of the most secret special forces, numbered "Hidden Dragon". The captain and instructor of the Hidden Dragon Force, the king of soldiers code-named "Dragon Teeth", was performing an extremely dangerous and important mission half a month ago. Although he successfully completed the mission goal, he was blocked and died overseas. A week ago, the Hidden Dragon Army held a funeral for Long Ya. The military awarded "Long Ya" nine first-class merits, 43 second-class merits, and 156 third-class merits. Posthumously named a special combat hero. ..."Phoenix Village, I'm back!" His body was upright, his movements were invisible...

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